June 25, 2012

Normal For Once : Solipsism Blues

Toronto based rock trio, Normal For Once unveiled a new track on their site, Solipsism Blues

It is a fun alter-country tune. This rhapsody highlights the catchy humming of the chorus,  noise and little talks between verses. It made me have a big smile on my face, listening to this song on a couch on Monday night. Have a listen if you like a happy-go-lucky tune. 

Do you really exist? I don't think you do 
Might as well be a puppet I'm talking to 
I have documented proof, this chart will clearly show 
I'm on top of the heap, there's nothing down below 

La la la la la, I'm the only person in the world 

I flail my arms around, I'm kicking at the air 
It doesn't matter, 'cause nothing's really there 
I can't be proven wrong, or taunted or maligned 
'cause opposition is all a figment of my mind 

You say I'm out to lunch... you're blowing off your steam 
but you're all just characters in my dream 
I'm hearing the alarm, I'm reaching for the snooze 
'cause this reality I just don't want to lose 

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