October 18, 2011

Q &A with The Rest

It's been quite a road with bumps and hills this year for Hamilton based rock band, The Rest. After recording a new album, SeaSaw, they experienced a loss of the data from their hard drive, Luckily recovering the album, they are now ready to release the album in 2012. Adam Bentley, from the Rest, kindly answered my Q&As about the incident and the new album. Check it out. 

1. It must have been a crazy experience to finally release the new album, SEESAW. Did you think that it was possible to recover the data from the hard drive?
It was kind of a whirlwind at first, everyone kept telling us that it should be easy to extract, but there were a bunch of complications that kept us from getting a resolution. It's funny the longer it went on, the more I just tried to stop thinking about it all the time, that way it didn't seem to be so daunting. Once we did recover the album I certainly felt the release though. My body felt better, my mind clearer. Being in limbo with the record actually stalled all parts of my life. I didn't want to move forward, think I thought it might disappear if I did.

2. One of the meanings of the album title is the up and downs of the writing, recording and mixing process. Can you share some stories with us?

It's strange the title was actually made before the we lost the album, guess 'SEESAW' felt we needed some more reinforcement. I think the album can refer to the emotional aspects that are present in most peoples lives, but also the sound of the record, and the way we approach our perceptions. We love going from a pin-drop to full cacophony bombast. I do think every moment of our process can go from the highest high, thinking you've wrote or recorded the best song ever, to having problems that seem insurmountable. Usually this seems to happen in the same song quite often. I think the title can also refer to how we like to move forward. Once something is finished it's on to the next. You give everything to that project, but once it's done there's no reason to dwell on it, but it will directly influence everything you do after.
3. How would you describe the influence of Dan Achen to SEESAW as well as the Rest.(To recap the story of Achen for those of you who don't know the background, Achen was their long-time friends, mentor and producer and tragically passed away this year.)
I've said this before, but it's the absolute truth: without Dan Achen The Rest would not be a band. When we first met with him over six years ago we had visions of what this band should be, but very little knowledge of how to get there. He put up with (well most of the time) my own wild ideas, and stubborn viewpoints. SEESAW has his influence all over the record. We produced the record ourselves, something that I did feel he was preparing us to do one day. Jordan Mitchell (multi-instrumnetalist) mixed the record, after sitting in with Dan, and working with down on all our recordings, but also a variety of others that came through his studio Catherine North. We saw this record as a continuation of everything we had done with him. The process was always evolving and getting refined, and we just kept refining the way we hoped to with Dan.

4. If you could tour with anyone from Toronto, who would you pick and why?
I'd say Memoryhouse. We just got off a tour with them, and had a great time, and we're hoping to do something again in the new year. Great people making great music.

5. What can we expect from the Rest in 2012 aside from the CD release?
Touring. We will be on the road more than we ever have in the past. I also wouldn't put it past us to do a side creative project like we did last time with The Cried Wolf Book (http://www.auteurrecordings.com/therest/criedwolf/), but haven't exactly decided what it will be. Probably won't be a full illustrated novel this time, but we're fairly anxious for something adventurous. I also think they'll be quite a few music projects. Everything is being ironed out right.

6. Any words for Toronto music fans or Music psychos?
You should come see us at the El Mocambo this Friday October 21st! We've got a few surprises, both for new and longtime fans.

Thank you so much Adam for taking your time during your hectic touring schedule. You can check out their performance in Toronto on October 21st, this Friday at El Mocambo. I will also be there to witness their 'surprises', too. Join me for the fun night with great music. You can also check out and download a few songs off the new album, Seasaw from the below link by the end of this month. Don't forget to watch their performance via Southern Soul, too. 

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