August 28, 2011

Broken Social Scene covers Modest Mouse's ' The World at large at Osheaga

One of my favorite bands all time, Broken Social Scene, hit thestage at  Osheaga music festival in Montreal on Friday, July 29th. As the sky started clearing out, the Toronto mega collective fired out their good old tunes, including ' 7/4 shoreline', and "Cause =Time.'  

Aside from the regular tour members, including, Kevin Drew, Breadan Canning, and my favorite member, Andrew Whiteman,  it's always a surprise to find out who will be attending to a show: Amy Mullan from Stars, and James Shaw from Metric were on the stage for the festival.  The  band entertained the audience constantly with their unique stage performance despite a couple of technical difficulty with the guitars. While performing 'Almost Crimes', Drew made the crew to re-play the chorus of the song. Moreover, Exclaimed by Drew,  ' If you know this song, please scream loudly, the audience went nuts when Modest Mouse's cover, 'The World at Large' was beautifully covered by the band. 

Here is the video of the cover. 

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