September 30, 2011

Carleton Stone, "Looks" At Dakota Tavern on September 29th, 2011

I had a lovely evening last night at Dakota Tavern, while interviewing with Nova Scotia singer songwriter, Carleton Stone and witnessing his performance. I am currently working on the review, and it will be available to you folks shortly. Stay tuned!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy his energetic performance of "Looks" from last night show. This song is by far my favourite song from his new self titled album. It's causing a stuck tune syndrome.

If you missed his show last night,  don't worry! You can still check him out on Saturday, October 1st at Metro Square. He will be performing for Canada's Walk of Fame at 1p.m. You don't want to miss this performance- that's what  I can tell you with confidence!

September 29, 2011

Watch Artful Vandelays' performance at Horseshoe Tavern on September 28th, 2011

Just in time for Artful Vandelays' second appearance at Horseshoe Tavern, I've fixed my super Japanese camera to capture the amazing moments of the night. Successfully, I've scored three good videos from their performance: two in black and white, just because I can, and one with the normal setting. I hope you can grasp the awesomeness of their performance if you've missed it last night. My favorite is 'Silent Revolution.' Enjoy.

Silent Revolution

'Sign Language'

'Dirty Blood'

Song of the Day: Feist "A Commotion"

It is less than a week that Toronto beloved singer songwriter, Feist, is going to release her new album, "Metals", on October 4th via Cherrytree/Interscope. The new record is the follow-up to her last album, "The Reminders", which was mega success world-widely, with the hit tunes, such as "1234." 

One of songs from the album, "A Commotion" is my favourite track so far. Compared to the previous record, this song has a very different feel to it, evolving into something more strong and plaintive. 

You can stream the full album from the below link. Enjoy.








September 28, 2011

Bloc Party loses the lead singer, Kele Okereke and audition for a new singer

I had to have a second look at the headline of the news on NME today: Bloc Party Confirm they will be auditioning new singers. -Really!?

The lead singer, Kele Okereke has left the band, ( or forced to leave?, the question is in the air right now) in order to focus on his solo project. He recently has released a new solo single, "What Did I do?". He is also set to release a new EP, "The Hunter" on October 31st.  

Okereke's departure is not the part that took me by surprise. "Auditing" is the part that struck me hard. I never thought Bloc Party would be a band who calls for an audition, did you? 

To find out more about his departure and the audition, check out the interview with the guitarist,  Russel Lissack in the new issue of NME or stay tuned to Music Psychos. 

SBTRKT Remix-Radiohead, "Lotus Flower"

Brit rock band, Radiohead, has been beeping the stork flying in NY, appearing on TV shows, including SNL and the Stephen Colbert's show this week. and performing at Roseland Ballroom on September 28th and 29th. 

As to add more buzz about the band, hardcore electro and Radiohead fans have been talking about the recent release of a remix of "Lotus Flower" by SBTRKT (Pronounced as 'sub' 'tract'.) The London based musician/producer did such a brilliant job for this remix. Check this out! 

September 27, 2011

Watch Fleet Foxes performing "Grown Ocean" for David Letterman's Late night show

Did you catch a performance by Seattle folk group, Fleet Foxes on David Letterman last night? They showcased "Grown Ocean" from their latest release, "Helplessness Blues." I was debating which late night show to watch last night as Radiohead  also performed on The Stephen Colbert show. Thanks god for the Internet and Youtube!!! 

Elliot Brood released a new record, and in-store performance at Sonic Boom Records

Toronto country trio, Elliot Brood, released their new record, "Days into Years" via paper Bag records today. To celebrate the album release, they will be performing the very first in-store show at the newly renovated Sonic Boom Records. (The Bathurst location.) I am very curious to see how the store will put together a stage in the store, creating the same atmosphere from the previous location. It's free! But make sure to bring a non-pershabable food for FT. York Good Bank for a good cause!

Location: 782 Bathurst St. (South west corner at Bloor)
When: 7:00p.m

Check out their new tune, " Northern Air" from the new record. 

Song of the Day: Dum Dum Girls, "Bedroom Eyes"

California grunge girl's rock band, Dum Dum Girls unleashed their second album, "Only in Dreams" today via Sub Pop Records. You can stream the full album via Spinners (Click here) Today's song of the day is their first single from the album, "Bedroom Eyes."I am digging it!

September 26, 2011

Death Cab for Cuties debuted a new video, " Stay Young, Go Dancing"

Indie pop rock band, Death Cab for Cuties debuted a new video, "Stay Young, Go Dancing" directed by Claire Carre this morning. The video portrays a life of a perfect couple in backward, starting from their 70s to childhood, which I think it's very romantic. Check it out!!!

The Raveonettes debuted a song for Badman Arkham City

"I will disappear for a month to play this game." -One of my friends passionately exclaimed a few month ago after watching the first trailer for the highly anticipated game, Badman: Arkham City. The game is set to be released on October 18th in North America. However, the game itself is not only the hot topic that people are buzzing about- Warner Bros is also trying to win the game for  its soundtrack, too. 

The soundtrack will be released on October 4th via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios., just two weeks prior to the game release. Warner Bros successfully gathered an impressive lineup, including ††† (Crosses), the Duke Spirit, Black Rebal Motorcycle Club, and Raveonettes.  

The Swedish gothic pop duo, Raveonettes, has written a song, "Oh, Stranger." Exclusively for the game. Check it out. 

September 25, 2011

James Vicent McMorrow covers Wicked Game

One of more hyped songs on the internet this week by James Vincent McMorrow has blown my mind.  The Irish folk singer songwriter has beautifully covered "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak.

McMorrow is in the midst of North American tour, and unfrotunately he has already played a show in Toronto earlier this month. Yes, it is still worthwhile to check out his original album, " Early in the Morning." As organically recorded this album in the isolated house over five months, McMorrow has successfully enclosedthe true folk aethetic in the album.  You can You can also stream the new album via Soundcloud.

Radiohead Performed on SNL on September 24th, 2011

Brit rock band, Radiohead appeared on last night's season premiere for 37th season of Saturday Night Live with Alan Balwin. They performed two songs from their latest album, "King of Limbs."Check it out.

"Lotus Flower"

"Stair Case"

September 23, 2011

Mutemath premiered a new video, "Blood Pressure"

New Orleans rock band, Mutemath, unveiled a new video, "Blood Pressure." via MTV yesterday. Have you watched it? You can easily capture their superior creativity in the video.

Their third album, "Odd Soul" is also set to be released on Oct 4th. This is one of the albums that I have been waiting for. 

September 22, 2011

Today's Song of the Day: Neon Indian, "Polish Girl"

Denton native, pop sensation Neon Indian, aka Alan Palomo, is receiving such positive reviews on his latest EP release, Era Extrana, from notorious media outlets and hardcore indie music manias who are very hard to please. It just came out this week via Mom+ Pop.Have you given it a shot? I've heard it for a bit, and I just cannot stop listening to the first single from the EP, "Polish Girl." It is a pure genius. Check it out. 

Neon Indian will be in Toronto on October 18th at Lee's Palace

September 21, 2011

SSRIs at Parts +Labour on September 18th

Vancouver noise pop band, SSRIs stopped by in the city during their a month long national tour at Parts and Labour on September 18th.

In the dark and humid basement, the cage-like stage, surrounded with a mesh, could not capture their wildness- They burnt it down with torches of eccentric yet captivating noise beats and classic-infused melodies,  while leaving the attentive audience tapping their toes

When it comes to noise music, some bands are perplexed by the genre, producing something that’s just loud and noisy, which leaves me discontented.  SSRIs epitomized what a real noise band is. -They constructed the delicate puzzles of art with various static hiss and hum from four instrument, filling the space impeccably with vibrant performance and alluring tunes from their latest album, "Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Wind Chimes,"
including "Certain Set Configuration" and "Row." The quarter didn't forget to tease the audience with their new piece.

The quartet are back on the road for the rest of their shows in the nation. If you are in the town that they are going to be performing, don't forget to check them out. The below is the tour date.

Sunday September 25 - Penticton, BC @ Voodoo's
Monday September 26 - Lethbridge, AB @ Owl Acoustic Lounge
Saturday October 1 – Calgary, AB @ The Palomino

The Darcys announced their debut album and new tour dates

Toronto experimental noise rock band, The Darcys, announced a release of their debut albums. It is going to be a sequence of three album releases. The first album will be released via Arts & Crafts on October 25th. It is going to be available for free digital download at their official site and 180-gram vinyl will be sold only at and independent record stores.

The quartet is also heading out to the road with the album release. Toronto dates are October 13th at Lee's Palace with Malajube and Besnard Lakes and November 18th at Horseshoe Tavern. 

They are known for a memorable show. This is what I described after witnessing their performance May 14th at Horseshoe Tavern. 

They weaved their instruments together to form a quilt of sound - each stitch in the quilt more important than the last. The words meant so much, and the hooks popped up, as if out of nowhere - it left the audience feeling transcended from the traditional sense of an audience - it was more like we were witnessing something. Their music is not just a song with a few alluring choruses and random verses - for the Darcys, each song is a mean to express their deep thoughts... much like a painter using brush strokes to complete his composition; or how a poet uses romantic words to plaint another picture in the minds eye. Watching the Darcys; I didn't feel like I was at a rock show... I felt as if I was witnessing a completion of a work of art. It was truly beautiful.

They are worthwhile to see at a show. Check out the tourdate below!

September 24th Montreal, Casa Del Poplo (Pop Montreal)
October 12th Hamilton, Casbah
October 13th Toronto, Lee's Palace
October 14th Kingston, The Grad Club
October 19th Fredericton, The Capital
October 21st, Halifax, North Street Church
November 10th, Ottawa, Ritual
November 18th, Horseshoe Tavern

Today's Song of the Day: Twin Shadow "Changes"

Today's song of the day is Twin Shadow's new cover song "Changes," which is the most blogged song this week on Hype Machine. It is inspired from Bagarre's "Circus Is Gone." It will brighten up your Hump day with a great 80's danceable sounds. 

His upcoming record is set to be released early next year via 4AD. 

September 20, 2011

Song of the Day: Austra Darken Her Horse

Did you watch or listen to the last night's Polaris Music Prize? Congratulations to Arcade Fire to win one of the most privilege awards in Canada for their third album, "Suburbs."  They now became the very first band, who is recognized from mainstream music industries to indie music nerds after winning the Juno, Grammy, and Brit Awards. 

The artist who stole my heart during the show was Toronto indie pop band, Austra. They were nominated in the shortlist for their debut album, "Feel it Break," which was released on May 13th, 2011 via Paper Bag Records. It only took them one album to be acknowledged for their superior music talent and their performance at the show proved it. while taking a number of viewers by surprise. In fact, they are now one of the hottest topic on Twitter. 

Austra is on the road right now for their fall tour across the continent. Toronto date is on December 1st at the Phoenix. Don't forget to score your ticket now, otherwise it is going to be sold out. 

Today's song of the day is "Darken Her Horse." Enjoy! 

September 19, 2011

Ben Caplan and the Casual Smoker at Drake Hotel on September14th

"I love that guy!!!" - Yelled by one of us in the audience who witnessed a madness in the midst of a show.- The madness, which was created by Halifax songwriter, Ben Caplan and his backing band, The Casual Smokers at Drake Hotel Underground on September 14th for AudioBlood TIFF showcase with Sandman Viper Command and the Balconies.

The long curly haired, bearded gentleman transformed into a musical beast on the stage. Caplan appeared from the back of the venue, firing the alarm. He raged onto the stage and instantly grabbed everyone's attention.Right after the surprising appearance and performing a few songs,  It became very obvious that Caplan took the audience by storm not only with his witty and frank talk between songs, but also his charismatic and propounding voice. He continued to amuse them with songs from the upcoming album, "In the Time of the Great Remembering." such as "South bound."  However it was just the lull before the storm.

With the performance of a song, (which is not included in the album) "40 days and 40 nights," the musical prodigy went wild, shouting and screaming at the audience.-"I miss my woman! I miss my woman!!!." While the howling with longing emotion at the crowed, he rampaged to the march area, grabbed a saxophone,and returned to the stage with squeaky sounds, which made my jaw drop. "I know how to play my madness. That's my instrument." -Exclaimed Caplan after making a note of performing one noise from the saxophone. 

He engaged so well with everyone to pertain in the madness.-Caplan: "Around the woo for everyone I bought them for you!" Laughter after laughter, He closed his show with more walzy and compelling tunes, " Conduit" and "Stranger" which hummingg with the audience. It was definitely a goosebumps performance that I haven't seen in a while. 

The Wooden Sky unveiled a new intimate fall tour and EP release

Toronto indie folk rock band, the Wooden Sky, has been hiding in the studio for their upcoming album in 2012 via Black Box Recordings for a while. Since their last release, "If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone", and a serias of extensive tours across the continents, the quartet has been going down on a storm. The next record has been highly anticipated by the media and hardcore indie music fans.

Prior to their release of upcoming album, they are ready for another intimate tour in Canada to support  the release of EP. This handmade EP will be only available at the march during this tour. The Toronto date is October 19th at Dakota Tarvern. They can easily sell out a bigger venue including Lee's Palace and Horseshoe Tavern. So Make sure to score your ticket ASAP!

Tour Dates:
October 19th Toronto Dakota Tavern
October 20th Guelph, Jimmy Jazz
October 21st Kingston, The Manson Wine Cellar
Ootober 22nd Ottawa, Raw Sugar Cafe (AA)
October 27th London, Nite Owl
October 28th Hamilton The Cashah Lounge
November 9th New York Pianos
November 10th Brooklyn, Union Pool
November 11th Boston, The Lizard Lounge

Interview with Doc Walker

With the recent release of their new album,  " 16&1" and the nomination of this year's Canadian Country Music Award, Manitoba Country rock trio, Doc Walker has been escalating its speed and ready to hit the road again for this fall tour, "Are You with Me Tonight?. The Trio answered questions for Music Psychos!!!

Kanae(K): Your new record, 16&1 is about going back to the basics, appreciating the past and carrying it into the future. Would you mind sharing how you guys came up with the concept for this album? Was it more of a natural process? If so, what do you think made you come up with the concept for your previous album, which was about life on the road? 

Doc Walker (D): I'm not sure we ever have a concept for an album. Some common themes may appear as we go, but I'm not sure we ever have a clear idea as to what the record is going to be until it's all done. This record was born in a different way than our previous ones, in that we jammed out musical ideas first as if we were back in high school, rather than sitting around the kitchen table with acoustic guitars. That probably gives the recording a different vibe!

K : Do you have any interesting stories from the newly renovated studio? 

D: Interesting story about the studio; I love the fact that Chris was a student at the school and probably the most unlikely to have bought the place. I'd say he was probably the one most likely to run as far away from the place as possible!

K: Transforming an old schoolhouse into a music studio in Westbourne, MB is such an astonishing idea. Was it always a dream of yours or was it something spontaneous?

D: I think it was a spontaneous decision after we had rehearsed in the school a few times. Chris had access to the place and we kept saying, "it sounds good in here, we should record here."

K: I was fortunate enough to catch the performance at Capital Hoedown in Ottawa. It was definitely one of the highlights of the festival. As I listened during the performance, you played the lead single off 16&1, “Country Girl.” It’s a perfect song to fuel up the audience, with classic rock infused hooks and great harmonies. Do you have specific songs from the new album, that you like to perform at a show and why?

D:I think my favourites to play live off the new album are “Never Letting Go” and “Hard Act to Follow.” Probably because I'm a fan of R+Bish tunes, which these are both a little influenced by. Those songs are a little groovier.

K: On the new record, there are 8 original songs and two cover songs, including Bob Seger's “Get Out Of Denver” and Crash Test dummies' “I Think I'll Disappear Now.” What made you decide to include these two cover songs? 

D :“Get Out of Denver” was a last minute call by our producer, John Ellis. We needed one more rockin', uptempo song and he suggested we check it out. He had played it in numerous cover acts years ago and loved it. Chris thought it would be a fun one to sing. As for the Dummies tune, we have all been fans of the band since the beginning and thought this was a tune that sounded like it could be more country. Something more like their first record (Ghosts That Haunt Me). I was fortunate enough to have toured with the Dummies as a sideman on and off for years, so I asked Brad if he'd like to sing on it and he was kind enough to contribute!

K:Speaking of cover songs, you guys performed a cover of Black Eyed Peas' “I Gotta Feeling” at Capital Hoedown, which took me by surprise. Why did you decide to cover this song? Any specific reason?

D: It was just a nice little segue that sounded good in one of our tunes and it was a way of teasing the fans a little…you always need a few little surprises in a show!

K: I know you just finished a North American tour and went to Australia. What's next after releasing the new record?

D:We are recording some Christmas songs and then taking off for a cross-country tour starting mid-November.

Thank you so much Doc Walker for taking the time to answers these questions! Don't forget to check out the new album, "16&1" at your favourite music retailers, on iTunes or at their official site. Here is a video of their first single from the album, "Country Girl." Enjoy!!!

Polaris Music Prize 2011

Tonight's the night-The announcement for the winner of this year's Polaris Music Prize is going to be made tonight. The artists who made to the shortlist are, Arcade Fire, Braids, Austra, Destroyer, Galaxie, Hey Rosetta!, Ron Sexsmith, Colin Stetson, Timber Timbre, and the Weeknd.

It's kinda cliche, but  my bet is The Weeknd as his music is something very shocking-His music is nothing similar to that I have ever heard of. Its a sensational combination of R&B music and synth beats.

CBC Radio 3 has a very interesting post about their prediction. They analyzed it from the very statistical point of view, gathering data from press and the past trends. Click here to check out the post. 

You can witness the award on MuchMusic from 8p.m Eastern or join the Gala Screening party at Drake Hotel.

September 17, 2011

Interview with SSRIs

Vancouver noise pop band, SSRIs, are currently on the road, touring accross the nation with their last album, "Effeminate Godzilla-sized Wind Chimes. " In the midst of their busy tour, they answered questions for Music Psychos!!!

1. If you describe SSRIs in one word, what's the word would be? and Why?

Kevin: "And." Because it's kind of confusing when taken out of context - Our music draws on a lot of disparate sources and recontextualizes those elements into something that ends up being confusing at times.

2. What does the band name mean?

Elliot: It stands for Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors. It's a kind of anti-depressant drug. !

3. It's been a while for you guys to tour as SSRIs this year. What are  the pros and cons to participate in several projects aside from SSRIs?

Elliot: A big benefit is that we get to play shows and meet people we wouldn't otherwise through SSRIs. I toured a bunch of the year with The Rebel Spell and got to play a bunch of new venues and meet a bunch of new people that made it a lot easier to book this tour for SSRIs. Another benefit is that we get to play music outside of the sort of thing SSRIs does. The main con is that it makes it harder to get together to practice. We are all active as freelance musicians which means we're all always pretty busy and always pretty broke!

Jo: Playing in other projects I think also helps contextualize our focus for the writing in SSRIs. It forces us to think specifically about our sound and what we are going for and also how that relates to our other bands. I don't think a single one of our projects is the same, though I suppose there are probably some similarities. 

4. Tell us about your new drummer, Kevin Romain!

Elliot: Kevin spent a lot of the last year touring with CR Avery, he also plays in Bleating Hearts, We Just Stole a Car and a bunch of other projects. He's a real jazz nut, so his approach is pretty different from our previous drummer, Tony's. He's been one of our best friends for a while, so it's really nice having him in the band!

5. It's been a year since SSRIs released the latest  album, "Effeminate Godzilla-sized Wind Chimes. " Are the new materials in line with the previous album. Which direction do you think you guys are  heading to?

Elliot: Hard to say exactly what the new stuff will sound like, but I am always interested in pushing our extremes of being poppy at times and noisy at other times. We're interested in experimenting with rhythms outside of typical rock rhythms, and I think we might do more vocal harmonies than in the past. When we get back to Vancouver, our main priority is going to be writing new material.

Kevin: Early in this tour I invented a new tradition called "Rock feel free Wednesdays" on which we're not allowed to listen to any music based around back beats or other typical rock cliches. It was mostly a joke at the time, but I do think it's unfortunate that so much new music which is really pushing boundaries on certain fronts (aesthetically, compositionally, politically) still relies on rhythmic hierarchies that are hyper-referential to past musical movements, and that have really been exhausted in a lot of ways. I'm hoping to spend time exploring some different ideas in this area on the new record (free time, polyrhythmic concepts, improvised structures etc).

6. You guys are in 2-3 weeks of  a month-long national tour from Vancouver to Montreal. Any interesting stories that you wanna share with us on the road?

Kevin: When we were driving through interior BC we stopped to help some folks whose horse trailer had burst into flames! There were kids and horses and fire flying all around at the side of the highway. It turned out okay in the end but it was pretty scary in a cinematic kind of way. Also we adopted a baby wolf pup who has been on tour with us for the last couple weeks.

7. Toronto show on September 18th at Parts + Labour.-What can we expect from it? 

Elliot: We will play our songs, so if people want to get excited for the show, they should check out our songs online, because shows are more fun when you've heard the songs a bit before the show: . Also, I've heard that The Bulletproof Tiger are insane live, so we're really stoked to see them.

SSRIs are performing on September 18th at Parts +Labour.  This highly anticipated show is something that you don't want to miss. Be there!!! The below video is "Row" which was shooted by Tasty Ears On Location.

Thank you so much SSRIs for taking the time to answer the questions! I will beattending to the show tomorrow for a show review! Stay tuned.

September 16, 2011

Interview with Ben Caplan Part 2

Click here to read the Part 1 of the interview with Ben Caplan. 

Kanae(K): The song, "Stranger" (The below video),  is very different from the rest of the songs in the album and you put it at the end of the album, right?

Caplan (C): It's where my writing is going. The stuff that I've been working on now is more leaning toward the direction.- More klezmery, waltzy, dirty kind of stuff.

C: I wrote it when I was just walking across the McDonald Bridge in Halifax. It's a funny story. I was having the best day ever. I was just feeling really really good . I was concerned about this because I write songs when I don't feel good. My songwriting experience is kind of the moment of catharsis that getting something out. But I was feeling so good. I felt loved and respected, and there is this community of people that I love around me, This is terrible, and I was like I am not going to write a song ever again. And I started thinking, while walking across the bridge, feeling good, the sun baring down and the wind blowing through my beard ..."What if instead of a perfectly content twenty something white guy in Halifax, I was this miserable misanthropic really old Eastern European guy. What's the song that guy writes." And I started ripping off the idea and I started running home instead of walking ,and I didn't have a piano at the time and I just had a cheesy Yamaha organ. And in two and half hours, the song was finished.  

Nick(N): The video of the song is very interesting. Is that in Halifax?

C: No, it was in Hamilton actually. We just show up in a bar.

N: Coz some people in the background were like, what was going on?

C: Yeah, so we just walked into a bar, Me and Mitch Fillion from Southern Soul. We walked in and said "Hey, we saw a piano here and we just wanna see if it's tuned. Do you mind if we check it." So we played around for a bit. It wasn't perfectly tuned, but close enough, so we asked  if they don't mind us shooting a video here. They gave us a bunch of dirty looks and we thought they were about to say no, but the bartender said "You gona buy a beer?"  and we said "Yeah, we'll totally buy a beer." and he said "Then you do whatever the fuck you want."

N: Good old Hamilton hospitality. 

C: Exactly, So we set up a bunch of recording gear and turned on his camera, and we just did it in one take and that was that. 

K: After the tour here in Canada and Europe, do you have anything planned after that?

C: Yeah, I am in the second or third week of the 4 months tour. As soon as coming back from Europe, I am playing at Halifax Pop Explosion and I have the whole week and half off. I am so excited, but I don't know where to sleep because I just rented the apartment.  

N: Oh so you moved out from your house then?

C: No, I am just subletting it. I live in sort of an art-collected house in Halifax. We host lots of house concerts and have a weekly open mic there. It's actually the most popular open mic in Halifax. We usually get between 60-100 people a week. The list and performers opens up by 9 p.m, but it's full by 10p.m. It's great. I have no intention of leaving the house yet. I just built the stage in the backyard in the summer and I am ready to use that in the next summer. I just sublet my room to another musician. 

C: After that, I'll start touring with Charles Ernewein in Quebec and Ontario and the tour will end at the end of November. And I am heading to the West with a bunch of punks. I will be touring with a bunch of dirty ass punks. They actually live next to my house. I am just gonna hop on the bus with them to head to West and tour across prairies. 

Thank you so much Ben Caplan for your time. After the lovely chat with him, I witnessed his performance at Drake Hotel. Stay tuned for my show review.

If you have missed his show on this Wednesday, don't worry. He has a secret show on Sunday, September 18th at the Press Club.

His new album, "In the Time of the Great Remembering" will be released on October 18th. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the limited edition with transparent viynal with digital download of the album. Click here to check out the details. 

Interview with Ben Caplan Part 1

One of today's most talented artists from Halifax, Ben Caplan spared some time with us before his show on Thursday, September 14th at the Drake Hotel between his hectic schedule. After the summer tour in Canada and UK, he is already back on the road for the 4 month long tour in Canada, German, UK and Netherlands with his first full album, "In the time of the great remembering." Here is the fun interview with Ben Caplan!

Kanae(K): So you have a new album coming out, which is called, "In the Time of the Great Remembering" on October 18th. What's the title referring to? What made you to decide to name the album?

Caplan (C): The Title is not so much about the music as it is. The title is kind of my personal philosophy and where we are in the history right now.- Where we are learning lots, and  technologies and science that are all advancing in the crazy pace since the Industrial Revolution. But we are also forgetting about more important things, like how to live or be happy, and what the community is good for. I think that in the certain sense, we are at the peak, the most intense moment of the great remembering. People are totally lost and confused and  the society is potentially covering around us. But I think that at the same time, there is kinda bubbling going on like a pot which is about to boil. That's what I think is the great remembering. People are starting  at this moment of the peak of people being totally lost and disconnected, and it's also throwing individualism. They also start remembering what we are missing. At least in the community that I am a part of in Halifax and in a lot of places as well, there are sort of  movements of people getting together, and pickling things, like making jams, learning how to bake their own bread. - These kinds of basic skills that have been forgotten- like how to raise and slaughter a chicken.  

Nicholas- (N):  It's a cultural thing.

C: Exactly, and the record is being made and released in what I consider to be " the time of the great remembering." or it could be the time of the great remembering and I thought it would be a great excuse to talk about that. 

K: It's been about five years since you started touring. What made you decide to release the album at this point? 

C: It was because I was ready. I'd been trying to get resources and musicians and access to a studio and stuff like that. I didn't wanna make a shitty record. I also tried not to rush myself, so I would make up an album that I would be really happy with and an album that  potentially that I could listen to it in 15 years and I would be still happy with. So it was very important to take my time and I was gonna put all this time and energies and resources to get the album out. 

N: Did you write songs specifically for the album?

C: It's kind of "The Best of" album.

N: "The Best of First of"

C: Yeah exactly. These are the best songs that I've written in the last five years. 

K: Did you have to rewrite any of the songs for the album?

C: None of them were specifically for the album. They were evolving since I wrote them and still evolving. I play these songs a little differently now and then in the record since the time has passed. I like to keep things fresh for myself and constantly exploring new ways of interpreting songs so It's interesting for me. Also for these people who come and see me more than once, you know,  they are gonna see something differently every time that they come to a show. 

K:Any interesting stories to share in the recording process? 

C: There is one song in the album, a song that was pretty much rewritten and rearranged in the studio called, "Bang to Break the Drum."and it was a song that I kind of knew that the live version was not gonna work for the album and I needed to find other ways of arranging the song. It was the last song that recorded on the album because I knew that I needed to have sort of the moment of an inspiration but it hadn't come yet. I started becoming a little nervous because it was the last day in the studio, and I still hadn't had any great ideas. And all of a sudden, in the middle of recording another song, and I was like "Stop everything!." and I said  "Someone get a notepad!!!" and I was like start to finish, working through the song, composed on the spot new melody lines for the instrument and told everybody that they had to write them down. It was just one burst of 15 minutes of channeling something that was from the beyond. I finally went in and recorded the whole song and I started drinking whiskeys as we were going, I was shit-face-drunk as we were recording the song and when I finally went in for the vocal track, I totally unintentionally started singing in this very low voice, from the bottom of my register and gradually went up. It was sort of 100% inspiration. 

The songs well-practiced and everyone knows the basic form. But when we decided to change it around, we just did it. I wasn't considered at all like all these check boxes that I had to accomplished. I just had a feeling how this song has to be. If you listen to the track, it ends with this drum solo, which kind of evolves into a drum solo and I start yelling and my tone of the voice changes quite a bit toward the end because I was so lost in whatever was going on and I forgot that I was standing in front of the microphone. So I just walked away and started yelling and picking up drums and throwing them across the room.