October 28, 2011

Q&A with The Balconies

I am very stoked to share this with you folks as this band is one of my favourite bands. Toronto pop rock trio, the Balconies, kindly answered questions for Music Psychos. They just came back from Halifax Pop Explosion and they are ready to rock out at Horseshoe Tavern on October 29th with Birthday Boys. Enjoy!!!

The upcoming sophomore album is to be released in early 2012. How's the recording process going with producer, Jon Drew?

The record is almost complete! Working with Jon Drew since February has been really awesome and we're looking forward to the release. 

2. How has it been different from self-producing the debut album to having a producer with the new record? Which would you prefer?

The first record we self produced out of necessity - Having very little funds to support it. We felt the songs on the first record didn't achieve the level of intensity that we desired. This motivated us to begin our project with Jon Drew with a revisiting of three old songs from our debut record. This acted as a nice segue into working with him on our new record. Jon really helped to capture that loud, raw energy that we strive for. 

3.  Having all members classically trained, what would you say are the pros and cons?

Pro: studying classical performance requires a great deal of dedication and focus. It has influenced us into having a hard work ethic.

Con: sometimes we imagine the sonic possibilities of having a full orchestra backing us up in our performance...it would be really hard to tour, feed and pay all these musicians in tow.

4. The recent attendance to a number of festivals including Pop Montreal and Halifax Explosion, any stories that you could share with us from the road?

We did a long haul to Halifax with no other gigs along the way. When we finally arrived, we had worked up quite the appetite for some east coast seafood. Having a musician’s budget, fish and chips was our best bet. Prior to our performance at the Seahorse in Halifax,  we hustled to a nearby restaurant. After receiving our drinks, we placed our food order, salivating. Minutes later our server returned bearing the unfortunate news that the one thing they were out of in the kitchen was their fish and chips. We were still able to eat a delicious seafood dinner but far exceeded our budget...oopps.

5. It's been already two years since you moved to Toronto. What was the biggest change for you that you had to accommodate?

Being away from our family and friends back home. But, Liam was able to reconnect with his...so it balances out!

6. If you could tour with anyone from Toronto, who would you go on the road with and why?

Zeus. We recorded our debut album at their studio and got to know them as friends. We've seen them perform many times but have yet to share a stage with them. We hope to in the future!

7. What can we expect from the Horseshoe Tavern show on October 29th?

A sweaty, scary, sexy haunted Halloween dance party!

8. Anything planned for the rest of the year and 2012 aside from the CD release?

We just completed a video for our single 'Kill Count'. We're really excited for people to see it! We will also be touring for the better part of the upcoming year.

Thank you so much Jacquie!!!

You can enjoy their single, 'Kill Count' from their website and don't forget to check out their Halloween Party at Horseshoe Tavern on October 29th. 

October 27, 2011

Watch 'Evil Twin' by Arctic Monkeys

While continuously touring across the continents after the release of their new album, 'Suck it and See,' Brit   rock giant, Arctic Monkeys unleashed a new video, 'Evil Twin' this morning. Be the first one to check out the video. You can also read my review of their performance at Kool Haus on May 21st, 2011 from here.

Watch a new video, "Good Day at the Races' by Hollerado

How did I missed this video release for a week? Hollerado unveiled a new and fun music video for their latest tune, 'Good Day At the Races.' You can capture them jamming drums and riding on ostriches. (Yes, you heard it right-'ostriches'.) Enjoy

October 26, 2011

Listen to a new single, 'Lonely Boy' by Black Keys

I love you, the Internet... The Black Keys unleashed a new single, 'Lonely Boy' from their upcoming album, 'El Camino.' via their Youtube channel. The new record is set to be released on December 6th. I love it and even adore the dance move! Check it out!!!

October 25, 2011

Listen to New Bry Webb's single, Rivers of Gold

If you are a fan of Toronto alternative rock outlet, The Constantines,  this new release might drop a bombshell. 

The frontman, Bry Webb has unleashed ' Rivers of Gold', a new single from his first solo album, 'Provider.'  This is available for free steaming and download on Soundcloud. This song is a plaintive folk infused song, which is enhanced by the steel guitar riffs , instead of the emotional grungy screaming and it definitely shows a different face of Webb, which makes me eager to check out the full album.

The new album, Provider is to be released on November 15th via idee Fixe Records. Webb is also keeping himself busy with supporting Feist on her upcoming Canadian tour, including Toronto date on December 1st at Massey Hall. 

 Rivers of Gold by Idée Fixe Records 

EP review:The Wooden Sky 'City of Light'

Toronto folk rock quartet, The Wooden Sky returns with their new EP release, "City of Light."  It's been a long wait since their break-out CD, 'If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone', which they received a number of positive critiques. 

I came to know about this band by an 'accident' two years ago. I was at Sonic Boom, browsing around the store to see if I can find anything new. Then my eyes were caught by the album cover of their debut album. A picture of a bookstore window, in which you can also see the reflection of a guy taking the picture. I instantly loved the cover and I purchased it. Don't judge a book by its cover- I know that's what people say, but I never regret the purchase of the album.

The new EP, 'City of Light’ is an ambitious and powerful collection of tunes, which draw in your attention like a magnet.  The opening tune, ‘Angelina’, which is the best track of the full album, instantly galvanized your body groove with the husky and graceful voice of Gavin Garner.  The 60's inspired strip-down ballad, 'Take Me Out' tune, keeps you on the dance floor. Classic folks tunes, 'Go Straight' and 'Lonely People' enhance the charms of organic folk melodies. 

If you are attending their shows, you can get a cassette version of the EP at the show. (What's up with lots of musician offering cassettes again!?) Or you can download it from iTune.

Tour Dates
October 27-London ON-Night Owl (Free show)
October 28-Hamilton ON-The Casbah
November 9-New York Pianos
November 10-Brooklyn- Union Hall
November 11-Boston-The Lizard Lounge

October 24, 2011

The Rest, @ El Mocambo on October 21st

Hamilton based indie rock band, The Rest, returned to Toronto on October 21st with AutoManic, Del Bel, and Mamabolo via the Indie Machine.

Adam Bentley, the lead singer of the band, appeared on the stage alone, with his acoustic guitar, and commenced stroking the strings to perform a cover of  the dark emotional ballad by Roy Orbison, "Crying". While singing word to word carefully, as if he magically made a word alive, Bentley triggered the audience's emotion and gradually attracted attention. 

The audience finally headed fully to the stage when the rest of the band showed up on the stage.While giving a different feel from the initial performance, the quintet galvanized the crowed with a tide of diaphanous melodies crafted by a cello and  plaintive yet placid vocal. They closed the show with their good old tune, "Walk on the Water",  and it convinced me that it was worthwhile for me to drag my feet to the show despite the struggle with my cold.

It was also hard to believe that they were missing one member for the show due to an event for CMJ as the rest of the members were able to 'fill in' the sounds. As it was the first time for me to see them live, I couldn't tell the difference, which also give me a reason to see them again in the future. 

It was also hard to believe that they were missing one member for the show due to an event for CMJ as the rest of the members were able to 'fill in' the sounds. As it was the first time for me to see them live, I couldn't tell the difference, which also give me a reason to see them again in the future.

Most People, at Rancho Relaxo on October 22nd

Toronto based live music program, the Indie Machine put together a fun night with various indie bands including our beloved Artful Vandalys and the headliner of the night from Montreal, Solids on Saturday, October 22nd at Rancho Relaxo.

I would love to go on and on about Anton's silky hair, Bryen's nifty velvet jacket, so many guitar strings and picks that Bryen broke, the intimate conversation between Anton and Braedan and drunken audience at the very front, who danced their ass off, while dropping one of the heavy monitors on the ground, put it back and disappeared. However, there is something else that has to be noted from last night show. Toronto pop duo, Most People completely blew my mind with their insanely talented music performance. 

When two dudes with scruffy faces, covered with thick beards, showed up on the stage, I was still in the middle of conversation with my friends at the very back near the bar, adjudging that it was going to be a long wait until Artful Vandelays were going to be on. The moment the duo started striking the drums with mellifluous flow of melodies crafted between programmed synths and infectious guitar riffs and bass beats,  it gave me a second thought about the band and went up to the front. It was their winning game since then- I couldn't take my eyes off from the stage, fascinated by how only two guys can create such convoluted melodies. By the end of their performance, I noticed that there were so many people around me at the front all of a sudden, giving their applause. 

Most People had a postcard which I and Nick grabbed from the band after the show. It says 'Wishing you were here!"- That's exactly what I have to tell you all, who missed the show. You can still check out their music at their website or Facebook page, but I would definitely go back and see their performance again. 

October 23, 2011

Watch videos from Butch Walker and the Black Widow's performance

I am still suffering from the post-Butch Walker syndrome. I cannot stop listening to his music since his Toronto show on October 19th at Mod Club. I was finally able to put up all the videos that I captured from the night and I thought I would share it with you folks.

"Every Monday"- I can't believe that he performed one of the finest Marvelous 3 tunes during the night aside form "Cigarette Lighter Love Song"

"Alicia Amnesia"- This is also a very rare song lately. It's from his first solo album.

"Best Thing That You Never Had"-This song was definitely the emotion triumph of the night.

Yay or Nay: Jack White Covers U2's 'Love is Blindness'

Q magazine is celebrating the re-release of a deluxe box set of U2 album, "Achtung Baby' by giving away a free tribute album with their new issue. The lineup for the covers are more than what we can ask for, The issue will be available on October 26th. One of the tribute song, 'Love is Blindness' by Jack White has been one of the most buzzed tunes on the internet this week. I love the triumph of his guitar solo and raucous voice.

The tribute album includes:

1.Nine Inch Nail-"Zoo Station"
2.U2 -"Even Better Than the Real Thing"
3.Patti Smith-"Until The End of the World"
5.Garbage- "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"
6.Depache Mode- "So Cruel"
7.Snow Patrol -" Mysterious Ways"
8. They Fray- "Trying to Throw your Arms Around the World"
9. Gavin Friday,- "The Fly"
10. The Killers- "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
11. Glasvegas- "Acrobat"
12 Jack White- "Love is Blindness"

 Jack White Love is Blindness by martyriemer 

October 21, 2011

Ticket/CD giveaway: CharlotteCornfield

The new album, Toronto born, Montreal based folk singer songwriter, Charlotte Cornfield is finally ready to introduce her debut LP, 'Two Horses’ on October 25th. Prior to the new release, she has gathered a lot of attention from the media including CBC with her glorious two EP releases in 2007 (It's Like That Here) and 2009 (College Light.)

The new album, Two Horses, was produced by Ryan Granville Martin. She also welcomed a number of novel musicians from Toronto, including Thom Gill (a support of Owen Pallet). After four months of hard work in the studio with Graville Martin,  each of the 10 songs from the album truthfully depict emotions associated with the everyday life of a young girl. It contains various songs that you can easily relate to. The initial Casanova infused pop track,  'Construction On the Street", she says 'Listening to Pavement and wondering where the day went."- I instantly nodded my head and I even thought this song can potentially be my theme song. Can I have it as my theme song, Charlotte??  

While you can enjoy up-temp pop tunes such as "All of the Pretty Mistake" and traditional folk style in "Lonely Acorn," I found her resonant voice was best utilized in grungy plaintive songs like "If You don't pursue' 

Overall, it is a great introduction of her music and it's worth giving a shot if you haven't heard her before.

She is going to have a CD release party in Toronto on October 27th, at Dakota Tavern. I have a great contest to offer this time: A giveaway of the new LP 'Two Horses' and a pair of tickets to go to her CD release party. Below are the contest rule.

How to enter: All you have to do is 'Like' Music Psychos on Facebook and tag yourself in or comment on the contest picture via Facebook
Deadline: Midnight on Wednesday, Oct 26th

Stream the new Justice's album, 'Audio, Video Disco'

It's been a long wait for lots of us. Four years passed by since the release of French electro duo, Justice's album, '†' . They are now back with a brand new album, 'Audio, Video Disco', which is set to be released on October 24th. NME magazine currently offers a free streaming of the full album.  Thank you NME!!!

October 20, 2011

Watch Stars's new video, "Dead Hearts"

Toronto pop band, Stars released an new video, 'Dead Hearts' from their latest album, 'Five Ghosts.' To celebrate the new video release and the feature of the song in a upcoming movie, 'Like Crazy', they have lauched a new contest on their Facebook site. All you have to do is to take a picture of a heart that you've created via Instagram and then email the picture to likecrazycontest@gmail.com. Don't forget to tag the image with #likecrazy when Instagram asks 'What' the photo is. The deadline is October 31st Good luck guys!.

Stars - Dead Hearts from Stars on Vimeo.

Download The Wooden Sky's new song, Angelina

Toronto folk outlet, The Wooden Sky, kicked off their fall tour with the release of new EP, The City of Light. The EP is exclusively available at the show prior to their full length album release in early 2012.  If you missed last night's sold out Toronto show at Dakota Tavern, don't worry. You can still download a song, 'Angelina' via Soundcloud. The quartet continues touring in Ontario as below. Check it out.

Tour Date:
Oct 20th-Guelph, Jimmy Jazz
Oct 21st- Kingston, The Mansion Wine Cellar
Oct 22nd-Ottawa, Raw Sugar (AA) (Sold Out)
Oct 27th-London, Nite Owl
Oct 28th- Hamilton, The Casbah Lounge
Nov 9th- New York, Pianos
Nov 10th- Brooklyn, Union Pool
Nov 11th-Boston, The Lizard Lounge

 The Wooden Sky - Angelina by curlybecs 

October 18, 2011

Q &A with The Rest

It's been quite a road with bumps and hills this year for Hamilton based rock band, The Rest. After recording a new album, SeaSaw, they experienced a loss of the data from their hard drive, Luckily recovering the album, they are now ready to release the album in 2012. Adam Bentley, from the Rest, kindly answered my Q&As about the incident and the new album. Check it out. 

1. It must have been a crazy experience to finally release the new album, SEESAW. Did you think that it was possible to recover the data from the hard drive?
It was kind of a whirlwind at first, everyone kept telling us that it should be easy to extract, but there were a bunch of complications that kept us from getting a resolution. It's funny the longer it went on, the more I just tried to stop thinking about it all the time, that way it didn't seem to be so daunting. Once we did recover the album I certainly felt the release though. My body felt better, my mind clearer. Being in limbo with the record actually stalled all parts of my life. I didn't want to move forward, think I thought it might disappear if I did.

2. One of the meanings of the album title is the up and downs of the writing, recording and mixing process. Can you share some stories with us?

It's strange the title was actually made before the we lost the album, guess 'SEESAW' felt we needed some more reinforcement. I think the album can refer to the emotional aspects that are present in most peoples lives, but also the sound of the record, and the way we approach our perceptions. We love going from a pin-drop to full cacophony bombast. I do think every moment of our process can go from the highest high, thinking you've wrote or recorded the best song ever, to having problems that seem insurmountable. Usually this seems to happen in the same song quite often. I think the title can also refer to how we like to move forward. Once something is finished it's on to the next. You give everything to that project, but once it's done there's no reason to dwell on it, but it will directly influence everything you do after.
3. How would you describe the influence of Dan Achen to SEESAW as well as the Rest.(To recap the story of Achen for those of you who don't know the background, Achen was their long-time friends, mentor and producer and tragically passed away this year.)
I've said this before, but it's the absolute truth: without Dan Achen The Rest would not be a band. When we first met with him over six years ago we had visions of what this band should be, but very little knowledge of how to get there. He put up with (well most of the time) my own wild ideas, and stubborn viewpoints. SEESAW has his influence all over the record. We produced the record ourselves, something that I did feel he was preparing us to do one day. Jordan Mitchell (multi-instrumnetalist) mixed the record, after sitting in with Dan, and working with down on all our recordings, but also a variety of others that came through his studio Catherine North. We saw this record as a continuation of everything we had done with him. The process was always evolving and getting refined, and we just kept refining the way we hoped to with Dan.

4. If you could tour with anyone from Toronto, who would you pick and why?
I'd say Memoryhouse. We just got off a tour with them, and had a great time, and we're hoping to do something again in the new year. Great people making great music.

5. What can we expect from the Rest in 2012 aside from the CD release?
Touring. We will be on the road more than we ever have in the past. I also wouldn't put it past us to do a side creative project like we did last time with The Cried Wolf Book (http://www.auteurrecordings.com/therest/criedwolf/), but haven't exactly decided what it will be. Probably won't be a full illustrated novel this time, but we're fairly anxious for something adventurous. I also think they'll be quite a few music projects. Everything is being ironed out right.

6. Any words for Toronto music fans or Music psychos?
You should come see us at the El Mocambo this Friday October 21st! We've got a few surprises, both for new and longtime fans.

Thank you so much Adam for taking your time during your hectic touring schedule. You can check out their performance in Toronto on October 21st, this Friday at El Mocambo. I will also be there to witness their 'surprises', too. Join me for the fun night with great music. You can also check out and download a few songs off the new album, Seasaw from the below link by the end of this month. Don't forget to watch their performance via Southern Soul, too. 

Live Show Review- Next Music From Tokyo Vol.3

I've probably never seen so many people of my own kind in Toronto - Heard people talking in Japanese around me, I almost felt like I was back home. Being a part of Indie Week, Next Music From Tokyo Volume 3 brought a very interesting crowed, who were eager to witness what is hot in the exotic Asian  metropolitan, Tokyo. The organizer, Steven Tanaka (click here to read his story) successfully introduced Japanese bands to the sold-out Revoli on October 15th, 2011.

Four little girls, dressed all in white and standing with bear feet, Akai Ko-en, came on the stage as the initial performer of the night. Despite their innocent look, they bombed the venue drastically, with very peculiar, yet captivating rhythms and guitar riffs. On the top of that, what made their performance so hard to miss any moment of was their love toward music. You can just feel how much they love to play music, putting a big, (I mean, BIG) smile on their face. For the entire performance, I was so attracted to the unique and creative melodies that the petite girls can produce. It was even cuter when they tried to introduce each song that they were playing next. -" This is lonely song. I am lonely," as Chiaki, the lead singer somewhat managed to speak little English, which made the audience smile.

I was fully sartisfied with the first performance and I was excited to see what else Tanaka brought to Canada. Chiina, the second opener quickly jumped on the stage. Whereas Akai Ko-en entertained the audience with the element of surprise, Chiina brought me back to a place which comforts me with their orchestral harmonies, enhanced by airy verses generated by contrabass and violin.The jazz-pop quintet performed up-temped tunes, like "Ga to Cho to Takoyaki to Tako", while snapping fingers as well as a heartwarming ballad, "Blue", which made the audience silent.  The Violinist, Yukako was the attention grabber. It was very pleasant to watch her play the violin joyfully and divinely.

The moment the girls pop band, Merpeoples appeared on the stage, Toronto 'Gaijin Otaku' fans went nuts. " Kawaii!!!", "Daisuki~" shouted from the crowed, the four girls in colorfully dresses and ornaments beguiled them instantly with their bubble gum pop melodies which lingers in the ears for a while after the first listen. I was a bit overwhelmed by Toronto Otaku during the performance, yet, it was very entertaining to catch their high energetic performance.

Last but not least, when Hyacca commenced setting up on the stage, I instantly sensed that it was going to be a hardcore. Thus, I evacuated myself to the side of the stage to avoid the moshpit and catch their performance and as I predicted it went insane.The thunderous noise and screaming that crafted from each member crushed in the middle and united as a constructed mess.  It easily  provoked a mosh pit and crowd-surfing as the band escalated and shifted into overdrive. As being the loudest of the night, the audience welcomed the ultimate climax with a song,"Hanazono," where the lead singer, Hiromi jumped into the crowed with her guitar, came back on the stage, shouting on the speakers, which was the wildest performance that I've seen lately. 

October 14, 2011

Lights, "Toes"

When When I witnessed Toronto pop electro singer, Lights, on Much Music for the first time with her music video "February Air",  I remember instantly rejecting her music as I sensed the wanna-be pop star backed up by mainstream major labels such as Rihannas and Katy Perrys. ( Don't get me wrong by what I said. I don't dislike their music. It is not just my cup of tea..I just don't like that their music is so associated with money making. Then I gave up judging her and her music and just gave it a shot

Despite the huge success of her debut album "Lights" with her major labels in North America, I kept spotting her in lineups for indie music festivals, such as Lollapalooza and Oshega. She wasn't listed on a lavish main stage. Instead, she was always on the substage earlier on the day. I kept wondering why the electro pop singer was making her appearance to a different demographics.

It was this years' Oshega that I finally witnessed her performance and made me rethink how I've mistakenly mislabeled her as 'Major'. Coincidentally, her US record label had dropped out from partaking in her project, which also had an impact on how I perceive her music.

 Now she released her second album, "Siberia", which has a completely different feel to it, widly expressing herself by means of music. Working with Toronto electro due, Holy F**k, she has successfully depicted her immense musical talent with alluring synth beats and high-pitched strong voice. The collaboration with Toronto rapper, Shad in a song called " Flux and Flow and emotional trigger, "Cactus in the Valley" are the highlights of the album aside from her first single from the album, "Toes."

There is still so much that we can expect from Lights, there's room for her to shine in her new musical direction

October 13, 2011

Listen to the new single, "Are You Gonna' Waste My Time?"

It might be one of the best decisions that I've made - Following Alan Cross on Twitter. On my way to work this morning on a bus, the music journalists tweet caught my eye. He posted a write-up of Toronto indie band Zeus's new single from their upcoming album. "Are You Gonna' Waste My Time?" via Arts & Crafts. 

No details of the new album have been announced yet, however we can expect it to be released sometime in 2012. I like this new rock n' roll Zeus. It's quite different from the melodic folk rock tunes from their debut album, ' Say Us', but we can have high expectations for this new album. Thanks Alan Cross!!! You made my day. 

  Zeus - Are You Gonna' Waste My Time? by Arts & Crafts

October 11, 2011

Next Music From Tokyo Volume #3

'If you won a million dollars what would you use it for?'- A common question that always pops up. Buy a new house, a car, going for a trip etc. The massive amount of money could easily make lots of dreams come true. My answer to the question would be 1. Buy my parents a trip to Canada, 2. Invest the money and my time to write more for my blog, while working part-time.  Then perhaps saving the rest for my future,  I will bring a couple of bands from Toronto on a tour to where I come from... Japan. It sounds very dream like, right?

'If you could bring four bands from Toronto to perform in Japan, who would you choose'- It was one of the questions that Steven, from Next Music From Tokyo asked me. (Click here to read the interview from his website) You might think it's insane that someone would actually spend money to bring bands for her/his own passion. However, it is true that he has donated a large amount of money to bring Japanese indie bands to Canada, touring across the nation, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Collaborating with Indie Week, Next Music From Tokyo was able to schedule two shows in Toronto with four Japanese indie bands, including Chiina, Akai Ko-en, Hyacca, and Merpeople. After exchanging a couple of emails, I can easily grasp his passion for the Japanese indie scene and it is worth giving it a shot and listening to music from a different continent.

So I am inviting you all to join me for their shows on October 15th or October 16th. I will be there for a review on Oct 15th to catch powerful performances from Tokyo.

October 15th
Door at 7.00p.m
Ticket $8 advance, and $10 at door

October 16th
Velvet Underground
Door at 6:00p.m
Ticket $8 advance, and $10 at door

You can also check out the details here

October 10, 2011

Q &A with Last Second Magic

After the week of stuffing our faces with turkeys and pumpkin pies, this week is going to be full of fresh indie music: Indie week Toronto starts from October 12 to 16th across the city. Are you ready for it? I had a chance to ask questions to Paul Hosford, the lead singer and guitarist, from Irish rock band, called "Last Second Magic."

1. As exclaimed as a band goal, -"It's about evolution, not revolution," what progress listeners can expect from the new EP release, " We Miss you, Black Stalin!" from the debut release, "Start to Breathe", or even from the EP release to date?

Paul Hosford (P): From STB to WMYBS to today, we have really evolved in my eyes. We're a lot more rounded now and the songs in the set that aren't on Black Stalin have a lot of great craft in them, I feel. 

Philippa Cahill (Keyboard) and Ross Callaghan (Guitar) have only been in the band a couple of months, but they have really filled out the sound of the stuff we've been doing and lately. I kind of feel that at times, we leaned on our old guitarist, Oisin, a little too much, because he is a fantastic guitarist, and we had gotten to a point where we'd write the song and kind of just say ‘yeah throw a solo in there.’Now, we're being forced to be smarter about what we're doing and make the song as a whole better, not just the individual parts.

On top of that, I feel personally like I'm a lot more comfortable with the idea of having people hear our songs. I was used to being the bass player and letting someone else put their thoughts and words down and that was comfortable.But when LSM came about, I had all these songs and I was almost afraid to commit to them. Like if I weren’t too attached, people not liking them wouldn't hurt because I was detached from it. Almost a fear of failure, I suppose.But now, I'm much more invested in it all. I believe in the music and, I like to think, that's evident in our live show.

2.What inspired you guys to name the EP " We Miss you, Black Stalin!"? 

(P): It's actually a Toronto reference! Ruth Gill (Drums) and Al Maxwell (Bass) were in the Beaver Cafe on Queen St, having breakfast and saw a piece of art by a collective called Team Macho (www.teammacho.com) and it included Black Stalin. 

We immediately loved it and the day we got home, I sent out a text saying, "We're making a new EP, we're calling it "We Miss You, Black Stalin!" and we're going to get Team Macho to do us a version of the artwork." Everyone agreed and the physical product we have is one that I, personally am delighted with.

3. Is Stalin's music one of the biggest influences for you guys? If so, who else do you think had have a great importance of your music.

(P): I personally think Stalin is overrated. Apparently, he was a bit of a dictator in the studio, too. Now, Castro, there's a dictator who can drop a phat beat.As for our own sound, there's quite a mix in there. 

We've been described as sounding like a poppy version of The Frames, or if Joy Division met Eels. Personally, I like to think we sound like The Trews meets Death Cab For Cutie, with some Dashboard Confessional thrown in. 

But we don't aim to sound like anything. The songs start as acoustic tracks on my guitar and once they've been filtered through the five of us making our own noises, it sounds like five people making noise!

4. All four songs in the EP have all about different themes. Why did you decide to put these four songs in one album? 

(P) I felt they worked well in the order they're in and that they were a good representation of us as a band. There's a lot of different stuff going on there and I hope it shows people that there is no prototypical LSM song as such.

5. What can we expect from the Indie Week show in Toronto on October 14th at Hideout?

(P): You can expect five people from Dublin having a great time, playing music that they love and trying, in some small way, to help people enjoy themselves. At the end of the day, live music is there to be enjoyed and nights like the Irish Showcase are about as fun as being in a band can get. Great venue, great people and an absolutely brilliant night.Torontonians who want to know what a night in an Irish venue is like should come down!

6.Any bands that you would like to check out during Indie Week? 

(P): Loads. And the horrible thing about playing is that the schedule can restrict that. Personally, I’d love to see, The Ascot Royals, Courage My Love, Pree, Oh No! Yoko, The Suburbians, Meredith Shaw and Dinosaur Dinosaur.

If you have any interest in live music and can comfortably get to the Queen St area any of the nights, invest in a wristband, walk from club to club and enjoy some fantastic music by people who appreciate every clap, every complement and every person who takes an interest. 

 7.Any messages for Toronto music fan or Music Psychos?

(P) : Come and see us! We're nice people and we'll really appreciate it! We might even get one of our friends to beat you at pool. He's very good.

Thank you so much Paul. Last Second Magic is performing at Hideout on Friday, October 14th. You can check out more about them from their Facebook page and don't forget to follow them on Twitter!