June 28, 2012

Five Alarm Funk: Rock The Sky

I know some of you girls are all psyched up about a new movie coming out this weekend, Magic Mike. But 10 men on the stage with various instruments, sweating out and playing funk music, is more sexier than the new male stripper movie. Don't you agree? Vancouver based orchestra funk rock band, Five Alarm Funk, are returning to Toronto with their latest album, Rock The Sky.They don't know a word of 'rest' or 'stop.'

As they acclaimed themselves as champions of the party, they sure know how to have a good time. This album with a compilation of 8 songs epitomizes it explicitly. The album kicks off with a good old vivacious funk tune, Wash Your Face with a hoisting trumpet solo. Pyramid changes the tone of the album with its instrumental distinctive Western dancing tune. My favorite song off the album is Monolith, by far. Their 80's metal infused hauling guitar solos meet vigorous horn sessions, which emphasizes thier classic rock influence. 

I think you can enjoy Five Alarm Funk's music at their live show. Be sure to be at the Rivoli on Thursday, July 5th

June 27, 2012

Here Below: Easily Scared

Toronto rock band, Here Below, are taking slow, but firm steps toward their return with a new album. The album is most likely to be released in the Fall 2012. Furthermore, they are planning to have a reunion show in August. I dare to make it to the show. (Crossing my fingers that it is not at the beginning of August, when I won't be in town.)

Here Below also unleashed a new track off the album, Easily Scared. Jazz infused drumbeats linger in my ear and it triggers intricate guitar riffs smoothly breaking the intro of the tune. The song quietly proceeds, just like a silence before a storm. Yet, as it magnifies the volume and release the emotive scream toward toe climax. This song only makes me more excited about their return. You can give it a listen from the below link. 

Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/images/cleardot.gif

I come home with the lights on the shore,
I bring you back with a little whore,
'Cause since you died, it all stayed the same,
You're on my mind in a bed of shame,
Easily scared, easily scared,
Somewhere up there you're falling for mutes,
The dead don't lie they tell only truth,
Over again with my old self-abuse,
A daughter and a pill to forget you,
Easily scared, easily scared,
I think back...
"Everything is fine," you're one to talk,
Someone brings you up while I'm still trying to wash you off,
Reruns on and on while I'm still trying to give it up,
"Everything is fine," you're one to talk,
And I'm stuck trying to fix things up,
God has shut you up,
How could you leave me?
Woman's such a liar,
How could you leave me?
Something's in your mind's eye,
'Cause you wanted it, I blame it on the drugs sometimes,
We saw right through it all,
'Cause you wanted this, holding onto your sense of "right",
'Cause I wanted it, blame it on myself sometimes,
You said you'd make it stop,
'Cause I wanted it, holding everything inside,
How could you leave me?
Woman's such a liar,
How could you leave me?
God, I spit in your eye.

Atherton: No Threat

Having various influences in his tunes, Ottawa based hip hop singer songwriter, Atherton, cannot be confined to only the hip hop genre. You may have already discovered that I am not a huge fan of hip hop after reading my blog in the past. However, with his latest effort, No Threat, I have become interested in his super duper clever rhyming and lyrics. His sense of humor and creativity also reflects not only in the compilation of 10 songs but also in the album title, which is an anagram of his name. (Did you just go, wow? You must have because I did!)

He also welcomed his friends in on the album. Dean from Toronto rock band, Wildlife joined in on the vocal of the initial song, Kid On the Corner, which is a reminiscent of 90's old school hip hop. Between songs, there are an old man’s narratives (Apparently, it's his uncle's voice), which give guidance, wise messages and sometimes wild swearing. I am totally fond of them! 

Listen to the mustn't child
Listen to the don't
Listen to the shouldn't, impossible, the won't 
Listen to the never haves
and listen close to me
Anything can happen child. Anything can be.

Other songs that stood up from the album were No Threat. The synth enhanced intro brings the listener with the instant ear-catcher. The last song, Paul Simmons Songs gives a distinctive feel to the song, with the stellar Spanish guitar jam. Last, but not the least, Light Out. LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS- the chorus is genuinely crafted with such an alluring hook. You can give it a listen from the music video.

Atherton may not be a superhero type. However, he is definitely a everyday kinda guy, who gives you a straight and honest words in his songs. You can listen to his songs via Bandcamp

June 26, 2012

New Video Release: Monokino Melissa

It's been more than a year sine Amsterdam based pop band, Monokino blew my mind during last year's NXNE performance. Their playful synth pop tunes with high-pitched voice are their trademark. They set themselves apart from the rest of popular genre with distinctive danceable hooks.

Unfortunately they've missed this year's NXNE. However, I've received this new tune in my inbox from the singer and lead guitar, George the other day and wanted to share it with you guys. This song, Melissa is specifically written for a soundtrack of Amsterdam TV series, Melissa via GAG Television.

Monokino are currently back on the North American continent, however, this time they will be only playing on the west coast. Please don't forget to come visit Toronto again! I've been waiting for it!

June 25, 2012

Papermaps Announced Toronto Residency in July

It's been a bumpy ride for Toronto rock band, Papermaps. The owner of Toronto studio, Chemical Sound and the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Dean Marino was force to close down the precious studio, where a number of well-known  bands, including Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians and the Black Keys, have recorded material in the past. The economical pressure was felt by all including Marino, whilst the demand for recording at a professional space has slightly ebbed due to the accessibility of new recording tools on laptops or even mobile phones. 

Their upcoming EP, Inferior Ghost, was one of the last efforts recorded in the studio. It is set to be released in August. Prior to the release, Papermaps are ready to showcase their first single off the record, There Are Wolves. The repeated chorus from the very beginning lingers throughout the song, leaving a significant impression. The lyrics of the song seem to be referring to the tough time that Marino has gone through, while indicating the plaintive feeling in the line such as this town didn't have patience for me. (Click here to listen to the track via Exclaim! Magazine)

Papermaps are heading towards the bright side with this new release as well as showcases during NXNE and a residency at Drake Hotel Underground in July. More to look forward for the band, rather than looking back.

July 2 @ The Drake Hotel, TORONTO
July 9 @ The Drake Hotel, TORONTO
July 16 @ The Drake Hotel, TORONTO
July 23 @ The Drake Hotel, TORONTO
July 30 @ The Drake Hotel, TORONTO

Normal For Once : Solipsism Blues

Toronto based rock trio, Normal For Once unveiled a new track on their site, Solipsism Blues

It is a fun alter-country tune. This rhapsody highlights the catchy humming of the chorus,  noise and little talks between verses. It made me have a big smile on my face, listening to this song on a couch on Monday night. Have a listen if you like a happy-go-lucky tune. 

Do you really exist? I don't think you do 
Might as well be a puppet I'm talking to 
I have documented proof, this chart will clearly show 
I'm on top of the heap, there's nothing down below 

La la la la la, I'm the only person in the world 

I flail my arms around, I'm kicking at the air 
It doesn't matter, 'cause nothing's really there 
I can't be proven wrong, or taunted or maligned 
'cause opposition is all a figment of my mind 

You say I'm out to lunch... you're blowing off your steam 
but you're all just characters in my dream 
I'm hearing the alarm, I'm reaching for the snooze 
'cause this reality I just don't want to lose 

June 23, 2012

NXNE Review: Sydney York at the Painted Lady on June 13th, 2012

It was still too early to call a night for NXNE on Wednesday June 13th, so I travelled all the way to The Painted Lady to witness Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver based pop group, Sydney York.

It was such a tiny narrow space that everyone had to squeeze in. I set myself right next to the sound system. On the tiny little stage, members of Sydney York were somehow able to set up all the equipment and themselves, including classic instruments such as a boson and clarinet. Kicking off with their uptemp tune, Cold In Here,  a high energy tune that blasted from the stage, luring the audience with the melodic hook. The lead singer Brandi Sidoryk 's resonant voice shook up the air in the venue. Continuing to entertain us with alluring girls pop tunes, including ukurere enhanced Dick and Jane, the audience supported it with hand clapping. I instantly joined the hand clapping and was revived with their high energy performance. 

June 22, 2012

Beirut: The Rip Tide

Zach Condon's Balkan folk project, Beirut, has unveiled a new video for The Rip Tide, off the latest album via Pitchfork this morning. A boat sails on a magnificent blue ocean throughout different weathers on the sky. It well reflects with the lyrics of the song, leaving a plaintive feeling with the song. Condon commented on the song as below:

 "I always felt that 'The Rip Tide' wasn't fully able to project its own ambitions in song form . . . no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone. . . I wanted more, as I often do with my music, and this is not a bad thing. Growing to accept a song's limits is part of the process of creating and loving them. Which was why I was so excited to see what Houmam had dug into when he picked 'The Rip Tide' out of all others for a video.  The concept fit, and the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself, now available for others to see and feel it much more as I had in the process of writing it."

 Beirut is coming to Toronto on July 19th at the Sound Academy.
And this is the house where I 
I feel alone
Feel alone now

And this is the house where I
Could be unknown
Be alone now

Soon the waves and I found the rolling tide
Soon the waves and I found the rip tide

This is the house where I
I feel alone
Feel alone now

And this is the house where I
Could be unknown
Be alone now

Soon the waves and I found the rolling tide
Soon the waves and I found the rip tide

June 21, 2012

NXNE Review: Paperlions at El Mocambo on June 15th, 2012

I cannot say this enough but I was so psyched to see PEI pop rock band, Paperlions for the first time in 2012. My love toward the quartet continues to grow as I see them live again and again. Their NXNE performance wasn't an exception to the rule.Paperlions knocked down the sweaty El Mocambo on June 15th.

I brought some of my friends who had yet to see Paperlions before to convert them into 'paperlionians', I danced my ass off with their initial tune, Don't Touch the Dial, while totally forgetting anything else but the performance. They continued to blast some of their alluring old tunes from their previous album, Trophies. Yet they didn't forget to tease the audience with their new tunes from their new EP, From Long Creek. One of my favorite songs of the night was My Friend off the EP.-The lead singer, John hit his highest notes during the chorus of the song, leaving the stuck tune syndrome in my head. The 80s infused pop verse with  countless fetching hooks reminded me how talented Paperlions are.My friend, Anton,  isn't easily impressed by most pop bands, but he even admires Paperlions now. Mission accomplished tehehe.

Paperlions again took my heart away! If you missed this show, don't worry! They are playing FREE show on June 29th, Friday at Yonge and Dundas square! Be there or square!!!

NXNE Review: Jef Barbara at The Garrison on June 16th, 2012

As Radiohead show at Downsview Park was canceled due to an unfortunate incident, I struggled to find an alternative way to spend my Saturday night. Pop Montreal was hosting various bands at The Garrison on June 16th so we headed over there just in time for some boogie-woogie. 

Montreal based electro pop singer, Jef Barbara, took over the stage around 11p.m with his glamorous red jacket and neon sunglasses. Deploying his lush dance moves during his performance, Barbara cast stirring dance moves in the venue with the electrifying pop jams and his profound vocal. As I was thinking that he is somewhat a reminiscent of Toronto beloved pop king Diamond Rings, I spotted him in the crowd, too!

As it proceeded to the end, four days of long partying seemed to have tired out the crowd seems tired and they exited the dance floor, yet, Jef Barbara continued with this eccentric dance tunes. 

June 20, 2012

NXNE Review: FU

One of the advantages of attending NXNE is to witness various acts from all over the world. The only Japanese attendee of this year's NXNE, FU, took over Bovine Sex Club on Friday, June 15th. 

Politely introduced themselves to the audience, the front man Quitous Ubi, all of a sudden, bent over backwards, while shaking his hands as if he was possessed by someone/something. Once he reached the status of 'unconsciousness', he took a deep breath and sang, On No Words,  from the bottom of his lungs with his operatic singing style, which took a number of the audience by surprise. 

Between songs, Ubi kept kneeing on the ground to further charge his mystical power, while the drummer T*K and the bassist, Tekere built up the foundation of the song with their solid rhythms. I was hypnotized by their innovative melodies and unique singing style. I have not yet seen anything like this before. 

I also think it's worth mentioning that I first encountered the band members at registration on Wednesday while I was working on my day job. I was impressed by the fact that a band from Japan registered for NXNE, promoted and arranged all the travelling, all by themselves. They probably incurred all the costs themselves too. In a country that they don't know many people and in the language that isn't their first language. I've met or seen a number of bands from Japan, yet all of them were here with help of others. Kudos for trying to spread their music by themselves in different countries.  I was moved by it! 

June 19, 2012

NXNE review: July Talk Horseshoe Tavern Wednesday June 13th

After all the NXNE madness is finally over, (My body says 'Thank god!' but my heart is all torn up) I am going through all my memories from the shows that I witnessed during the last 5 days.

One of the shows that I can vividly remember is Toronto rock band, July Talk at Horseshoe Tavern on Wednesday, June 13th. It is not overstating things to say that it was the most striking moment of my NXNE. 

The lead singer/guitarist Peter Dreimanis fired up the audience with his gypsy like rough voice, while Toronto sweetheart Leah Fay mesmerized them with her soft vocal. 

The intimacy between the two was impeccable and it shifted into overdrive as it got sweaty and the guitars bawled boisterously on the stage. Their retro 80s rock n roll tunes were perfect for me to kick off my NXNE. I also felt very shameful that I didn't know much about the band prior to the live performance. I've put a check mark on them as one of my favourite Toronto bands.

June 15, 2012

NXNE Day 5: Friday June 15th, 2012

I've been having a blast during the first two days at NXNE. What about you? It was crazy at Yonge and Dundas Square last night for Bad Religion! Were you there?

Lug is still offering a FREE claw machine and photo booth at Yonge and Dundas Square throughout the festival. Make sure to come by to enjoy some free swags! 

Let's keep the party going for three more days. Here are some of my recommendations of the night.

Eight and A Half- Yonge and Dundas Square at 7:30p.m
The former members of Broken Social Scene and the Stills tagged together to generate arty synth-driven pop tunes. It's a free show at YDS. 

FU- Bovine Sex Club at 10p.m
I bumped into this Japanese alt rock band,  FU, ( meaning from unconsciousness) at the NXNE registration on Wednesday. They are the nicest dudes that I've met during the festival! They are the reminiscent of 90's opera-rock. They are the only Japanese band to participate in NXNE this year. Make sure to check out the Samurai rock tonight. 

Future History- The Cameron House at 1a.m
Toronto based rock trio, Future History is one of the most underrated local bands in the city. Their detailed arrangement in their rootsy sounds are something that I would love to see in person.  

Yamantaka//Sonic Taitan- The Garrison at Midnight
Polaris Music Awards 2012 long list was just announced yesterday and it was not surprising to see Toronto-Montreal based 'Noh-wave' band, Yamntaka// Sonic Titan on the list

June 14, 2012

NXNE Day#4 June 14th, thursday!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first night of NXNE madness! But it is just the beginning. From today, there will be more free shows across the city, including the free outdoor shows at Yonge and Dundas Square. This is where I will be for the most of the day today for my day job.

Lug is having a free Photobooth and claw machine. Yes, you heard it right- it's FREE. All you have to do is to like Lug on Facebook! (Click here to go to Lug's Facebook Page.) 

Here are some of my recommendations for today. Keep partying everyone! 

The Archives-Silver Dollar at 2 a.m
Toronto rock band, the Archives are playing a late night set, but you don't want to miss it. The strong core rythems by the drummer, Kevin Cardenas, rolled up in the air and crafted sonic waves. Supported by such mighty beats,Will Gooch and Crispin Day joined it with playful guitar riffs. Coated on top of that were Anthony Menecola's sweaty screams. A 2p.m show doesn't seem too bad during NXNE, right? 

Army Girls-El Mocambo (main floor) at 10 p.m
What a treat, isn't it? Army girls are playing again tonight at a different venue. Toronto pop duo, Army Girls will entertain you with solid guitar jamming and pulsing drumbeats, impeccably with Carmen Elle's vigour and aesthetic voice.  

Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers-Horseshoe Tavern at 9p.m
Nova Scotia singer songwriter, Ben Caplan just returned from a two month European tour and this is the first Canadian show since April. It's so sad to miss his show tonight, but you'd better be there. 
He will blow your mind away with his gypsy voice and outstanding stage performance. 

The Black Belles- The Garrison at Midnight
Nashville girls frock band, The Black Belles are finally here in Toronto. Many of you may know that this psychedelic girls outfit has been signed up with Jack White's label, Third Man Records and are produced by White himself. They've alsoperformed as a back band for Stephen Colbert. Their 60's garage rock and goth style are definitely reminiscent of White Stripes and Dead Weather. Be ready to indulge in their cult look and Jack White infused Rock N Roll style?

Crooked Valentine- The Rochester at 10p.m
Toronto hardrock band, Crooked Valentine is ready to rock you out. The front woman, Lindsey Valentine will mesmerize the audience with her killer look and energetic performance on the stage, which are irresistible.

The Danger Bees-The Painted Lady at 8p.m
Toronto-based pop band from Nova Scotia, the Danger Bees. I've already listened to their single from the debut album, 'Good Year' 5-6 times on repeat.  The infectious melodic hook of the chorus is the ingredient for stuck tune syndrome.

Doldrums- The Drake Hotel Underground at 11p.m
Montreal based young electro pop band, Doldrums are back in Toronto for NXNE. Their multiple drumbeats electrify the audience to dance, dance and dance! If you want to start off partying, this is where you should be.

 It's going to be a busy one. Keep hydrated and party tonight! 

June 13, 2012

NXNE Wednesday, June 13th

Here we come... NXNE (music) officially kicks off today! Who are you going to see tonight? Here are some recommendations for you! 

Army Girls- Supermarket 9p.m
Toronto pop duo, Army Girls will entertain you with solid guitar jamming and pulsing drumbeats, impeccably with Carmen Elle's vigour and aesthetic voice. 

Hill & the Sky Heroes- El Mocambo(main floor) 8p.m
Toronto alien surf rock band, Hill & the Sky Heroes blew my mind on Monday with their mighty vocal harmonies and "kazoorchestra."

July Talk- Horseshoe Tavern 10p.m
The gypsy vocal of Peter Dreimanis, which is a heavy reminiscent of Tom Waits, unisons well with airly Leah Fay's voice. It is a unique combination, but I am sure that you will enjoy it. 

Sidney York- The Painted Lady 11p.m

Having different backgrounds in unique instruments, (Opera singer, Brani Sidoryk, oboist Sheryl Reinhardt and bassoonist Krista Wodelet), they lure the listeners with their avant-pop melodies from 60's infused sugar-coated pop tunes to up temp super pop tune with synth beats.

June 12, 2012

Hills & The Sky Heroes: CD release party at Drake Hotel Underground

Toronto 'alien surf rock' band, Hill & The Sky Heroes, packed the Drake Hotel Underground on Monday, June 11th for their CD release party for the new full album,11:11.

The frontwoman, Hill Kourkoutis's presence on the stage made her the centre of the attention; Being pleasant to both eyes and ears, while a number of shooting stars shed lights over on her, Kourkoutis showcased her majestic and hauling vocal along with the retro 60's surf rock tunes, such as A Bitch Like Me and Doctor, Doctor. Their sound was right up my alley as they are reminiscent of my favourite band of all time, Go!Go!7188.

Kourkoutis also gave a 'special treat' to the audience, bringing guest singers Serena Ryder and Damhnait Doyle on stage. Their beautiful vocal unisons echoed in the air. 

Slow emotive ballad tune, Love isn't Safe, stole my attention. Kourkoutis poured her heart out. The plaintive feeling was contagious throughout the venue. I haven’t seen many singers who can transfer the emotion to the audience so well.

Hill & The Sky Heroes closed the show on a high note, The Better Way, brightened up the atmosphere with the gigantic sousaphone and 'kazoorachestra', a bunch of friends and audience jumped on the stage and joined the band with kazoos. It was the sexiest kazoo performance that I've seen in my life.

Their encore was accompanied by cheeky stories behind the songs, causing giggles from the audience. During the last two dark tunes, In Retrospect (You were the asshole) and There 's A Lie On Your Pillow, ( I think it was the last song, but I might be wrong) , Kourkoutis Bawled out from the bottom of her lungs.
If you missed out this show, don't worry. Hill & The Sky Heroes will be performing during NXNE on Wednesday, June 13th at El Mocambo (main floor) 8p.m.

June 11, 2012

Artful Vandelays @ Horseshoe Tavern on June 9th, 2012

Six months seemed like forever - Toronto rock band, Artful Vandelays at last broke their silence and returned to the Horseshoe Tavern on June 9th, with The Bigups, Dan Kosub and Lamont James.

The reason behind their hiatus was to veer away from their Radiohead/Muse soundalike rock tunes, which no longer fitted with what they wanted to pursue from their sound. Abandoning all their old tunes, the quartet crafted new tunes that define the new Artful Vandelays in the last six months.

With that being said, they delivered six brand new tracks to the long-awaiting audience. The initial track, Education was the instant hooker with three layers of vigorous drum beats. My attention was drawn to how each individual crafted their own individual sound. As if each member was sewing musical seams into a quilt. Rearranged Songlines sounded well  put together, in the ravelment of the flawless baseline and resonating guitar riffs. The only song that the band kept from their previous shows was a old new song, Lucid, which refreshed up their performance with the uptemp pop rock tune. The audience stayed very attentive to study each of the new songs, but during this song they seemed to really enjoy the familiar song. It is just a matter of time for the audience to learn all the new songs as they have distinctive hooks to each songs. Each song extracts each member's personality better than the old songs did.

Artful Vandelays closed their set with another new tune, Twinkle, which was a total blast. Despite the song title, this song was the most aggressive tone of the night, casting thunder storms onto the stage. It's good to have you guys back on the scene. It was a great opening to the new chapter of Artful Vandelays.


All Talk
Pharma Co.,

June 10, 2012

NXNE Preview:Grass Widow

All the way from San Francisco, new wave/post-punk trio, Grass Widow is joining for NXNE this year, opening up for the Black Belles and Gap Dream. This addition is something that you don't want to miss. 

With their recent release, Internal Logic via HLR label, the trio has received countless plaise from media outlets, including FILTER Magazine -"an exhibition of the dramatic power of restraint...the punkish propulsion of the album is implied more frequently than it is stated directly, with the rhythms snapping into place while those three voices diffuse overhead."

Their new single, Goldilocks Zone, is a spacious tune, filled up with peculiar guitar riffs and idiosyncratic tangents. I was drawn to the song, as three distinctive layers of harmonies progress and enrich its texture with flawless guitar spectacles.

Grass Widow is performing on Thursday, June 14th at the Garrison with the Black Belles and Gap Dream

NXNE Preview: Sidney York

You may remember Brandi Sidoryk, the bassist from Vancouver rock trio, Beekeeper, who delivered distinctive melodies at Sneaky Dees in January. Sidoryk is now ready to showcase her main solo project, Sidney York during this year's NXNE. 

Sidney York was brought together from different regions: Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto by a high school honored band. Having different backgrounds in unique instruments, (Opera singer, Brani Sidoryk, oboist Sheryl Reinhardt and bassoonist Krista Wodelet), they lure the listeners with their avant-pop melodies from 60's infused sugar-coated pop tunes to up temp super pop tune with synth beats. All is included in the latest release, Apocalyptic Radio Cynic, produced by Ryan Guldemond (of Mother Mother) ( In fact, you can spot Gulemon in their music video, Dick & Jane.) Sidoryk's vigorous and resonant vocal is very plesant to listen to in this format. 

Sindney York will be performing on Wednesday, June 13th at The Painted Lady. Be there or be square! 

June 7, 2012

Paperlions: At Long Creek

As mentioned in our interview in last December, PEI pop rock sensation, Paperlions are getting ready for their first full length LP release in the fall.

Paparlions teased fans with the new EP, At Long Creek, due on June 12th just in time for their Ontario/Martines tour, including a NXNE showcase and the free show at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto.

This new EP is filled up with four new tracks which are mellow heart-wrenching tunes. In addition, the fans' favourite old tunes including traveling and Ghost Writers are enclosed in the EP. This EP is not typical Paperlions' material, where uptempo pop tunes instantly blast in the listeners' ears. Rather, it showcases their superior song writing skills that lure to the details of songs and once it hooks on, it's hard to get it off.

You can stream the EP from Exclaim! magazine (Click here)

Stock Tune Syndrome: Acollective, Simon Says

I didn't really think in the past that these recommendations, which you can see on the top right corner of your screen on Youtube, actually worked. The other day, I was just going through some bands' new music videos from SXSW, feeling nostalgic about one of the best festivals that I've attended. Then I ended up listening to this song, Simon Says, by Israel funk rock band, Acollective. 

Breakneck speed percussive drum rolls escalate the momentum of the song along with the audience handclapping. The vocal gradually joins the beats and expands to its full volume. Whenever I listen to this song, it drastically raises my pulse. 

Their other tracks from the last album, Onwards, contain different musical feels to them. It is like a candy bar. You can find anything you want in the sounds. - From Edward Sharpes' folk rock to electric jazz and Middle Eastern funk. I can't wait for the day that Acollective perform in Toronto! 

Mad Chatter, Suits

Currently in the midst of their Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes tour, Antigonish, Nova Scotia based indie rock band, Mad Chatter,  are ready to rock Torontonians out with their recent EP release, Suites,  This new EP consists of six tracks, which are filled with distorted guitar jams and captivating melodic tunes.  A hint of 90's infused pop rock emerges from time to time along with the layers of synthesized pop verses.

Mad Chatter hasve three shows in Toronto in the next few days. So no excuse for you to miss their performance. 

Friday June 8th @ Rancho Relaxo w/ The Compound, Tea & Coffee, Alex Bien Band
Saturday June 9th @ The Hideout w/ B & The North
Tuesday June 12th @ The Horseshoe as part of an indie showcase

June 6, 2012

Matthew de Zoete: Colour Films

A singer songwriter from a rural area just out of Hamilton, Matthew de Zoete, had a very clear concept when recording songs for his third album, Colour Films. A completion of eleven cinematic songs was crafted in just 10 days, in which each song tells a story. Completed by the producer, Les Cooper, (Meaghan Smith and Jill Barber), Zoete is now ready to present it to Canadian the audience after a 3 month European release tour early this year.

The first single from the album, Good Life, kicks off with a heart-felt mellow love song. Followed by lost at dawn, which emits a plaintive tone of giving up with the chorus lyric, repeatedly citing " I don't wanna feel tomorrow." Other tracks, such as Criminal and Going Nowhere stood up after a couple of listens. It gave me a strong flashback to memories as if I was going through a slideshow of pictures along with melodic triggers.

Zoete has recently worked on a video of Good Life with Southern Souls. Check it out.

Matthew de Zoete will be performing at the Central on July 6th with his full band.