June 23, 2012

NXNE Review: Sydney York at the Painted Lady on June 13th, 2012

It was still too early to call a night for NXNE on Wednesday June 13th, so I travelled all the way to The Painted Lady to witness Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver based pop group, Sydney York.

It was such a tiny narrow space that everyone had to squeeze in. I set myself right next to the sound system. On the tiny little stage, members of Sydney York were somehow able to set up all the equipment and themselves, including classic instruments such as a boson and clarinet. Kicking off with their uptemp tune, Cold In Here,  a high energy tune that blasted from the stage, luring the audience with the melodic hook. The lead singer Brandi Sidoryk 's resonant voice shook up the air in the venue. Continuing to entertain us with alluring girls pop tunes, including ukurere enhanced Dick and Jane, the audience supported it with hand clapping. I instantly joined the hand clapping and was revived with their high energy performance. 

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