October 24, 2012

Centaurs: The Outside World

Toronto experimental young guns, Centaurs, have released a new single, The Outside World via bandcamp this month. This 6 minute long tune kicks off with a mellow instrumental guitar riff, tenor sax and trumpet, whereby the rhythmic drums and beats guides it through to the intimate world of Centaurs. The airy voice of Emily Rockarts soars amid melodic sweeping of all the funk/experimental melodies that each member emits, while mesmerizingly repeating a phrase of "It's a perilous place."

There had been some big changes among the band this year due to some departures and additions of the members. Centaurs was formed in 2006 with a bunch of friends and played some shows casually. However they've shifted their attitude towards songwriting more seriously in the recent year. The new changes in the members led to escalate the momentum of the band and has reached to the single release. Give it a listen! 

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