February 20, 2010

March will be an amazing month!!

Saturday night.... while waiting for my friends to drop by at my place, I thought I would just share how excited I am for the month of March. Not only I can't wait for this spring to come, but also, there will so many gigs that I would LOVE to go.

I am going to see MUSE, Butch Walker, HOT HOT HEAT, and the Canadian Music Festival between march 10th to 14th. During this festival, I am hoping to see Copelands, (it is gonna be the very last gig!!), HOT HOT HEAT, the Rural Alberta Advantage, the Wooden Sky, Plants and Animals, and so forth.

this festival has 700 bands/artists playing over the week. but the hardest thing is, to decide which bands to see. unfortunately, a lot of my favorite bands are playing on the same nights, especially on Friday and Saturday.. well, I will make sure to pick the best ones and post all the gig reviews!

here is the link to the event. if you will be in Toronto during the festival, it is worthy to check out some indie bands. it is very reasonablly priced , too!!


So I am most definetely going to see HOT HOT HEAT on Friday night. I have fallen love with their tune since,,, 2004, when their hit song, Goodnight, Goodnight hits the Much music.. after the support from Butch walker and other famous producer, they have released a new album, Happiness. LTD. now they have new 2 songs posted on their Youtube page, and I am hoping that their new album will come out very soon.

here is the one of the new songs posted on youtube. Enjoy!


  1. I am excited about March too! I don't have any plans to see shows, but I'm ready for spring like you are, and my birthday is in March too! Found you at Blog Catalog.

  2. Hi EmcogNeato! yeah, yesterday was such a nice weather here in Toronto and I just felt that the spring is just around the corner! I am also so excited to go on biking in spring!