November 8, 2010

I am Robot and Proud

Uphill CityI am Robot and Proud- "What kind of a band name is that??"

Yes, that was me screaming as I came across this interesting name on the CBC Radio 3's concert schedule. I was just browsing to see who would be playing in town this week. I am Robot and Proud...All I was thinking was " Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto"?- and now that song is stuck in my head..

Anyhow, my curiosity piqued, I clicked the link. I am Robot and Proud is  Toronto-based Shaw- Han Liam's solo project. His sound invokes themes of light electro, pop, and jazzy video game melodies.

Some of his songs including 401 Circuit, have a heavy nostalgic element to them - taking me back to some of the precious memories of my younger days. Though it was the first time listening to the song, I almost felt that I had heard it before ( not because it sounded something alike, but because the song brought me to somewhere familiar... if that makes sense.) Other songs, like The Risk,  Learn from mistakes and The Work, are more up-tempo dancing tunes. But they still have that melodic softness to them.

After all that, I was hooked on his music. It's unfortunate that I just missed his Toronto show at Tranzac last Friday night! He has even accomplished some tours in my homeland, his music speaking loudly to Japanese sensibilities. I am Robot and Proud is definitely on my must-see list!  So it should be on yours as well! Click here to check out his material.

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