July 28, 2009

The Rural Alberta Advantage

I went CD shopping with my friends on Sunday, but I didn't intend to buy any CDs. As my friend spent 85 bucks on CDs, I was starting browsing around the store. Then I finally found a CD called HOMETOWN from the Rural Alberta Advantage. I came to know them when I was reading their CD reviews on the Metro, the free newspaper in Toronto. As I have been trying to check out a lot of new bands recently, I went to the spinner.ca, where you can listen to a lot of new released CDs. Luckily, I found the CD on the website and fall in love shortly after starting listening to the first song, "The ballad of RRA" I and my friend totally agreed the drummer from this band is AMAZING!! I was gonna buy their CD via online, but you know, since I found it in the store, I just got it.

I just love the album so much. I have been listening to it wherever I go. In the subway, you can totally find me air drumming lol haha. If you spot me doing that, just say "the RAA rocks eh?"

Ok, let me talk about the band a little bit. The band is based in Toronto! (YAY it’s our LOCAL band!!!) However, how come they call themselves “The Rural Alberta Advantage" !? Because the singer has grown up in Alberta and their songs reminds the beauty of the nature in Alberta. The below sentences are from their Myspace website: http://www.myspace.com/theraa

The Rural Alberta Advantage play indie-rock folk songs about hometowns and heartbreak, born out of images from growing up in Central and Northern Alberta. They sing about summers in the Rockies and winters on the farm, ice breakups in the spring time and the oil boom’s charm, the mine workers on compressed, the equally depressed, the city’s slow growth and the country’s wild rose, but mostly the songs just try to embrace the advantage of growing up in Alberta

Anyhow, they are playing on this Thursday, July 30st at the Horseshoe. The ticket is only $10 adv and $12 at the door. I’m totally going for sure! Wanna join me!?!?


  1. $85.oo spent and the best damn cd was the ONE cd I went in looking for. Not to say the other albums weren't good (I purchased The Dead Weather's "Horehound", Lullbye Arkestra's "Ampgrave", Seu Jorge's "Life Aquatic Studio Sessions", and Headstones "Greatest Fits".)

    I was slightly disappointed by the Lullabye Arkestra album... too much going on. I like them better with their new sound as strictly a duo) And of course the release of their next album isn't until September 1st.

    The Dead Weather CD "Horehound" is art compared to most modern albums. The album has an overall feeling. Something most bands can't even get on a single song.

    To anyone thinking about purchasing the Dead Weather CD, is is worth every cent.

  2. What time is their show on Thursday night? I've never heard of them, but they sound nice.