May 19, 2010

JUNO: This has to be it!

What a nice weather today! It makes me so happy :) ummm, so happy! yay!

Anyhow, last night I went out with my bestest friends to see "The Trotski" it was an amazing movie. It started off very slow, but at the end it was such a funny movie.  As I mentioned in the last posting, I don't think I can live without my friends. They support me a lot and listen to me whenever I need them. I really appreciate it. well, since last week, I have been a bit down, but now it all makes sense.

Well, maybe you are wondering " how come she posted the Juno poster?", right? It's one of my favourite movies all time ( not a big fan of "Up in the air" though, which was also directed by the same director) I watched this movie 3 weeks ago at home with my friend. After watching this movie, I think something between us has changed. I was thinking a lot after this movie and so was he, I think. Well, as these thoughts have reflected into friendship i guess.

I think what I wanna say is,,, I don't know. I have been thinking about it a lot and this morning, I had the moment of "OMG! I know the reason!" and I had to text my friends at 7 in the morning ( sorry buddies if i woke you up)

Juno was someone different. Very different from what so-called "Normal" but she had someone who truly loves her. in the movie, she questioned to her dad "whether or not it is possible that two people can stay in love forever." It takes lots of effort, but I also would like to believe that it is not impossible with a right person, with a person who loves me the way I am.

Anyhow, a bit too personal, but I thought that's what the blog is for lol

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