January 28, 2013

Stuck Tune Syndrome: Mountines- Headphone

This might be the most Canadian band name-Mounties, just as it fits perfect for this super collaboration: Producer/Singer Songwriter, Hawksley Workman termed up with Hot Hot Heat's frontman, Steve Bays and Limblifter's Ryan Dahle. I've found it out from Workman's tweet yesterday and jumped off my chair, excited for any material to be released. Lucky me! They've already released a new song, Headphones within a day of the announcement. Perhaps, I wasn't only me who was excited for this new band formation. 

This song features catchy pop bubbles and playful lyrics, where I found myself humming the song after only a few listen. ( the karaoke-like music video helps) I should make this song my lifes theme song as it depicts my musical life style very well with the line, I got my headphones on from the minute I'm up till the minute I got to bed. 

 If this new danceable tune epitomizes the direction of this band, I am 150% following them.! 

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