May 28, 2010

Friday's Stuck Tune Syndrome: Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem

Happy Friday everyone!

This week's "friday's stuck Tune Syndrome" is Drunk Girls by LCD Sound system. I was lucky enough to see the band on this monday at the Kool Haus. It was a very energetic and amazing show!! I didn't know lots of songs by this band, but it was very catchy and I was dancing around for sure! This song should be my theme song for sure!

so I just thought I would share it with the rest of the world! It will for sure stuck in your head! hahaha

May 20, 2010

Here comes the summer!!! What's your favorite summer song?

SOOOOOOOOOO HOT! (...sorry, it's me lol I'm just joking)

Finally, the summer has arrived here in Toronto. Today was my first day wearing a summer dress. you know, when a girl dresses up a bit more than usual, do you know how much it can make her happy and exciting? ( Maybe its the same for guys as well. Don't you feel sexier when you are in a suite with a tie??) I'm feeling special today :) extra happy!! Being confident is a good start!

Awww, I can't wait for an amazing and awesome summer with my "regal-as-fuck" friends! Picnic, camping,spontaneous get-away plans ice cream BBQ,, etc. hahahaha, its making me hungry now!

So I was thinking of great songs to start this summer, songs that make me extremely happy and makes me smile no matter where I am and what I do :) I've been listening to OK GO and The dead weather whenever I go and do in this week, so I thought I would listen to something else today. ( but Ok Go's songs make me happy for sure though ;))

Well, a summer song that came up to my mind is,,, well very cheesy, but.... " I'm yours" by Jason mraz. I guess it's coz of his very -laid-back-catchy song" and his hat lol

The second song is kinda old, but this song is very special. I used to listen to it with my ex when I was in high ummm, almost 10 years ago... oh shut up!! seriously!? this song is very catchy song! and i like the rap part! yes, I can rap in Japanese lol hey hey check it out yo yo lol

The last, but not least. this song is probably my favorite song of a summer. " Aa seishun" by Go!Go!7188. I found a video with English sub too! yay. I love the tune of this song! well, whatever Go!Go!7188 does is soo cool!! this is also kinda old song! I was playing this song in a cover band when I was in high school.

Any suggestions? What is your favorite summer song!? Drop me a line with your favorite summer song!?

May 19, 2010

Dead Weather :I Cut like A buffalo

Wow, this is the second posting in a day! I gotta keep writing ;) I went for a nice looong walk ( started around 6p.m and come home around 9;30 lol)

anyhow, wanted to post this video "I cut like a Buffalo" by the dead weather. i got a ticket to go to see them here in toronto in july and I can't wait!!! Well, not lots of people that i spoke with, are not aware of this band. But this band is a super band with Jack White, the kill! amazing!

Don't you think Jack White looks like Johny Depp?? LOL

JUNO: This has to be it!

What a nice weather today! It makes me so happy :) ummm, so happy! yay!

Anyhow, last night I went out with my bestest friends to see "The Trotski" it was an amazing movie. It started off very slow, but at the end it was such a funny movie.  As I mentioned in the last posting, I don't think I can live without my friends. They support me a lot and listen to me whenever I need them. I really appreciate it. well, since last week, I have been a bit down, but now it all makes sense.

Well, maybe you are wondering " how come she posted the Juno poster?", right? It's one of my favourite movies all time ( not a big fan of "Up in the air" though, which was also directed by the same director) I watched this movie 3 weeks ago at home with my friend. After watching this movie, I think something between us has changed. I was thinking a lot after this movie and so was he, I think. Well, as these thoughts have reflected into friendship i guess.

I think what I wanna say is,,, I don't know. I have been thinking about it a lot and this morning, I had the moment of "OMG! I know the reason!" and I had to text my friends at 7 in the morning ( sorry buddies if i woke you up)

Juno was someone different. Very different from what so-called "Normal" but she had someone who truly loves her. in the movie, she questioned to her dad "whether or not it is possible that two people can stay in love forever." It takes lots of effort, but I also would like to believe that it is not impossible with a right person, with a person who loves me the way I am.

Anyhow, a bit too personal, but I thought that's what the blog is for lol

May 14, 2010

Friday’s Stuck Tune Syndrome: Seven Nation Army

Last night I hung out with my bestest friends at their place. Let me emphasize on the word “bestest” because I mean it J

Well, it was so cool that we jammed for a bit. All the sudden, we were playing the song, “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. … And now the song got stuck in my head.. great song for sure. I heart whatever Jake White does. I haven’t listened to his new band, The Dead Weather’s new album. (I hear it is great)

Also it’s been way too long for me to jam with others. I should do that more often.

Umm, I had a blast last night. Thank you guys!


May 6, 2010

Switchfoot: Only hope

Happy Thursday everyone! two more days to go guys!!

This week has been very interested for sure.. lots of good and bad things.. The remedy for this weird feeling is for sure, friends to carefully listen to you no matter what it is about, a movie which makes me extra happy, and a nice long walk. But my best remedy is for sure, music.

Anyhow, the Mother's days is getting closer. It is on this Sunday. As I cannot celebrate the day with my mommy, who I admire the most with her, ( I live in Toronto, while she lives in Japan) I always send her a gift. This year, I decided to send her a movie " A Walk to Remember" It is indeed a cheesy movie, but I am sure that she likes it

There is a song which was used in the movie, "Only Hope" It is originally sung by Mandy Moore, but I like this version of the song, played by a band called " Switchfoot"


May 1, 2010

The White Rabbits are the awesome rabbits

Hi guys, happy Saturday!! hope all of you are enjoying the weekend. the weather is kinda strange over this weekend. It is not the best weekend to go for a picnic for sure... which I would LOVE to do.

Anyhow, I am staying in tonight as my cough is really getting me... I just watched a Japanese movie called " Tokyo Tower" It made me cry like a baby lol. So i look like a rabbit, having red eyes..

Well, this week, I got to go to two shows. OK Go and the White Rabbits. So I decided to share the experience with the latter band, The White Rabbits.

I've known this band not for a quite long time. I have been listening to music at work using Last.Fm, which you can subscribe a number of music. You can build up your library with your favorite bands. and the radio station can be created with these favorite bands, plus similar artists. It is a great site to discover new bands.

So I was playing my station and this band, the White Rabbits has been added to my library for quite lots recently. As they were just gonna be in Toronto, I decided to check them out.

This band is from Brooklyn and funny enough, all the band members live together ( they have 6 twin beds lying on the same room) What special about this band is the percussion. When I saw the performance, it was louder than other bands as there is a percussion player and drummer player at the same time, which adds more flavour to songs. I actually really like that.

I was not really impressed with the bassist, as he wasn't "loud enough" for the band; however, except the part, the band consists with very talented musician for sure, especially the piano player. I love his voice when he screams. something about the voice.

Anyhow, I have decided to post one of their new songs from the new album, "Percussion Gun" Enjoy!