August 31, 2011

Tokyo Police Club premiered their 2007's cover song, "All My Friends"

Tokyo Police Club released their 7th cover song today. I cannot believe how quickly the project is coming to the end. 2007's cover song is "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem.

They will unveil their 2008's cover song, " Kim and Jessie" by M83. 3 more songs to go guys! 

Jack White announced a new project with The Insane Clown Posse

I bet no one can stop Jack White at this point. After announcing the breakup of the White Stripes with his 'sister'/wife,Meg White,  and working on numerous projects with various artists, including Danger Mouse's Rome' earlier this year, White is ready to step up to the next-level. 

White has announced a new release with the Insane Clown Posse to collaborate on a classic Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart tune, "Leck MIch Im Arsch." Yes, this is happening. 

Right now, you can stream the song from the below link or check out another track,  "Mountain Girl" on the below Youtube video . But they are set to release 7 inch on September 13th.

Insane Clown Posse - Leck Mich Im Arsch by Third Man Records

Song of the day: Sports, 'Postscript Insane'

 Sports is a Toronto buzzband, who recently released their self-title debut album. The album itself consists of a great mix of poppy tunes and psychedelic tracks, deriving from each band member, who also belong to various Toronto beloved bands, including the Carnations, Meligrove Band, and the Michael Parks. Listening to this album is like going to a All-You-Can- Eat restaurant, in that it fulfills whatever you could possibly want; from harmonic vocal, to thunderous guitar riffs and everything else in between.  

Today's song of the day is 'Postscript Insane' from the album.

Their self-titled debut album, "Sports" is available for free streaming and download at a pay-what-you-want price via  Bandcamp site  

August 30, 2011

Tokyo Police Club's 2006's cover song, 'Long Distance Call' by Phoenix

Tokyo Police Club premiered thier 2006's cover song for free streaming today. It's ' Long Distance Call' By French indie pop rock band, Phoenix.

They will be releasing the 2007's cover song of LCD soundsystem's "All my friends" Tomorrow. Stay tuned.

 Long Distance Call (Featuring Ray Suen of Mariachi El Bronx) by TokyoPoliceClub 

Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland united as 'Whitehorse'

One of the finest singer and song writers, Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, announced a new project called, 'Whitehorse'. The hubby and wife due will be releasing the self title album today via Six Shooter Records.

The root duo is also touring across the country in fall with the release of the album. Here is the sneak-peak of the album, "Killing time is Murder.' Click here to check their complete tour date!

Tour Date:
WATERLOO,ON: Jane Bond, Aug 15, 22, 29 • Live rehearsals
Casbah, Aug 16, 30 • Live rehearsals
NEW YORK, NY: The Living Room, Sept 17*
Tin Angel, Sept 18, 7.30pm*
Club Passim, Sept 19, 8pm*
Le Petit Campus, Sep 20*
TORONTO, ON: The Glenn Gould Studio, Sep 21, 8pm* — SOLD OUT
Mavericks, Sep 23
The Studio at Hamilton Place, Sep 30 

Song of the Day: Butch Walker,Synthesizers

SpadeHappy 'Spade' day everyone. For those of you, who know me quite well, you must have a good idea of what today's song will be.

One of my favorite artists, Butch Walker and the Black Widows, released his 6th album, 'The Spade' today. To celebrate the release, here is today's song of the day,'Synthesizers'

You can purchase it via iTune, Amazon, or local record stores. I'm going to a store right after work to grab my copy.

Butch Walker and the Black Widows are coming to Toronto on October 17th at Mod Club.

August 29, 2011

Paper Lions announce Toronto residency shows at Supermarket

PEI pop rock quartet, Paper Lions, are moving to Toronto for the month of September and they will be performing every hump day on the month for Supermarket's  'Wedsnesday Go Pop.'

The cover charge is only $5 per week and you get to enjoy the high energy pop rock tunes by them and their friends. Why don't we warmly welcome them by sharing great nights in Toronto and show what Torontonian can bring on.


September 7th
with Allie Hughes -
        Nick Rose -
September 14th  

with Dwayne Gretzky -
         Gavin Slate -

September 21st
with   Green Go -
            Petty Victories -

September 28
with Lou Canon -
        LOOM -

Here is one of their newest tune, called 'Ghostwriter.'
Paper Lions demos by Young Lions Music Club

Dinosaur Bones announced a fall tour

It is so sad to realize that the summer is almost over as the weather is cooling down. But there are so many good shows to look forward to this fall, including  Death From Above 1979, Butch Walker and the Black Widow, Hey Rosetta!, Two Door Cinema Club, the Kooks, and more.

To add more excitement, Toronto indie rock band, Dinosaur Bones  announced their fall tour with Broken Social Scene, Library Voices, and Ra Ra Riot. Toronto date is October 6th with Ra Ra Riot, which is also my birthday. It's going to be the perfect way to celebrate it!!!


Sept 10 - Hamilton ON @ Supercrawl w/ Broken Social Scene

Sept 14 - Chicago IL @ Beauty Bar

Sept 16 - Saskatoon SK @ Amigos w/ Library Voices

Sept 21 - Chilliwack BC @ OAP Hall w/ Library Voices

Sept 22 - Vancouver BC @ Biltmore Cabaret w/ Library Voices

Sept 23 - Victoria BC @ Rifflandia Festival w/ Broken Social Scene

Sept 25 - Kelowna BC @ Habitat w/Ra Ra Riot

Sept 26 - Nelson BC @ The Royal w/ Ra Ra Riot

Sept 28 - Calgary AB @ Gateway w/ Ra Ra Riot

Sept 29 - Edmonton AB @ Avenue Theatre w/ Ra Ra Riot

Sept 30 - Regina SK @ Exchange w/ Ra Ra Riot

Oct 1 - Winnipeg MB @ Pyramid w/ Ra Ra Riot

Oct 2 - Minneapolis MN @ Fine Line Cafe w/ Ra Ra Riot

Oct 4 - Grand Rapids MI @ Pyramid Scheme w/ Ra Ra Riot

Oct 6 - Toronto ON @ Lee's Palace w/ Ra Ra Riot
Oct 7 - Ottawa ON @ Mavericks w/ Ra Ra Riot
Oct 8 - Montreal QC @ Il Motore w/ Ra Ra Riot

Tokyo Police club premiered their 2005's cover, 'Little Sister'

After taking a day off, Tokyo Police Club returned to Red Bull Studio and  premiered their 2005's cover song, 'LIttle Sister' by Queen of the Stone Age. This cover is so far my favorite.  What an amazing lead guitar riffs!!!

Tomorrow they will premier the 2006's cover song, "Long Distance Call" by Phoenix. Stay tuned!!!

August 28, 2011

Yay of Nay: Two Door Cinema Club covers Munford and Sons' 'The Cave'

Tourist HistoryOne of my good friends, Martin, who often shares his adoration of indie music with me, posted a great cover song on my Facebook wall the other day and it has been in heavy rotation on my iPod.  Irish indie pop trio, Two Door Cinema Club, covered 'The Cave' by Munford and Sons. I love how the trio included the synth-ational beats in the melodic folk tune. Let me know what you think of the cover!!!

Two Door Cinema Club will be in town on September 17th, at Kool Haus.

The Artful Vandelays @Rancho Relaxo on August 26th, 2011

The Artful Vandelays performed at Rancho Relaxo last night with Arizona Lily and The Neighbourhood Watch. I loved how the quartet rearranged the intro and chorus of some songs during the performance.

If you weren't at Rancho last night, this is what you have missed. Don't worry. TAV has a gig at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on September 28th for you to catch up their performance!!!

Here is a new song, called ' Song Lines'

Broken Social Scene covers Modest Mouse's ' The World at large at Osheaga

One of my favorite bands all time, Broken Social Scene, hit thestage at  Osheaga music festival in Montreal on Friday, July 29th. As the sky started clearing out, the Toronto mega collective fired out their good old tunes, including ' 7/4 shoreline', and "Cause =Time.'  

Aside from the regular tour members, including, Kevin Drew, Breadan Canning, and my favorite member, Andrew Whiteman,  it's always a surprise to find out who will be attending to a show: Amy Mullan from Stars, and James Shaw from Metric were on the stage for the festival.  The  band entertained the audience constantly with their unique stage performance despite a couple of technical difficulty with the guitars. While performing 'Almost Crimes', Drew made the crew to re-play the chorus of the song. Moreover, Exclaimed by Drew,  ' If you know this song, please scream loudly, the audience went nuts when Modest Mouse's cover, 'The World at Large' was beautifully covered by the band. 

Here is the video of the cover. 

August 27, 2011

Tokyo Police club's 2003s' and 2004's cover songs

Tokyo Police Club is progressing with their new project, to record 10 cover songs, from 2001 to 2010, spending 10 hours at Red Bull Studios Los Angels.

They have completed their 2003's, 'Under Control', by the Strokes on Friday and 2004's, ' Since U been gone.' by Kelly  Clarkson today. Check it out!!!

 Under Control by TokyoPoliceClub

 Since U Been Gone by TokyoPoliceClub 

August 25, 2011

Tokyo Police Club unveiled their 2002's cover, "Sweetness"

Tokyo Police Club recorded their cover of 2002's " Sweetness' by Jimmy Eat World yesterday at Red Bull Studios Los Angeles. You can check it out from the below link.

Tomorrow, the band will be recording "Under Control" by The strokes, which will be available at 1p.m EST via I am so stoked about the Strokes' cover!!! Stay tuned!!!

 Sweetness (Featuring Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit) by TokyoPoliceClub 

Song of the Day: The Kooks, Stormy Weather

Inside In / Inside Out
Last night's storm and tornado was one of the wildest that I've ever seen. I hope you all stayed safe. I saw lots of pictures of lightings on Facebook that my friends took and I re-learned what the mother nature can do. Today's song of the day is ' Stormy Weather' by The Kooks.

The Kooks are playing in Toronto on November 23rd, at the Sound Academy. 

August 24, 2011

Tokyo Police Club, "South Side"

Newmarket pop rock quartet, Tokyo Police Club, has launched a fun and bold project with Polaroid. They have entered Red Bull Studio Los Angeles to record 10 cover songs from the years 2001 to 2010.  The band rehearsed and recorded for 10 hours yesterday for  their cover of 2001's for the first of 10 cover songs," Southside" by Mody featuring Gwen Stefani. Check it out.

They will be back in the studio today to record 2002's cover song, "Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World. This recording will be premiered tomorrow at 1p.m East on

The below is the premier schedule. 

Wednesday, August 24 – 2001 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Thursday, August 25 – 2002 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Friday, August 26 – 2003 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Saturday, August 27 – 2004 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Monday, August 29 – 2005 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Tuesday, August 30 – 2006 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Wednesday, August 31 – 2007 – – 1pm EST/7am PST
Thursday, September 1 – 2008 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Friday, September 2 – 2009 – – 1pm EST/10am PST
Saturday, September 3 – 2010 – – 1pm EST/10am PST

August 23, 2011

Free streaming of Butch Walker's new record, 'The Spade'

The singer songwriter and well-known producer, Butch Walker, just announced a free streaming of his up-coming album, 'The Spade' via Paste Magazine.

The new record is set to be released on August 30th. You can enjoy it from the below link. 

As he exclaimed in his blog post, "It's like Christmas!", I'm very excited for the new coming album and his fall tour. Toronto date is on October 19th at Mod Club Theatre. I will be posting my review of the album shortly. Stay tuned. 

Song of the Day: Patti Smith, 'Gloria'

Outside SocietyToday's song of the day is ' Gloria' by the legendary rock N roll queen, Patti Smith. Her new best album, 'Outside Society' is released today, on August 23rd. Let's celebrate the release of her tremendous works over decades. You can listen to the entire album for free via Spinner. Enjoy! 

August 22, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'

I'm With YouAfter a long hiatus and the departure of a key member, John Frusciante, Red Hot Chili Peppers are now back on the field with the up coming album, ' I'm With You.' This new record is set to be released on august 30th via Warner Bros after a 5 year wait since the last album. ' Stadium Arcadium' in 2006.

Have you listened to any of the sneak-peaks from the album yet?- I did last night and it took me by surprise how differently the quartet sounds with the new release. Here is a first single from the album, "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'

If you don't like the ad at the beginning or would like to check out the lyrics, here is another video of the song. 

It definitely contains less melodic hooks that I used to grab from any Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs. However, the badass bass slapping by Flea and fun percussion spice up the song with good funk hip feel.

As I have discussed with fellow music lovers, Frusciante was definitely a strong influence in song writings in the past. This new record is in fact the first album in 15 years without him. You might find less 'Peppers' in the new album. Yet the band has progressed in a new chapter without Frusciante. I'm confident to say that you can highly anticipate from the new release. It's as if when cooking your best meal without a key ingredient, replacing it by adding other key spices.I'm sure that you will enjoy the new taste of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

August 18, 2011

Song of the Day: The Mohawk Lodge, 'Faster Than You Can'

Wear 'Em OutToday's song of the day is 'Faster Than You Can' by a Toronto rock band, the Mohawk Lodge. I had my very first night off in 2-3 weeks last night due to my hectic schedule with my work and vacation in Montreal. I was sitting at home, enjoying my daily routine of listening to CBC radio 3 chez moi. Then I discovered this plaintive song in their Music notes' post.

This song is from their latest album, 'Crimes' According to their bio, this album is " It’s a record that runs the gamete of loneliness and pain and somehow finds a little light at the end of the tunnel.."- which I strongly agree. This song definitely takes me somewhere very deep and dark at the bottom of my heart and brings awareness of how I used to feel. What an emotion trigger! I would love to see them live in Toronto. I'll ensure to keep you folks posted on their tour date!

Sandman Viper Command announced a fall tour

A super energetic rock band from Toronto, Sandman Viper Command, recently announced their fall tour. With the latest release of their 7-inch, ' Rough Love', they are also set to release a new EP next year with Jon Drew, a prestigious producer of indie bands, including Tokyo Police Club, The Arkells, and Fucked Up- just naming a few.

To celebrate the 7-inch release, the quartet is throwing a free show at Horseshoe Tavern on Tuesday, August 23rd. It is a perfect opportunity  for you to feel their enthusiasm. Here is a video of 'Oh Yeah, It's Fusion' from NXNE. I was at this roof top party, too. I love their energy and I cannot wait to see them again on next Tuesday! 

Aug 23 @ Horseshoe Tavern, TORONTO (7inch Release Party, FREE SHOW)
Aug 25 @ The Legendary Khyber, HALIFAX (w/ The Paint Movement)
Aug 26 @ The Capital, FREDERICTON (w/ The Paint Movement)
Aug 27 @ 15 Allison, SACKVILLE (w/ The Paint Movement)
Aug 28 @ Fallsbrook Centre, KNOWLESVILLE, NB (w/ The Paint Movement)
Sept 20 @ Mansion House, ST. CATHARINES (w/ The Paint Movement)
Sept 21 @ Cabaret Playhouse, MONTREAL (**Pop Montreal Audio Blood showcase)
Sept 23 @ 3 Minots, MONTREAL (**Pop Montreal Indie Montreal showcase)
Sept 28 @ The Vinyl, GUELPH (w/ The Paint Movement)
Oct 19 @ Seahorse Tavern, HALIFAX (**Halifax Pop Explosion Showcase)
Oct 22 @ Arlene's Grocery, NEW YORK (**#LETSGETMESSY CMJ Day Party)
Oct 25 @ Union Hall, BROOKLYN

August 17, 2011

Song of the day: Johnny Alexander, Rolling On

It was over a year ago when Bryen and I were blown away by Toronto R&B/Jazz band, Johnny Alexander. The band has been on hiatus for a while now. I was going through my iTune the other day and I rediscovered the amour for their songs. Today's song of the day is 'Rolling On'. The intro of rhythmic guitar riffs and dandy bass lines by Jonny Cooper is an impeccable groove. I hope the day to see them live again is somewhere close. Enjoy.

August 16, 2011

Song of the day: Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender

It was 34 years ago today that the legendary Rock N' Roll singer, Elvis Presley, passed away. It is amazing how his charismatic style and music still influences today's music scene and people still adore him so much. I dedicate this song, Love me Tender as today's song of the day to celebrate his life. RIP Elvis.

August 15, 2011

Butch Walker announced a new North American Tour.

I am so pumped to tell you guys this news. I am jumping up on a chair right now. One of my favourite artists, Butch Walker, finally announced a North American tour. He will be performing in Toronto on October 19th, at Mod Club.

His new record, The Spade, is set to be released on August 30th. Check out one of the songs from the new record. Enjoy!

10/6 – Athens, GA @ 40 Watt
10/7 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
10/8 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
10/12 – Minneapolis, MN @ Fineline
10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Double Door
10/14 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Bag
10/15 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
10/16 – Columbus, OH @ The Basement
10/18 – Buffalo, NY @ Tralf Music Hall
10/19 – Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
10/20 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club AE
10/21 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Stone Pony
10/22 – Boston, MA @ Royal
10/24 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
10/25 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/26 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
10/27 – Baltimore, MD @ Ramshead Live
10/28 – Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
10/31 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
11/2 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ The Culture Room

August 11, 2011

Song of the Day: Doc Walker, Driving with the Breaks On

I am in Ottawa with the Lug crew for one of the biggest country music festivals, Capital Hoedown. The festival starts from today, August 11th, to 13th, Saturday. Click here to check out the details of the event. I am very stoked about this fete. If you are going to the event, please come by the Lug tent and say hello!!! We have fun and amazing merchandises at the tent!

Today's song of the day is 'Driving with the Breaks On' by Canadian country trio, Doc Walker. They are going to be on the stage from 7:30p.m tonight! Enjoy!!!

August 10, 2011

Song of the Day: The Kooks,' Junk of the Heart'

Junk of the HeartThe Brit rock band, The Kooks,  have finally announced a North American tour in fall with the Postelles. The fan pre-sales will start from today. (click here). The Toronto date is November 23rd at Sound Academy. This is going to be a kick ass show. Don't forget to grab your tickets.

So today's song of the day is 'Junk of the Heart'. The quartet is set to release their third album, ' Junk of the Heart', on September 13th. I am sure that we can expect to hear some of the new tracks from the album during the set. Enjoy.

August 9, 2011

Mutemath released a first single, 'Blood Pressure'

Odd SoulNew Orleans experimental rock  trio, Mutemath, has just released their first single, 'Blood Pressure', from their upcoming album, 'Odd Soul'. The single is now available via iTune and Amazon,com. Their new album is set to be released on October 4th. 

I can't wait until the trio finally announces a Toronto date. ( It's been more than 2 years since they played a show in Toronto.) Otherwise, I might have to fly to New York again to see them as it's so worth it. 

Song of the Day, Land of Talk, 'It's Okay'

Cloak And Cipher
I was in a bus this morning on my way to work. Staring raindrops on the window, I had a song stuck in my head. This song is such an emotion trigger. Today's Song of the Day is Land of Talk, ' It's Okay.'

It's sometimes nice to start off a day with a plaintive feeling, flashing back memories.

Here is the lyrics of the song. Enjoy.

It's Okay,
I don't even cry
all I think about is a memory 
and the dream when you kissed my arm
as I look away, don't here what I say

That maybe when I die
I get to be a car 
driving in the night
lighting up the dark.
something in your voice
sparks a little hope
I'll wait up for that noise
your voice become my home

One way road, don't care what I find
A little thunders good, I thought maybe you would
but it's okay, we all feel left out
sometimes growing up, it can get you down.

I give you some thing that no one's going to give you
my sleepin' skin and my heart deep down in you
I'll never tell you, but you're my little scar
Goodbyes are hard and there hard and there hard 

Maybe when I die
I get to be a car 
driving in the night
Lighting up the dark
Something in your voice,
sparks a little hope
Ill wait up for that noise
your voice become my home

August 8, 2011

Joseph Arthur @Dakota Tavern on August 3rd

It was a wet and rainy evening when I entered the Dakota Tavern on August 3rd to check out Brooklyn singer songwriter and painter, Joseph Arthur. It was a great escape in a small hidden cave from the nasty weather, covering with a melodic rainbow created by Arthur.

Arthur shared an intimate set with the audience with his divine and strong voice during authentic tunes including  September Baby,  and Mercedes.  I got a hint that it was going to be a typical acoustic set after a few songs.-The one-man show with guitars and a harmonica,  having two unfinished paintings in the background, I was very wrong.

Beautiful voice and alluring tracks were not the only things that he's got.- what made his performance so special was Arthur performed a show as 'an artist.' While strumming layers of guitar riffs, solos, and drum beats sometimes recorded on the spot and programmed on his pedals. He rhymed and sang with melancholy melodies while painting pictures at the back. As he progressed to complete his piece, my emotion built up along with the song.

I can't forget to mention his phenomenal chemistry with the audience, which made the performance impeccable. He engaged with his crowed so closely by exchanging witty banters between songs. The audience paid full respects and enjoyed every moment of his show. "In The Sun!", " You're So True!" yelled a request of next songs, it seemed that the audience couldn't get enough of 'Joseph Arthur-ness.'

To close his performance, Arthur performed two unplugged song, standing on a box right in a front of the stage, which escalated intimacy in the venue. The melodies generated from his 6 strings and his voice convinced me enough to say that he is one of the most fine and unique 'artist's alive.

Song of the Day: The Artful Vandelays, Demon

Tonight! The Artful Vandelays will perform at the Horseshoe Tavern with The Higher Key and Willing to Pose!!! They are set to play at 10:15p.m tonight. This is a FREE show. Come join us for a great Monday night free show. Don't forget to bring your friends, a lot of them. The Door is at 9p.m.

Here is the deal. I will buy you a shot if:

1. You 'like' Music Psychos' Facebook page (you have to be a New 'like' of the page)

2. Come to the show

3. Find me in the crowd and say "I saw a post on Music Psychos" and tell me this password, 'awesome possum'

Be there and I will see you tonight!

August 5, 2011

Song of the day: Sloan, 'Follow the leader'

The Double CrossHere we are-it's already Friday. This week has been jet-flying by... Today's song of the day is Sloan's 'Follow the Leader' from their latest album, 'Double Cross.' They are performing a free show tonight with Whale Tooth and Modern Superstitions at Echo Beach ( Ontario Place) from 7p.m and on. It's also an all age show.This is going to be a sick show. Click here to check out the details of the event.

August 4, 2011

Song of the day Death From Above 1979, ‘Go Steady’

You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
After numerous sleepless nights due to show reviews and work, I only had energy to get through the rest of the week. However, when I started reading this week's Now Magazine as my Thursday ritual, everything has changed.

The legendary rock duo, Death From Above 1979, finally announced their hometown gig. They are going to play a set on October 28th at Sound Academy!!! The tickets are on sale from this Saturday, August 6th, at 10a.m. Don't forget to score your ticket on time. This is going to be a hot show.

Congratulations The Sheepdogs!

Since my first acquaintance with Saskatoon rock band, The Sheepdogs, during the Canadian Music Week in March, I have fell in love with them. The quintet finally won to be the cover of  the Rolling Stone magazine.They are to be the first unsigned band who made the cover of the magazine.

Congratulations the Sheepdogs! Here is the recent performance on Jimmy Fallon's late show. check it out! Way to go guys!

THE SHEEPDOGS - I Don't Know @ Fallon 2011 by danydance30 

August 3, 2011

Song of the Day- 'Love Never Asks You to Lie' - Joseph Arthur

The Graduation CeremonyThis week is going to be a crazy week for me as there are so many good shows in Toronto that I am attending while still recovering from the Osheaga. Tonight, I am heading to the Dakota Tavern to check out the Brooklyn Singer-songwriter and painter, Joseph Arthur. I saw a bit of his performance during the Osheaga, and I can promise that this show is going to be interesting. If you got no plan for tonight, why don't you join me for a lovely evening with great tunes. Today's song of the day is 'Love Never Asks You to Lie' from his latest album, The Graduation Ceremony via Indica records.