October 12, 2016

Paper Lions - Full Colour and Toronto Show on October 15th, 2016!

Hello fellow Musicpsychos! It’s been a while…How have you been? 

I decided to pick up a pen to write this blog post for the first time in a very, very long time to inform you all that there is a show that you must not miss…my favourite PEI quartet, Paper Lions is headlining a Toronto show at Mod Club this coming Saturday, October 15th With Special Guests, Raven Shields, Featurette, and Inventor

My endless love of Paper Lions started the very first time I encountered their album, Trophies, released back in 2010. ( Time flies…) It was a love at the first ‘listen’ and their infectious indie rock pop songs such as Don’t touch the Dial, Sweat It Out, and Lost the War have been part of my in-shower sing-a-loud repertoire ever since. 

(Here are a couple of my posts in the past : Live show review and my interview with Paper Lions in 2011)

Their music style has evolved over the years through the release of a melodic acoustic piece, At Long Creek and an indie pop masterpiece, My Friends. Now with the new release of their full- album in September this year, Full Colour, they are ready to rock your pants! 

With this new album, Full Colour, these PEI indie rockers found the recipe that perfectly infuses poppy synth melodies over their trademark catchy verses. The first single, Believer, is a perfect example of Paper Lions’ magic. They just got it right; It makes your foot tap from the very first verse and by the end of the song, you will be busting some dance moves that you never thought you had in you! (leaving you with stuck-tune syndrome.)

I have been very lucky to witness many of their vivacious live shows (it’s never enough though!) in Toronto and Austin and every time I see them live, I end up with a big smile on my face and some muscle pain in my legs after dancing like I’ve been shot in the legs. (NO Regrets!!!)

So join me this coming Saturday, October 15th at Mod Club to celebrate the release of Full Colour with Paper Lions. Tickets are only $15. (yes, you heard right. only $15!!!) I’m a longtime Paper Lions’ Believer and this is just so exciting to be a part of!  

For more information. Follow their Facebook event page! 

See y’all on Saturday xo