January 30, 2013

Ty Segall: Twins

It is not an overstatement to say that 2012 was the year of Ty Segall. Orange Country rock n' roller somehow managed to release three albums last year and spent endless hours on the road, while participating in a number of festivals such as SXSW, CMW, and NXNE.  I found his name included in best-of articles throughout the year wherever I go.

Segall kicked off 2013 with a North American tour in support of his latest album, Twins and released a brand new peculiar video, Thank God For Sinners. This song indicates that this young gun is not confined within his main genre of lo-fi garage rock, which set him apart from other musicians by far. Sparkles of glam rock in the tune shine through the entire song and spices up his psychedelic garage melodies. When I first saw his performance of this song on Conan last year, I got goose pumps all over. His charismatic performance reminded me of the moment that I witnessed Jack White on TV when I was teen. (White Stripes at the time) That's how excited I am for Segall to see what he can deliver in 2013. 

If you would like to witness what I mean in person, you are in luck. Ty Segall is performing on Wednesday, February 6th at the Phoenix Threatre. 

Janitors: Party Time!

A member of Toronto rock n' rollers, TNG, Jeff has another project, called Janitors. This new Lo-fi garage punk duo has been keeping themselves busy with several single releases in the past few months, building up the hype among the music review outlets, including Snob T.O. 

 Their latest single release is called, Party Time! As the title indicates, Janitors know how to party with their head-banging 70's garage punk tune! Give it a listen! 

January 28, 2013

Stuck Tune Syndrome: Mountines- Headphone

This might be the most Canadian band name-Mounties, just as it fits perfect for this super collaboration: Producer/Singer Songwriter, Hawksley Workman termed up with Hot Hot Heat's frontman, Steve Bays and Limblifter's Ryan Dahle. I've found it out from Workman's tweet yesterday and jumped off my chair, excited for any material to be released. Lucky me! They've already released a new song, Headphones within a day of the announcement. Perhaps, I wasn't only me who was excited for this new band formation. 

This song features catchy pop bubbles and playful lyrics, where I found myself humming the song after only a few listen. ( the karaoke-like music video helps) I should make this song my lifes theme song as it depicts my musical life style very well with the line, I got my headphones on from the minute I'm up till the minute I got to bed. 

 If this new danceable tune epitomizes the direction of this band, I am 150% following them.! 

January 27, 2013

Pick A Piper: All Her Colours

Despite the cancellation of the first show in 2013 last week at Drake Hotel, Toronto experimental pop project, Pick A Piper had a big smile on their face this week as they unveiled big news. They announced they'll team up with Mint Records and finally release their first full length album on April 2nd. The new album welcomed a number of fellow musicians including members of Ruby Suns, Born Ruffians, Braids and so forth. I'm stoked to enjoy the tangible release by this talented band.

In addition to this amazing news,  they've unchained a new single, All Her Colours. This single features a fellow Caribou member, John Schmersal on vocal. Kicked off with synth beams, echoing vocals and buoyant  percussion rhymes lead listeners to the mesmerizing world of Pick A Piper, where the captivating pop tune is sugar coated with pulsating drum beats. It will easily be on your heavy rotation on your playlist. 

Pick A Piper is a Toronto psychedelic/electro pop collaboration,which is led by Brad Weber, member of Caribou.

The Strokes: One Way Trigger

The rumor was true: New York rock n' rollers, The Strokes have been working on their upcoming full length album since their last release of  Angles in 2011. They surprised fans with a sudden release of a single, One Way Trigger last Friday via SoundCloud. 

As a diehard Strokes fan, I got a mixed feeling about this new song: I don't hate it, but don't love it either. Despite the catchy 80's synth pop melody and their signature guitar jams , it caught me off guard with Julian Cassablancas' high pitched vocal. It took me a few listen to get used to the vocal and realizing it is actually Cassablancas' voice. (I am fond of his husky unique voice) What's your thought? Yay or Nay???   It is interesting to see where the quintet is heading to. We shall find out with their new release. 

January 21, 2013

Formalists: Congratulations To Those Who Move Onwards And Excel!

It must have been very exciting for Thornhill experimental folk band, Formalists to finally release their debut albums. Yes, it is a double release:  Congratulations To Those Who Move Onwards and Excel! and  In Support Of Healthy Structure' at the Annex Live. Since the formation of the band in 2010, they've evolved its structure several times and arrived where they are today. These two EPs are the representation of all the hard works that the band has put together and accomplished. It can not get more exciting than that, right?  

As all the members are classically trained throughout their undergraduate study, you can enjoy the well-structured tunes, filled with classic folk melodies with a tickle of intriguing electro guitar riffs. My favorite song of the EP is Thomas Edison: the Great Intender.  The song is crafted with aesthetic folk verses, indulged with airy guitar jams with the delightful visit of banjo coated with sugar sweet vocal. If you are fond of folk music, you will be missing out not to check them out. 

Formalists is performing at the Annex Live on February 9th and at Clinton`s Tavern on February 27th. 

On the way to East Québec 
The ghost of my father said 
Here’s the keys son, take the sled 
That’s okay pop I’ll walk instead 
I fell in love once a week 
From Laval to Chicoutimi 
I tattooed each name on my sleeve 
To prove I loved them equally 

I left before they got to speak 
And ask me why I’ve got to leave 
Well love don’t last indefinitely 
I did it for the memories 
And I’d hate to see you ever weep 
And a little time will make this sweet 
For ghosts don’t die, they never leave 
They sleep in answering machines 

And you should open, just an inch 
And let some of that outside in 
Hold that love before it drifts 
Cuz human bodies never win 
Now I’m coming back from East Québec 
And the ghost of my father said 
I’m not in son, call again 
That’s okay pop, I understan

Wildlife: Born to Ruin

Toronto rock ‘n rollers, Wildlife have recently unleashed their first single,  Born to Ruin, from their upcoming album, On the Heart, which is set to be released on February 26th via Wax Records, Inc. 

This new single yields uplifting drum rolls, which resonate cohesively with soaring vocals; as drum beats slash from the very beginning, the song builds up its momentum and goes into overdrive. I found myself humming with the drum rolls, while air drumming with the alluring tune.  It truly excites me to know this is the level of creativity I can except from the new album. Stay tuned for my album review when it comes out!

January 15, 2013

The Dirty Nil: Zombie Eyed

Unstoppable Hamilton rock young gunsThe Dirty Nil are ready to wow the world with the new release in 2013, Zombie Eyed. This time, they've collaborated with fellow rockers, Northern Primitive to release a split 7" single and it is now available for a free download the first month via Bandcamp

The two bands share little ground in their musical style: the Dirty Nil crafts grungy rock n roll tunes filled with distorted guitar slashes and loud shout outs, whereas Northern Primitive savor the sound of a rather quiet echo in the silence that evolves form their psychedelic sounds from the minimum to its full bloom. Despite the difference in their music style, one thing that kept my attention was their perfection in the core melody. They are eurhythmic regardless of its volume, which left me at the vertex of excitement.

Southern souls recently put together a video for their performance from both bands, check it out.

The Dirty Nil are performing at Horseshoe Tavern on February 1st

January 14, 2013

First Rate People: You Won't Get This Joke At All

Toronto electro pop colloboration, First Rate People are ready to kick of 2013 with their newest single, You Won't Get This Joke At All. This tune is the first single off of their upcoming full length album, which is set to be released this year and you can download it from their SoundCloud site. 

Just like their release from last summer, (Someone Else Can Make A Work of Art,) the fetching electro pop bubble pops immediately, leaving an instance of stuck tune syndrome. Get your bedroom dance party on with this tune!

January 2, 2013

River Tiber: SYNAPSES

Happy New Year everyone!!! I am so excited to share my new discovery with you all today. It is a Toronto based experimental electro band, River Tiber (River Tye-ber), who have released a new album Synapases on January 1st, 2013 and it is available for a free download. I saw the link posted via Twitter by the fellow Toronto singer songwriter, Craig Stickland this afternoon. When a stellar musician recommends others, it's definitively worth checking. 

This project, River Tiber was initially kicked off by this young gun, singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Tommy Beesley back in 2010 and eventually elaborated on it to the form a band with his fellow musicians with their impulsive avante-garde electronic tunes, which you can explore in their new effort, Synapases. It is filled with innovative and fresh melodic magic, which give a scent of M83. 

My favorite tune is the last song of the album, What Are You Afraid Of, which was also a first song unleashed from the album. It leaves the listeners on a mesmerizing trail of quixotic fusion between thrilling beats and facile echoing vocal. The voice whispers the line, What Are You Afraid Of, and as the song proceeds to the end, I became withdrawn into the song more and more. 

River Tiber is playing on January 3rd at Drake Hotel Underground. 

January 1, 2013

Born Ruffians: With Her Shadow

This may be the best hangover cure for those who partied hard last night for the celebration of 2013. Toronto pop rock band, Born Ruffians unveiled a new song, With Her Shadow today. They've finished recording their upcoming third album and it should be released in this year. This song builds up the excitement for the new release. Have a listen, it's gonna make you feel much better!