June 29, 2011

Sam Roberts Band unveiled a new music video, ' I Feel You'

Collider (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)

Sam Roberts Band released a new video this morning-' I feel you' from their latest album 'Collider.' I love the change between the second verse and chorus. It builds up energies before reaching the chorus and eases into it so smoothly; as if nothing - yet everything - has happened. But in my mind, I can clearly feel the debris after a tide of grungy melody with saying:

All in love and love is war
Take everything it wants more
All in love and love is war
Remember who you fighting for

Enjoy the new video!!!

June 28, 2011

MUTEMATH announced a new album release in October

It was a heart-breaking moment to learn that Greg Hill, the guitarist of the experimental rock band, Mutemath, has left the band since the 2010 fall tour. After his departure, the band had vanished from any media outlets for some time. In April, the band has broken their silence with a letter from Paul Meany, the front man, mentioning about their new upcoming record.

Today, on June 28th, the trio has announced the release date and title of the album. It is set to be released on October 4th and the name of the album is, ' Odd Soul.' They also released a Youtube video alongside. Check it out!

Butch Walker announced a new album release in August

If I didn't go to see the Butch Walker's show 2 years ago in Toronto, I would not be writing a music blog today. His astonishing performance provoked my passion for music, which was lost in the air for a couple of years due to other priorities of my life. Since then, here I am,  I've rediscovered the adoration and indeed, he is my hero.

Today, he announced on his official website that him and his fellow musicians, The Black Widows, set to release a new album, "The Spade" on August 30th via DangerBird Records. They also released a song from the album, 'Summer of "89.' Make sure to stay tuned with Music Psychos for all the updates about the new album!!!

June 27, 2011

Hey Ocean! with Whale Tooth and Hands and Teeth @Horseshoe Tavern on June 25th, 2011

The West Coast indie pop band - Hey Ocean! - brought a vivacious performance to the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern; performing along side the Toronto bands: Whale Tooth, and Hands&Teeth on June 26th, 2011. 

The boiling hot Horseshoe got even hotter after the two openers rocked the night. I got a hunch that the audience was so pumped to continue an endless night of awesome music. When Hey Ocean! finally hit the stage, it unleashed the wildness of the long-waiting crowd. 

Hey Ocean! has been often listed a "must-see" artist and the Toronto show explained why as clear as crystal. The trio fed the audience with a wide range of musical styles: From Reggae to R&B influenced tunes. The number of different hats that the band wore during the night was mind-blowing; 'Fish'-reggae/bohemian rock rhapsody made the audience brim with the funky tune; Whereas the up-temp hip-hop tune, 'Beatboxer' fueled with Ashleigh Ball's rhythmical rhyming and the beat boxing by a supporting member, which took me by surprise. They also didn't forget to spoil the audience with a mellow dulcet R&B tune, "One City". The trio tided the crowed over different genres after one another.

The ability that each member of the band can put together such a diversity in sound is astonishing. However, it depends on the individual how to perceive it: Some people say "Variety is the spice of life"; Other might find it inconsistent and confusing in the direction that the trio is heading to.

Paper Lions @Horseshoe Tavern on June 24th, 2011

I had to choke back tears last week during NXNE; I wasn't able to get in to a fully-packed Sneaky Dee's when P.E.I. pop rockers - Paper Lions - were in town. I swore to myself that I would see them when they hit Toronto next and within a week they came back to play the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

Through a Facebook contest; I won two free tickets to their show. So I brought my friend Martin along for the ride and we excitedly set up camp in front. I got exactly what I wanted from the band: catchy danceable verses with witty lyrics, and their cordial live performance with captivating tracks from their latest EP, "Trophies." The audience bathed in the astounding hooks - to name a few; 'Don't touch the Dial', 'Trouble', and 'I'm on Fire'. When the band performed, 'Sweat it out'; which is the anthem of our generation - it created a fun sing-along with the crowd, "I sweat it out, 9-5, sweat it out, Friday night" 

Moreover, it exceeded my anticipation by unleashing a few new songs, including 'Philadelphia' (with a witty story of a  family trip), and 'Sandcastles.' These tracks made me even thrilled to know that Paper Lions are capable of composing even more alluring tunes. Closing their show with, 'Lost the War', the audience was enamoured with the PEI pop rock sensation.

P.S I got the set list of the night. But who put it on the paper plate!?- and it says at the side, "These kids wear crowns"

June 25, 2011

Paper Lions new track "Sandcastles" @Horseshoe Tavern

Last night was fun.-Paper Lions unveiled a couple of new songs at Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto during their performance. This track is my favorite new song so far. Check it out, ' Sandcastle'... and stay tuned with the show review and photos from last night!!!

June 23, 2011

Siskiyou released a new music video ' Never Ever Ever Ever Again'

Siskiyou (Dig)Vancouver-based folk duo, Siskiyou, released a new music video of a captivating tune, 'Never Ever Ever Ever Again.' Likewise the plaintive melody, the ending of the video is so sad and it's such an emotion trigger. I hope you like it, too. Enjoy!!!

SISKIYOU - Never Ever Ever Ever Again from Jamie Michael Dagg on Vimeo.

Sloan @Mod Club Theatre on June 22nd, 2011

Sloan delivered an exuberant set at the Mod Club Theatre on June 22nd 2011 for the second night of their two-night stand in Toronto.

When the opening duo appeared on the packed venue, I screamed "That's the Sonic Boom guy!!!'- and I'm not referring Lullabye Arkestra! It seems that Sonic Boom just pumps out duo after duo! The grunge rock band - HOTKID - performed a fairly entertaining set. The 'Sonic Boom guy', Rob Butcher III's frisky drumming and the sweaty crunchy guitar playing of Shiloh Harrison warmed up the audience to be ready for the Sloan's performance. 

Despite beaming the stage with spotlights all of a sudden; I sensed the the excitement of the audience - but I saw no one on the stage. Without a drummer to be seen the drums echoed in the packed venue, and here comes... Sloan!!! The quartet ambled on the stage with the first song, "Follow the Leader." The diehard fans were treated to a refreshing but nostalgic set by the Canadian super collective. After just releasing of their  10th record, 'the Double Cross'; the band delivered a handful tunes from the new album, including 'The Answer was you', 'Shadow of Love', 'Beverly Terrance, and more.  The audience seemed like they did their homework prior to the show and takingthe waves of new songs in joyfully. They also didn't forget to spoil the crowd with their good oldies sing-along tracks, such as 'Who thought you to live like that', 'Your daddy will do”, and 'Don't Believe Word.' 

The collective still sparked their individual personalities without any conflict with each other; Chris Murphy was constantly making eye contact with the crowd and enjoying the connection he made, Jay Ferguson quietly enjoying the groove with a big smile on his face, Patrick Pentland hauling his coolest 3 guitars that I've ever seen in my life (Gorgeous guitars!), and Andrew Scott rockin’ n rollin' while exuding an aura of cool. 

Their miraculous set wasn't over just yet. The encore was so epic that it made me almost cry, hearing the song, " The Rest of My Life" and " Money City Maniacs". It was the perfect way to end the remarkable night of full of awesomeness. 

Now that I've seen Sloan live twice, I shall go to Government of Canada and demand my Canadian citizenship.  

P.S. Thank you, the guy in a white-polo for saving me from the crazy lady who was pushing me so hard.

June 22, 2011

Monokino ' New Kid' @ the Garrison (NXNE2011)

Hello folks! Are you guys all suffering from the post-NXNE syndrome?- I am.

The below is a video that I captured during the Monokino's performance, ' New Kid'. I hope I didn't shake the camera too much.


June 20, 2011

Emma Hill @Sneaky Dee's (NXNE2011)

After a glorious 12 hour sleep I was all freshened up to start another long day 5 of NXNE.

The first stop of the day was at Sneaky Dee's. Audio Blood and White Girls records put together such an amazing lineup for their showcase. When I got in; a Portland based but Alaskan native, Emma Hill was just about to start her solo acoustic performance. She healed the audience with her beautiful and strong voice. It was a perfect way to start my day. As she sang each song, I felt as if she was sitting next to me; telling me the story of her life.

When she performed 'Keeper'; it triggered those same emotions from the past. I soaked up every word; goose bumps caressed my skin; I breathed in every note. It was such a special song. As I left Sneaky Dee's to catch up with some other acts at Toronto's Legendary Horseshoe Tavern; I couldn't stop humming her melodies all the way there - and all the way home.

The Postelles @the Garrison on June 15th, (NXNE2011)

After the Lower Dens performance; I really needed something epic bring up my mood. It was just about time when NY rockers - The Postelles - hit the stage and delivered a performance so epic that my entire mood changed for the rest of the night!

The tunes from their recent self titled release - which was produced by the Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. - were all that the audience needed. They had fresh, playful, hard-rocking hooks; and infectious 60's swing. Their singer - Daniel Balk - reminded me of Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner - his voice was unique and compelling - he was also easily able to engage the audience. I found myself dancing around and humming the tunes from the first verse and on - they have very memorable melodies.

What I loved about their performance the most was the band themselves were having so much fun on the stage. As they exchanged a big smile and strong eye contacts among each other, it made me feel so happy to be the part of the performance. A cover of Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" coated their performance with sugar; making it even sweeter.

Monokino @ the Garrison (NXNE)

The city was occupied with tons of events on the last day of NXNE- MMVA, Luminato, the Taste of little Italy, the Taste of Toronto, and of course, a number of people also spent their evening with their daddy on Father's day.
It wasn't Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber who made my night. If you weren't at the Garrison last night, then you surely missed a phenomenal performance by Amsterdam pop duo, Monokino. As they began to show up at the very quiet venue, I sensed the anxiousness from the band as there was hardly anybody getting close to the stage. However, any signs of fear seemed to vanish once the duo started their performance and people started to gather around them.

The set was eye-opener: two dudes on the stage with a single guitar, a bunch of synths equipment and an empty drum set. Tweaking the synth dials and launching melodically beams, they slid distorted guitar riffs and high-pitched voice in between. To my surprise, the synth player jumped on the drums time to time to escalate the synth coated fun rhythm. The exorbitant beats were irresistible. I was recording a video to post about them on the blog, but I couldn't help tapping my toe with the rhythm. I had to tell myself a couple of times to stop shaking the camera. 

Their set had changed its tone when the duo injected the audience with two final songs of fuzzy rock sensation. 'Someone Strange' was composed in a particularly odd, yet luring way. It left me with a great sense of satisfaction.

June 19, 2011

Sunns @ the Garrison June 15th (NXNE)

The words, 'Special Guest' is such a sexy term during NXNE. It just raises a person's hopes of catching a great performance by some big acts. 

When a mysterious band started setting up, I was trying my best to figure out who it was. The keyboard/bass player looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn't quite tell who it was. From the tweet message from the official NXNE Twitter feed saying, "It's such a suuuuny day at the Garrison", I should have noticed... that it was Suuns-Montreal, an experimental/ ambient rock band. I finally realized this when they performed a song called "Arena."

The intensity and insanity of their performance collided square in the middle as they produced each verse and generated melodic sparks. It took the audience to a different world, to somewhere surreal. As each song was diligently performed by the quartet, I felt that my pulse rapidly rose with more and more excitement. I even felt that their performance was so intense, it was actually hard to digest if you were not into their style of music. 

A Primitive Evolution: PlegeMusic for their upcoming acoustic album

If you've been following Music Psychos lately, you are aware of my adoration for Toronto's A Primitive Evolution. My heart races every time I see them live. As I've previously exclaimed, A Primitive Evolution is consistently able to create a new form of entertainment which is distinctly their own, and separates them from other bands. While they are the centre of attention on stage, the excitement isn't always right on stage - they are also about creating a unique experience and different atmosphere for the entire venue. A.P.E. has strong engagement with the audience, complimented by the sexy 'Love Death Girls' dancing on the poles, and, of course, amazing songs brought to life by very skilled members who each give a unique and captivating performance. Reveling in the atmosphere, I found it very addictive and seeing them once, is not enough. 

Enough said: if you listen to one of their songs, you know what I mean. The music speaks for itself.

The last time I saw them for Hard Rock Cafe's 40th Anniversary Bash party I captured a video of their awesome song, "Show Me."

This grungy song, fueled by thunderous screaming and distorted guitars, turns into this:

Here's a sneak-peak of a funky acoustic version that the quartet has been working on.

They've launched a PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds for their upcoming acoustic album, and, to collect donations for the Japanese tsunami relief via Shelter Box  (20% of the proceeds will be distributed.)

The minimum pledge, which is only $10, immediately guarantees you any updates on the album and the download of the new album. 

There are also different exclusive packages. Some of the wicked ones are:

$75Come to an A Primitive Evolution Rehearsal! 
$100-  A.P.E. will give you a Voice, Guitar, Pro Tools or Band Operation Lesson
$750- you can Record a Song with Brett  

Make sure to check out the details from their PledgeMusic  website - the deadline is getting closer: July 3rd.
Don't miss this amazing opportunity to be the part of this awesome acoustic album!

NXNE June 19th

Good morning everyone! What a beautiful day to end this year's NXNE, eh? Today's is the last day of the music festival and there are still lots to see.

There are lots of hip-hop acts at Yonge- Dundas Square today;

Mamabolo 4p.m
Reema major 5p.m
The Wonderfuls 6p.m
D-Sisive 7p.m
Digable Planets 8p.m
The Pharcyde 9p.m

My best bet for today is The Garrison:

Monokino 9p.m
Pop Winds 10p.m
Wild Nothing 11p.m

Click here to check out Kanae's Q& A with Monokino. Some of people,who attended their other 2 shows during NXNE, listed this band as one of the best acts during NXNE. It's worth seeing them tonight!

June 18, 2011

NXNE June 18th

Last night was crazy, eh? There were huge lineups everywhere. I tried to get in Sneaky Dees last night, but I got no luck. Make sure to get into a venue earlier today and stick around there, too! It's going to be an epic one! Are you ready to party?

Here is today's who-to-see lists!

Yonge-Dundas square Free outdoor shows"

Gentlemen Hudsband 3:00p.m
Dirty Beaches 5p.m
DOM 6p.m
Cults 7p.m
Men Without Hats 8p.m
Devo 9:30p.m

The Ballroom
88 days 11p.m
Shad 12a.m

The Garrison
Idiot Glee 9p.m
Josh Reichmann 10p.m
No Gold 11p.m
Little Girls 12a.m
Handsome Furs 1a.m
Makeout Videotape 2a.m

The Great Hall
Duzheknew 9p.m
Jennifer Castle 10p.m
Braids 11p.m
Chad Vangaalen 12a.m
Grimes 1a.m

Horseshoe Tavern
Teenager Kicks 9p.m
Hooded Fang 10p.m
Jenn Grant 11p.m
Dinosaur Bones 12a.m
One Hundred Dollars 1a.m
Wildlife 2a.m
Commandeers 3a.m

Lee's Palace
Ivan & Alyosha 9p.m
Guards 10p.m
Wild Nothing 11p.m
Twin Shadow 12a.m
Memoryhouse 1a.m

Sneaky Dee's
Emma Hill 8p.m
Brett Caswell & The Marquee Rose 9p.m
Whale Tooth 10p.m
Hands & Teeth 11a.m
Dirtymags 12a.m
The Balconies 1a.m
Give us the Daggers 2a.m
Invasions 3a.m

I am heading down to Sneaky Dee's then Horseshoe today. If you are heading to either Lee's Palace or The Garrison, arrive there by 9p.m to make sure that you can get in!!!

June 17, 2011

Q&A with the Driftwood Singers

I am very thrilled to share another interview with you folks! Here is a Q&A with The driftwood Singers!!!

Kanae (K) :What can we expect from the NXNE performance?

The Driftwood Singers (D) :We're going to be playing a bunch of brand new songs that only a select crowd in Los Angeles has heard that we're really excited to bring out at the Central. Also, Pearl's been fiddling around with the guitar and putting down the Autoharp recently so she'll be playing guitar at our NXNE show. 

K :What excites you the most about performing at this year's NXNE?

D: We love Canada! We had an awesome time here last year in Ottawa playing a small festival called the O-Town Hoedown and we're really happy to be back in the country.

K:According to the media, the driftwood Singers tunes will bring the listener back to the good old days (Something I strongly agree with.) If you would go back anytime in the past, when, and why?
D:People might think that the most obvious time travel destination for us would be the 20's or 30's and while we do love and are strongly influenced by those times, we think the time is now. Because we live in this era, we have had the luxury of being able to choose this music and we don't have to live in the Dust Bowl.

K: Since February of this year, with the release of the latest album "Look!", you guys have been touring North America.Do you guys have any stories or experiences to share from the road?

D:We tour a lot but I think one of our favorite experiences from the last couple months happened at home in Los Angeles. We got to be a part of this amazing tribute to the Louvin Brothers (one of our biggest influences) that included John C. Reilly and Sean Watkins from Nickelcreek. We were really thrilled and flattered to be included in such a great event with those amazing performers.

K: Lastly, any particular message for your Toronto Fans?

D:We love you all!  We can't wait to see you June 17th at the Central at 9pm, and hopefully we can come back to Toronto and play for you guys again soon!

Thank you, the Driftwood Singers, for taking the time to answer my questions! They will be performing on June 17th, Saturday at the Central (9p.m) Don't forget to pencil it in your calender.

Lower Dens @the Garrison on June 15th (NXNE2011)

After the satisfying opening act by Pat Jordachethe Baltimore (MD) based new wave band, Lower Dens quietly showed up on the stage and started their performance right away.

Despite having such interesting compositions in the intros of each song, my interest toward the band faded away once they added the vocals to their tunes. It took me by surprise that it was the same case for everything they performed for the night. Every time the intro of a song started, my hope bloomed up, but it bubbled away, as the plaintive and haunting vocals by Jana Hunter was not my cup of tea. I also wished that this band was an instrumental band instead, as they showcased their strength in generating such captivating melodies.

By the middle of their performance, there were a ton of lights from the audience's mobile phones and some of them left for the bar before the next act.

NXNE June 17th

Here we are!!! Day 5 of NXNE. I hope the weather will stay nice as there are lots of good bands playing at Yonge- Dundas Square  and Bellwoods today.

Yonge- Dundas Square

Diamond Rings 7:30p.m
Land of Talk     8:30p.m
Stars                 9:30p.m

  • 2:00 PM: Charlotte Cornfield (Montreal) 
  • 2:30 PM: Freedom or Death (Toronto) 
  • 3:00 PM: Doldrums (Toronto) - 
  • 3:30 PM: Enjoy Your Pumas (Winnipeg) 
  • 4:00 PM: Olenka & the Autumn Lovers (London ON)
Today is the day that you should stay in one venue to make sure that you can get inside. I broke down my "who to see" list by a venue today. 

The Garrison
Braids at 11p.m
Rich Aucoin 1a.m
Special Guest 2a.m
Jacques Greene 3a.m

The Horseshoe Tavern
The Darcys 9p.m
Black Lungs 10p.m
C'Mon 11p.m
OFF! 12a.m
Pack A.D 1p.m
Special Guest 2a.m
Dirtymags 3a.m

Lee's Palace
Writer 9p.m
Dirty Beaches 10p.m
DumDum girls 11p.m
Cults 12a.m
Superhumanoids 1p.m

Sneaky Dee's
Gramercy Riffs 10p.m
Ruby Coast 11p.m
Paper Lions 12a.m
Great Bloomers 1a.m
Sheezer 2a.m
Rouge 3a.m

If you are checking out all the bands at Yonge-Dundas square today, why don't you stick around in the area and head over to Hard Rock Cafe to see  my favorite Toronto band, A Primitive Evolution? They are playing at 12a.m at Hard Rock Cafe!

A lot of media outlets picked up Dum Dum Girls as their " must-see" lists, so I bet Lee's Palace will be jam-packed today. Make sure to plan your day ahead and have a blast! 

June 16, 2011

Pat Jordache @the Garrison on June 15th, 2011 (NXNE2011):

When I walked into a fairly packed venue on Wednesday night called the Garrison, the first band had already set up their gears and was ready to ring a bell on the stage. They were from Montreal, known as 'Pat Jordache'.

As soon as their first stong reached my ears, I couldn't help thinking that they are reminiscent of another noise pop band, Matters (aka D'urbervilles). Yet, what distinguished them from that band was the breakneck beats from two drum sets. The louder the drum beats became, the more eyes from the audience were glued on the stage. The momentum had escalated with continued fun beats as the Montreal noise pop outlets thrashed away at their instruments. Overall, I was glad to make it to the very first act of the night as they were worth seeing live.

NXNE June 16th

Did you guys have a good time last night?- I saw 5 bands last night at the Garrison and I had a blast. I am so psyched that we still have 4 more days of NXNE!

The below are the bands that you shouldn't miss today. Free shows at Bellwoods and Younge-Dundas also start today!

June 15, 2011

NXNE Q&A with Monokino

Ladies and gentlemen. Here is a Q&A with  the Amsterdam-based band, Monokino!!!

Kanae (K):Monokino has been touring North America since June. It's now halfway done, how do you like it so far? Any interesting stories or anecdotes to share?

Monokino (M):The tour's been going great. First stop was Montreal, immediately after arrival in Montreal we noticed people are super- friendly unlike Amsterdam (Holland) or Brooklyn (New York). The Canadian shows were the best so far as well. We loved the festival in Cleveland (weapons of mass creation) and the show at the Music Hall in Rochester as well. We spent a day in Buffalo, which is as weird as the 'Buffalo 66' film with Vincent Gallo. The chicken wings were just so-so.

K:You guys have landed three appearances at NXNE. Anything special that we can anticipate from these shows?

M: We'll play a short set featuring our best songs (incl. new ones). Our drummer will be running from his drumset to his sampler. if the distance between those 2 instruments is long enough the show can get quite energetic. We'll play Rancho, Now Lounge and the Garrison.
K: Any acts at NXNE that you yourselves are looking forward to seeing?

M: Wild Nothing, Dum Dum Girls, Deerhoof, Devo, Twin Shadow, HohneeHohnee (from Montreal - great band). There's a lot more we want to see.

K:The recent video "New Kids", directed by Erik Alkema, is such a fun video to watch; it reminds me of the world of Grimm's fairy-tales. Tell us about your experience filming this, and how the ideas came about.

M:The video is shot by Erik Alkema, a renowned Amsterdam-based artist, who initiated the idea of a marching parade of characters encountering different slices of modern-day society along the way. By watching the sequences, you feel the group is moving like a train on an endless rail without noticing the world that is constantly changing. A typical Dutch landscape has been chosen for the surroundings to lay emphasis on the song lyrics. The artist has worked with puppets a lot, which is why the characters are shaped the way they are. It was a lot of fun working on the video, although it had to be shot in two days and it rained a lot!

K:After your North American tour wraps up, what's next?

M: We'll be working on the next album, of which some songs are already finished and others are on the way. It would be great if we can release it during the autumn, together with a new video. At the same time we'll be doing as much shows as physically possible.
K :Finally, would you like to share a message with the Toronto audience?

M: We're extremely excited to play here and would love to meet as many people as possible during our stay here, so don't be afraid to knock on our Amsterdam-looking shoulders!
Thank you Monokino for taking the time to answer questions.
Monokino is performing during NXNE at:
Rancho Relaxo Friday, June 17 @ 10PM 
NOW Lounge Saturday, June 18 @ 12AM 
The Garrison Sunday, June 19 @ 9PM 

The below are the rest of Canadian dates:

20 June – Toronto – The Hideout

23 June – Calgary – Sled Island Festival – Venue: Bamboo *
24 June – Calgary – Sled Island Festival – Venue: Undermountain*

* Performing with Minus The Bear, An Horse, Blondie Redhead, Dum Dum Girls, Of Montreal, Buzzcocks, & Dandy Warhols.