June 28, 2010

Artful Vandelays: Gig on july 1st @Velvet Underground

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you guys had a "wonderful" weekend with G20 protesters. I could probably go on and on about the black bloc protesters. but meh, it has been enough said by tons of Torontonians. But let me say "Don't effin destroy my city!"

Anyhow, let's put the anger aside and talk about the business. Yes, coz business is fun! I have a super exciting news to share today. My friend, Anton's band is playing at Velvet Underground on July 1st.

You know, usually, when friends are playing at the show, most likely you go to a show coz to support friends from the band, right whether or not you like the band? let's to be honest here. you know what i am saying right? However, this band is different. I mean, different! I have a very good feeling about this band!! I am seriously looking forward to see how they are at gigs and listen to more new songs from the new up-coming EP!! I probably have been checking out their my space page more than anyone coz i just love the new songs that the band has posted! yes, that's me increasing the hit on the site lol.

I didn't know that he was in the band till, what,,, ummm, fairly recently.. I checked out the My Space page and seriously, I was shocked and amused by the fact that the band can create such songs that stuck in my ears for a long time. I have actually dig in their music. My favorite songs from the my space is "Dirty Blood" I just love the guitar into. i also love the guitar riff from the "Silent revolutions."

So what I am saying is, come and check out this awesome band, will ya!? The cover costs only 5 bucks and you will get more out of it. Its on Thursday and you only need to struggle one day on Friday and then get to sleep in on the weekend, right? so nothing to lose yo! so shut up or nod up! lol

And yeah, you can see me there for sure coz I would LOVE to write the live review from this gig for sure. so come and say hi to me and let me know what you think about my blog or just catch up with me if you haven't seen me. or tell me in my face how much you hate my blog, too, lol  Deal!?!?!?!?

Here is the My Space site and found a video of "Dirty Blood" (All copy rights go to Artful Vandelays and Anton) See you at the show buddies!!!


June 24, 2010

Stuck Tune Syndrome: Favorite Colour

"tell me what,,, tell me what's your favourite colour... tell me your favourite colour.."

If you have hung out with me within the last week or so, you have definitely heard me singing this song. This song just got stuck in my head for what, like 2 weeks now?  I listened to this song at my friend's place and he was singing this song.. Since then, it got stock in my head!!! Very catchy song.  yes,, I am blaming on you, sir!!!

To be honest though, I wasn't a big fan of the Tokyo Police Club when the first album came out. It just sounded like another "indie"band, who is trying to target the teenagers with such catchy songs for big $$. Yeah, we all know how the music industry works eh? so I didn't really dig into their music.

However, they came out with the second album, " Champ" 3 weeks ago with very different outlook. I decided to buy songs from iTune ( Trust me, I am not a digital person usually, I usually like to get the tangible item, with the fancy CD jacket.. umm old school). I can certainly say that this band has stepped out from the category of "indie' bands for teenagers. Their sound as a band is very stronger and songs are definitely playful.

I think this band would be very interesting to keep eyes on as the Toronto-based band is growing up rapidly in terms of their song writing skills and performance. I would love to see them in lives, however, they are coming to Toronto with flaming Lips and Spoon, which means that the pricing for the ticket is insane... umm, still debating though..

I love the song ' favorite colour" and "Boots of Danger (Wait up)" from the new album. very catchy! Both songs are great for jogging by the way, lol I should have a posting about the best 10 songs for jogging eh? who is up for it!

Anyhow, so here is the song :) Let me know if it got stuck in your head too :)

June 22, 2010


so the last posting was about the opening band, Hollerado. After dancing around like a penguin with a good tunes, HOT HOT HEAT hit the stage on time. It was quite interesting to see that they all had to clean the stage and set it up within 20 mins due to the tight schedule of NXNE.

I was able to get the song listing of the show as I was right in front of Steve, the lead singer/keyboard player. I always wanted to see this band in front and I had decided no matter how long i wait, I would be in the front. Luckily, the venue was not busy as I anticipated. ( you still gotta remember that there was a free show of Iggy & the Stooges @ yonge and Dundas square at the same time!

I also found that the atmosphere of the NXNE is very different from normal gigs. Lots of people are there to "listen" to the music, Literally " listen" I mean, lots of people are so into music, so there are to analyze every single details of the band performance.

But I didn't care! I always wanted to see Hot hot heat. so I set myself right in front of the show. Steve was getting drunk as the bar got them about 4-5 tequila shots by the end of the show.

The song listening was very various, not only from the new album ' future breed", but also they played famous tunes, such as ' good night, good night' " Bandage" ' talk to me and dance with me" " middle of nowhere" " running out" and so forth.

I think my favorite was " Good night, good might" I just wish the song was a bit longer. the song itself is about 2 mins, so it is fairly short.  but I love the song so much. very catchy!

They recently substituted the bassist. he was a bit awkward, but just good enough to fill in the spot for the show for now. Drummer was consist ant and very fun to watch.

I videotaped the song" Bandage' I am now trying to set up the Flicker's account. so stay tuned...

June 20, 2010

Hollerado at Mod Club for NXNE

This weekend was amazing! well, I would say this week was epic. Started with a movie night on Tuesday, martini night Wednesday, My graduation convocation on Thursday. And at last, but not the least, NXNE over the weekend.

I saw a quite few bands. Said the Whale, K-os, Sloan, the Soft pack, dd/mm/yyyy, surfer blood, wavves, hot hot heat, the golden dogs. I would say the best performance overall was Hollerado!

I really wanted to see the Hot Hot Heat. I know them since their album, Good night, Good night.. and the new album Future Breed. But i had never seen them. I missed a chance to see them when they were in Toronto for the CMW. so I was so excited about it. so i decided to go there a bit early so that i can be right in the front, which i always do for the venue.

So when I got there, it was right before the second opening band, Hollerado, was about to play. Without knowing anything about the band, I was not expecting anything from them. but the DJ from the Edge pulled out such a funny speech for the band about the packaging for the new album, " record in a bag"

This band is from manotick, Ontario and they have been opened for the Dead Weather last year as Jack White picked them up as their opening band.

I was mind-brew by the band performance. Very fun and powerful. They have lots of catchy songs, which make the crowd just dance! I'm sure I was one of them last night.I especially loved the fact that they band talked about the story regarding each song. so much fun!

I went to pick up the CD at the Sonic Boom today and hells yeah, the CD was in the bag with a whole bunch of stuff. lol They make not only music fun, but also, all the things related to music fun! Two thumbs up and up!

I found the single on YouTube,  "Juliette" I have heard of this song for sure, so maybe you have it as well!

June 13, 2010

This song makes me cry everytime that I listen to..

I was listening to this song on youtube today and again, whenever I listen to this song, I cry. I dont know why, something about this song. I'm just deep in thought right now and thought i would share.. I love you Butch!

State Line by Butch Walker

Seven hours till the moon sleeps

I lose my mind as I drive away

Your cigarettes are in the back seat

I cant bring myself to throw away

All of the film from the camera that took

All the pictures of the images in my mind

So I'll drive a straight line

When I cross the state line

Out on to the ocean, in a moment I'll be gone

Then you wont have to feel torn

Pass the churches full of guilted faith

They send there hangovers from last night

It won't do me any good to pray, cause even god knows

that you were right

And I was wrong but yeah it kills me

that my kid will never know me, with another man by his side

So I'll drive a straight line

When I cross the state line

Out on to the ocean, in a moment I'll be gone

Then you wont have to feel torn


So I'll drive a straight line

When I cross the state line

Out on to the ocean, in a moment I'll be gone

So I'll drive a straight line

When I cross the state line

Out on to the ocean, in a moment I'll be gone

You wont have to feel torn

Have to feel torn

Thinking of you with my last breath

June 9, 2010

Best break up songs :)

Hello~ peeps! how are you? it's already Wednesday wow!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by since I finished school. It is kinda scary though. don't you think so??

well, I was gonna go out today, but my plan got canceled ( I am kinda happy about it as this is probably the very first night in 10 days that I am staying in) so it means that its time to write my blog. Today, on my way going to work, I was thinking of the best break-up songs. I think it's coz of the weather here in Toronto.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't not break up. hahaha, well I am not even in a relationship for a looooong time. So I got nothing to "break-up" with first of all. but I could probably write a new blog about boys  though. I had very interesting break-ups in the past.  ummmm, good idea, good idea.

well, Break-ups are hard to get over with it no matter how it happens. But sometimes it's better at the end. I believe that it is better off to stop before two get too close.

Anyhow, I have been through a quite lots of them. hahaha, again, all the details should be written in a new blog. very interested ones. But I try to get over with it with best music to cheer me on. so I thought I might as well share my top 5 songs for break-ups today whether or not you agree. so here you go.

1. Get over it by OK Go

this song is so catchy. I have to say i listen to this song at least once a day. I just love the tune and the lyrics. you may notice in the video that the guitarist is the original member. he left the band in 2005 before the famous treadmill song" here you go again" I think in this video, Damian, the singer is really really hot!! I'm sure i can get over it if he is being so hot, hahaha.well I tried to find a YouTube, which i can embed the video here on my blog, but I couldn't find it. so the below is the link :) but I posted the live version :)


2.Best thing that you never had by Butch Walker

I have posted this song by itself at the very beginning of my blog. I love this song so much and I think it is the bestest break-up song, especially for dudes. When i saw Butch Walker and the Black Widow back in March, they played this song at the end of their gig. It was so cool that everyone in the band was singing the part of the song. I posted a video. this one is from his DVD when he had a show in Japan, opening up for Avril. his gig is so powerful. Every time I see it, it makes me cry!

3. So What by Pink

I have to put this song on the list for sure. I love Pink coz of her voice and attitude. I love seeing the empowerment of girls for sure and she is a bit extreme, but so cool. but she has this sweet side and very attractive. Whenever I listen to this song, I am like " fuck ya!!" ahahaha, get me going. girls don't need stupid boy friends. we can be by ourselves and its better off sometimes. this is just a side note, but Butch Walker is in this music video ( in a car) let's try to find him lol

4. My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
Well, I have to put this song on the list. I loved Avril Lavigne when she first came out when I was in high school. ( by the way, she is huge in Japan) and the second album was way better than the first one, thought she has grown up, but the third album,,, well i guess, music is all about $$ for her. She has to look at younger audience for the third album. but this song " my happy Ending" is one of my favourite song by Avril Lavigne. this song was co-written by Butch and Avril :) I found a video that both of them are playing together.

"He was everything, everything that I wanted..."  It is good to look back and nice to realize how good it felt to be with someone. but it is always harsh to realize that everything I wanted is gone.. this song is the opposite of the pink's song, which is more optimistic about the situation. but you know, when you are in the situation, you need both songs, one is to remind how great it was and the another will make you keep moving on.

5. Prism by Yuki

At last, but not the least, I can't forget about this song. I remember when I first came here in Toronto, I was listening to this song everyday, wishing everything is OK and hoping that he will find the right one and being happy. I think it is not always the best to stay with someone. Sometimes you have to let it go for something else, like a dream, career, and other choices. but I still wish that I made the right choice and he is still happy with someone who is right for him.

Anyhow, it got a bit too personal at the end, but you know, again, this is a blog lol. Freedom of speech yo! hope these songs will make someone who is reading this blog better. just remember, things happen with a reason and time will tell what it was right at the end :)

June 5, 2010

The Black keys: brother

Good morning peeps, and the rest of the world! It's Saturday morning. wow, this week just went by so fast! well, it's a good thing right? coz it's weekend! PARTY TIME.

So this morning, I got up way too early. 7;30 in the Saturday morning. WHY? Didn't I come home late? Wasn't I drinking and feeling intoxicated for a bit with the coolest peeps on the earth? It was a fun night though. Today is gonna be also epic! I'm going to the Jay's game for the first time in this season. ( I know it is a big fail as a Jay's fan, I need to show my commitment a bit more)

So feeling a bit of alcohol in the morning, while trying to see if I have coffee left in the cabinet, I was wondering, what would be the best song to wake up. I usually get up fairly early during the weekdays due to the long commuting ( about one hour) I listen to music on the transit, while trying  to check out what the rest of the world is doing by reading the Metro news paper.

The first artist that I come up with is Jason Mraz. Something that is easy-listening. But for me, it may put me back to sleep. what about Muse,,, it keeps me going for sure... but it is a bit heavy, isn't it? unless I am already waken up with a couple of coffee..so something between Jason Mraz and Muse??

I think it would be The Black keys. I wasn't really aware of this band until I went to see the LCD sound system with a friend of mine and I went over to his place after to check out some music. After listening to their new album, "Brother", I was instantly in love with the groove. sort of like Blues, but it's modern enough to shake lots of people off.

the next day, I had the copy of the new CD for myself and since then, I have been listening to it endlessly.

So here is the song to listen to on Saturday morning. " Next Girl", I'm pretty sure you would love it lol. Also they are coming to Toronto on Aug 3rd and 4th ( I know the tickets for 3rd is already sold out.. better hurry up to get a ticket for 4th)