April 29, 2010

Ok go gig!

Hi guys, how are you? two weeks from my last posting eh? lots of things are going on in my life. I just finally finished university last week. it feels damn good. but I am already missing these awesome people that I met at school. without them, my school life would have sucked for sure.

I started working full-time right after finishing school from Monday, and just catching up with works and trying to see where I can fit it. Having evenings off on weekdays is amazing. now that I have lots of times on hands, I shall start completing the list of things that i would like to do for sure. blogging is one of them, so I will promise you that I would keep writing more often. I have this cool topic that I have in my mind, which is sort of like a project that requires me to write everyday for like 55 days. I shall of that for sure.

Anyhow, I have checked out two shows over last week and I would like to talk about it for a bit. I went to watch the OK GO and the White Rabbits. I think I will keep the White Rabbits for next time as they rocked.

So,,, OK GO! They played at the Mod Club in Toronto with Earl Greyhound, who did such a great job and surprised me with the humongous drum set that they had. I have never seen drums as big as that ones.

Anyhow, I love OK GO! for sure. their creativity is chin-dropping for sure. I have videotaped a couple of songs. One of them is called " Oh lately its so quiet" it is one of my favorite songs from this band and I was video taping the show. I managed to stay in very front at the gig and during the song, Damian, the lead singer/guitarist, grabbed my camera and recorded the audience for a bit. isn't it super cool?

I think bands like OK GO still make music alive. these bands are so talented and don't disappointed. I was not able to post the videos that I taped. so here is a YouTube link to the band's live show! enjoy!

... and this is what i mean by "creative" hahaha

April 11, 2010

SOPHIA: Ganbatte Kennichi Miyako!!

Happy Sunday everyone! it is a very quit and beatiful morning, eh? I got up around 7a.m this morning... not quite sure why I got up so early on Sunday though. It is gonna be a good day as the weather is beautiful. I am thinking of going to a spinning class just to sweat off my stress from studying  :)

I was checking the Yahoo Japan news this morning and there was an article about the band that I love. Well, I have a posting in the past about the band called " Sophia"( http://www.musicpsychos.com/2010/01/sophia-band-which-saved-and-completely.html) I gotta say that they are my first "band crash" as I love them since I was 12 years old. Whenever I listen to them, I think of the past. However, sincce I've been in Toronto, I didn't really had a chance to check out their new stuff. But they are celebrating their 15th band aniversary this year and just finished their final gig of the tour.

However, in the last month, the band has announced that they will take a break. It is due to the fact that Kennichi Miyako, the keyboard player of the band, has developed a cancer and he will be focusing on his treatment after this tour. this news really striked me though. I hope him for the best, but I cannot believe it! But I think he can do this! Ganbatte Miyako!! (Good luck!!)

So I have a couple of songs to post to dedicate this posting for him! ( I know that he is not reading it, but you know :) )

One of them is called " Machi (city)" If I didn't listen to this song 14years ago on TV, I would have not fell in love with the band. There is a new version of the song on Youtube. I could not embed it onto my blog, so the below is the link. it is also fun to compare it with the old version as well. they sound different ( in a good way, of course)

here is the new version of the song


Another song that I will post is called "-&-". This song is from an album called "ALIVE" and it is not a single from the album. but I love the lyrics of the song.

and the last song is "shinka ron" ( the Theory of Evolution) I just love the outfits in the music video ( just kidding) but very interesting song.

April 10, 2010

Stuck Tune Syndrome: Acidman "Sekitou"

Hi everyone!!

Today is Saturday, but I forgot to post my " Friday"s stuck Tune Syndrome" yesterday, so here you go~! I am just being extra busy with studies for my finals! one more week to go!

This week is my fav song from a Japanese band called " Acidman" I love this song since I was 18. one of my friends always played this song with his guitar. ths song is called "Sekito" enjoy

April 5, 2010


Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone has a great time with friends and family on the Easter weekend.
Well I did have a blast with my friends ! the first picnic in a park in this year. It is great to have friends like them to share the special time.

Anyhow, after 3 days of awesomeness, it is so hard to go back to the “routine” I have having such a busy day, work and school. busy busy..

But my philosophy is “always go to the bed with a happy note” no matter how bad the day was, I never go to the bed with anger or sadness because I believe that tomorrow is still a continuation of today, but I’d rather start a day with a fresh and happy feeling.
So today’s song is a song which makes me always happy no matter how mad/sad I am.  It is a song called “JOY” by YUKI. I’ve been in love with YUKI since I was 8 years old when she was with a band called “ JUDY AND MARY” Their song was used as the very first “Kenshin” opening song. I loved the manga and watched the show with my little brother. Since then I love the band and I remember going to their final live in Hiroshima with my friend. She is tinier than I am. (I think she is like 5ft) but her voice is so powerful and she got the attitude lol. Since the band got disbanded, she has been doing her solo and I still love her style and… everything :)
Now she is a mom of 2 babies and with an awesome husband, but still pursuing her music career. I’ve always wanted to be like her. A strong and independent lady with a big dream!! well, enjoy!!!

April 2, 2010

Friday's Stuck Tune syndrome: MUSE- Hysteria

Hi everyone! happy Friday! and happy Good Friday! I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the wonderful weather, well, at least here in Toronto. I am sitting on my patio of the apartment, studying tax.. hahaha, not so bad though. 2 more weeks of school and I am done done!

Anyways this week's Stuck Tune Syndrome is. (drums roll lol)........ MUSE Hysteria!!!! This song just makes me get going. I like Muse alots. I've been telling lots of people that Muse makes music soo sexy. My fav songs at this moment is Hysteria and Time is running out. I like Time is running out as well, especially the drums during the chorus. But I prefer hysteria coz of the lyrics :) " Coz I want you now, I want it now, give me your heat and your soul" awww, love this song. Anyhow, both songs are "must-have" songs during my jogging for sure. it gets me going!

Here is the video! Enjoy!