October 25, 2012

Show Gopher

Have you heard of this concert listing website, Show Gopher? I've known about it for the last few months from various twitter feeds, but I didn't know exactly what it was for until I picked up a card at Horseshoe Tavern last week and it is evolutionary for all the show-goers. 

What Show Gopher does is to precisely inform the show times and price of a show at each venue each day. On the top of that, what differentiates Show Gopher from other website is that users can just click the band name and they can listen to the sample of their music. This website is a-dream-come-true product for those who love going to shows and determine which one to go, including all the festivals such as NXNE and CMW. They are also very band friendly as well. If a band wants them to post a specific song from their set list or to remove the song from the site, all the band has to do is to simply email them to inform. This is a win-win website for everyone. 

If you haven't used it in the past, you are missing out! 

October 24, 2012

Centaurs: The Outside World

Toronto experimental young guns, Centaurs, have released a new single, The Outside World via bandcamp this month. This 6 minute long tune kicks off with a mellow instrumental guitar riff, tenor sax and trumpet, whereby the rhythmic drums and beats guides it through to the intimate world of Centaurs. The airy voice of Emily Rockarts soars amid melodic sweeping of all the funk/experimental melodies that each member emits, while mesmerizingly repeating a phrase of "It's a perilous place."

There had been some big changes among the band this year due to some departures and additions of the members. Centaurs was formed in 2006 with a bunch of friends and played some shows casually. However they've shifted their attitude towards songwriting more seriously in the recent year. The new changes in the members led to escalate the momentum of the band and has reached to the single release. Give it a listen! 

October 23, 2012

North Lakes: Baptism In Burgundy

Charlottetown rockers, North Lakes have recently released their anticipated sophomore album, Grand Prix, after their debut album, Cobra, which was the winner of Best Alternative album of 2011 Music PEI Award. Despite the award-winning effort of their previous work, they've bravely undergone some changes in the band formation, (they've shed to 5 piece from 6 piece band) and channeled towards a difference direction by softening their tone towards raw pop , rather than bluesy rock n roll tunes that you can find in the debut album. The result is Grand Prix. 
The new album, Grand Prix was produced by Paper Lions' Colin Buchanan and it is coated with a vigorous 60's garage rock. This single, Baptism In Burgundy, epitomizes their ability to craft impulsive melody lines with illustrative lyrics, which radiates the vivacious energy of the five members. Give it a listen! 
North Lakes is playing at Horseshoe Tavern for free on Tuesday, November 6th. 

October 22, 2012

Dwayne Gretzky: Blinded by the Light

After spotting some members of Toronto’s best cover band, Dwayne Gretzky, during July Talk's CD release party show on Friday October 19th, I was just browsing their website and found this energetic cover of Manfred Mann’s Blinded by the Light from their last show at Dakota Tavern. I recall not being able to get in to the jam-packed show to witness this stellar show, so I was very excited to find these video via The Humble Empire

Dwayne Gretzky is having an awesome Halloween party with Nicholas Doubleyou & the B-Squad on Wednesday October 31st at Horseshoe Tavern. This might be the hottest Halloween party in town! 

Sic Alps: Glyphs

Over the course of 8 years, four album releases and a few splits among members, San Francisco based garage rock band, Sic Alps have released a self-title album this fall. Marking this 5th album as a milestone, it seems like a fresh start for the band as they've come to a comfortable place with who they are. They've also unleashed a music video of the first track and single of the album, Glyphs, which was directed  by John Harlow and Mike Donovan. The mesmerizing layers of guitar strings will guide you through the world of Sic Alps.

Sic Alps is playing at Double Double Land on Monday, October 22nd with U.S Girls and Slim Twig. 

October 21, 2012

The Good Fridays: The Ferret Song

Prior to the full- length album release, the five piece electro rock band from Burlington, The Good Fridays have introduced us to this fist-pumping first single, The Ferret Song. With the slight scent of the alluring pop of Bloc Party and peculiar psychedelic melody of Matters, the Good Fridays have crafted a groovy theme song of party time, just like having a good Friday! Give it a listen with the below link. 

October 16, 2012

Hands and Teeth: Exploring

It still feels like yesterday that Toronto pop rock band, Hands and Teeth released their sophomore album, Hunting Season earlier this year. With a refreshing and strong vibe from the album, they are ready to go into overdrive with a new concept album release, which is set to be released in early 2013. They've just unleashed a new music video, Exploring as a live off the floor recording for the upcoming project with From Far and Wide segments.

When the song started, I was enjoying the buoyant melody and their signature layers of sugar coated harmonies, which I enjoyed from their previous material while jumping on the bed numerous times. I am very fond of their beautiful yet fun harmonies.  However this time, the rock N' roll vibrant vocal of Natasha Pastemak during the main chorus caught me off guard and it was something that I couldn't help but being withdrawn to. The drastic switch between the sweet touch verse and the captivating chorus was a great mixture and I am just so excited to 'explore' more next material by them! I'm sure you will like it, so give it a listen! 

Hands & Teeth live off the floor 'Exploring' from fromfarandwide on Vimeo.

October 15, 2012

Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers: Conduit

Between his hectic schedule of non-stop tours across the continents including his recent tour in Europe, Halifax singer songwriter, Ben Caplan somehow manage to find time to release a new music video, Conduit. While his raspy voice echoes, the train circles from a little town into a scary tunnel. I am not gonna lie, when I first found Caplan on the mountain wall, I was very very scared! 

Caplan is having a little fun scavenger hunt with the video. If you find items below and take a screen shot of them and send them to hey@audioblood.com, you can win one of these prizes! 

Find the below items:
a) White Guitar
b) Sneaker
c) Yellow Car
d) Caterpillar
e) VHS Tape
f) Bongo Drums
g) Glowing Sneaky Dee’s Logo
h) Black Panther
i) Ben Caplan
j) Man wearing red shirt

You can win one of the following items:
- Digital copy of the album
- Free Kings Crown Nachos from Sneaky Dees
- Limited Edition Conduit T-shirt

It's easy-peasy! Give it a shout! 

October 10, 2012

Redanda: Christian

Hamilton garage rockers, Redanda, has been linked with the letter C. - All the band members have a name with C on the first letter (Corey, Curtis, Chirs and Connor,) and their previous EP was called Carl.  they have recently released the 3rd EP called, Christian via Wolf Shirt Records. This collection of four songs cultivates my curiosity in their colourful sounds, channeling from courageous garage rock in a song like Ace-High to Blues coated strip-down tune, Slow You Down. (see how many C's that I was able to put in one sentence.) 

you can listen to Christian from the below link! Give it a listen! 

Lola Dutronic: Everybody Loves You When You're Dead

I don't know how many times that I clicked 'reply' on this video today.- Everybody Loves You When You're Dead by a Toronto- Dusseldorf (Germany) electro pop due Lola Dutronic.

After a few changes in members since their formation in 2004, the duet now consists of a multi-instrumentalist/producer, Richard Citroen and singer, Stephanie B. They are now ready to release their new record; Everyone's a Star, on October 11th via Red Star Digital Music. In this new album, there are a number of admirable musicians as backing singers, including members of Tom Tom Club, Gang of Four, The Barracudas and many more.

This new album filled with 60's French pop tunes makes me excited to see them live.

Lola Dutronic is playing a show in Toronto at the Piston tomorrow, Thursday October 11th.

Jon Bryant:What Takes You

After endeavoring the 13 months-long quest to accomplish his sophomore album, What Takes You, earlier this year, Halifax native, Jon Bryant, has been keeping himself busy with endless tours across Canada. This long process enabled him to craft personal folk tunes, which can easily be interpreted  by listeners in their own way. The beautiful folk melody breathes along with Bryant's soft and heartwarming voice cohesively and leaves a deep sentimental feeling. His music reminds me of the reason that I love listening to music through headphones in a quiet room to enjoy every bit of the sound as it comes. Each piece possesses a meaning to it and I don't want to miss anything including the sounds of the guitar slide and the deep inhale. 

Jon Bryant performs at 3030 Dundas West on Sunday October 14th. It's an early 7p.m show! 

Luke Lalonde: Undone

It was a few months ago when I witnessed the vigorous performance by Toronto pop rock band, Born Ruffians at Sonic Boom. Prior to their performance, the lead singer, Luke Lalonde delivered a solo performance. Now, he's joined the Paper Bag Records family and is ready to unveil his first solo album, Rhythymnals on October 30th, 2012.

There are currently two songs off the record available for free streaming. Undone, still has a hint of Born Ruffians in the alluring pop tune. However, Lalonde spiced it up by adding more electronic beats between the fetching melody. I remember him playing this song at Sonic Boom with his acoustic guitar, I am more fond of this version of this cosmic danceable tune by far.  Another song, Grand (Rhythmnals) is unfortunately set up as private on Soundcloud, so I can't embed the song. However, you can still listen to the song from here

You and pre-order the album via PBR site

October 9, 2012

Live Show Review: Here Below at Cherry Cola on October 5th, 2012

After a two year hiatus, Toronto rock band, Here Below gradually set themselves back on track with a CD release and live shows since late August. It was a stellar start-off to my thanksgiving long weekend as they delivered a promising show at Cherry Cola on October 5th, 2012. 

The venue was rather quiet upon my arrival as most of the nine-to-fivers had one more day to go until their long weekend. However, I started spotting a couple of wanders who were there with a hope to chat with Jack White after his 2 Toronto shows. (Note: there was a rumor that White always hangs out at the bar when he is in town.) Instead, they were in for a good treat - indulging themselves with local bands. 

As soon as the Incubus-reminiscent tunes flew into the venue, the audience gathered around the stage. Each member of Here Below crafted copious amounts of musical detail with their instruments and maneuvered them well to draw a musical painting in the air. They're an infusion  of lots of genres including jazz, metal, alternative rock, and more. It was very a very thoughtful performance. I found it enjoyable to be completely soaked into their comprehensive melodic compositions.