June 9, 2010

Best break up songs :)

Hello~ peeps! how are you? it's already Wednesday wow!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by since I finished school. It is kinda scary though. don't you think so??

well, I was gonna go out today, but my plan got canceled ( I am kinda happy about it as this is probably the very first night in 10 days that I am staying in) so it means that its time to write my blog. Today, on my way going to work, I was thinking of the best break-up songs. I think it's coz of the weather here in Toronto.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't not break up. hahaha, well I am not even in a relationship for a looooong time. So I got nothing to "break-up" with first of all. but I could probably write a new blog about boys  though. I had very interesting break-ups in the past.  ummmm, good idea, good idea.

well, Break-ups are hard to get over with it no matter how it happens. But sometimes it's better at the end. I believe that it is better off to stop before two get too close.

Anyhow, I have been through a quite lots of them. hahaha, again, all the details should be written in a new blog. very interested ones. But I try to get over with it with best music to cheer me on. so I thought I might as well share my top 5 songs for break-ups today whether or not you agree. so here you go.

1. Get over it by OK Go

this song is so catchy. I have to say i listen to this song at least once a day. I just love the tune and the lyrics. you may notice in the video that the guitarist is the original member. he left the band in 2005 before the famous treadmill song" here you go again" I think in this video, Damian, the singer is really really hot!! I'm sure i can get over it if he is being so hot, hahaha.well I tried to find a YouTube, which i can embed the video here on my blog, but I couldn't find it. so the below is the link :) but I posted the live version :)


2.Best thing that you never had by Butch Walker

I have posted this song by itself at the very beginning of my blog. I love this song so much and I think it is the bestest break-up song, especially for dudes. When i saw Butch Walker and the Black Widow back in March, they played this song at the end of their gig. It was so cool that everyone in the band was singing the part of the song. I posted a video. this one is from his DVD when he had a show in Japan, opening up for Avril. his gig is so powerful. Every time I see it, it makes me cry!

3. So What by Pink

I have to put this song on the list for sure. I love Pink coz of her voice and attitude. I love seeing the empowerment of girls for sure and she is a bit extreme, but so cool. but she has this sweet side and very attractive. Whenever I listen to this song, I am like " fuck ya!!" ahahaha, get me going. girls don't need stupid boy friends. we can be by ourselves and its better off sometimes. this is just a side note, but Butch Walker is in this music video ( in a car) let's try to find him lol

4. My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
Well, I have to put this song on the list. I loved Avril Lavigne when she first came out when I was in high school. ( by the way, she is huge in Japan) and the second album was way better than the first one, thought she has grown up, but the third album,,, well i guess, music is all about $$ for her. She has to look at younger audience for the third album. but this song " my happy Ending" is one of my favourite song by Avril Lavigne. this song was co-written by Butch and Avril :) I found a video that both of them are playing together.

"He was everything, everything that I wanted..."  It is good to look back and nice to realize how good it felt to be with someone. but it is always harsh to realize that everything I wanted is gone.. this song is the opposite of the pink's song, which is more optimistic about the situation. but you know, when you are in the situation, you need both songs, one is to remind how great it was and the another will make you keep moving on.

5. Prism by Yuki

At last, but not the least, I can't forget about this song. I remember when I first came here in Toronto, I was listening to this song everyday, wishing everything is OK and hoping that he will find the right one and being happy. I think it is not always the best to stay with someone. Sometimes you have to let it go for something else, like a dream, career, and other choices. but I still wish that I made the right choice and he is still happy with someone who is right for him.

Anyhow, it got a bit too personal at the end, but you know, again, this is a blog lol. Freedom of speech yo! hope these songs will make someone who is reading this blog better. just remember, things happen with a reason and time will tell what it was right at the end :)

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