February 22, 2010

You gotta have some fun,, or lots of fun

Monday... again, the beginning of the week.. I got a very busy week ahead of me and I'm hoping that the weekend will come around the corner before I knew it.

Well, I think it is because of the weather in Toronto today that I am feeling a bit down. Unlike the yesterday's beautiful weather, we got tons of snow.. Where all the snow came from!? Anyhow, I gotta keep the happy mood as always. Whenever I am a bit down, music is the perfect cure for me.

I posted two videos today. It is Hiromi playing in both of them. she is AMAZING. Not only her unbelievable techniques that just wow me, but only she is the happiest person on the earth when she plays the piano. She just makes me happy just by watching her playing. AMAZING. Thank you so much Jon for introducing her music.

The second video that i posted is a song played by Ayaka and Hiromi. it is in Japanese, but I love when they collaborate. The song is called "Okaeri" (Welcome home) it is a very warm song!

anyhow, i hope everyone can be a bit happier watching these videos! a bit gift from me :) my philosophy; always ends with a happy note no matter how harsh/ bad the day was.

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