April 29, 2010

Ok go gig!

Hi guys, how are you? two weeks from my last posting eh? lots of things are going on in my life. I just finally finished university last week. it feels damn good. but I am already missing these awesome people that I met at school. without them, my school life would have sucked for sure.

I started working full-time right after finishing school from Monday, and just catching up with works and trying to see where I can fit it. Having evenings off on weekdays is amazing. now that I have lots of times on hands, I shall start completing the list of things that i would like to do for sure. blogging is one of them, so I will promise you that I would keep writing more often. I have this cool topic that I have in my mind, which is sort of like a project that requires me to write everyday for like 55 days. I shall of that for sure.

Anyhow, I have checked out two shows over last week and I would like to talk about it for a bit. I went to watch the OK GO and the White Rabbits. I think I will keep the White Rabbits for next time as they rocked.

So,,, OK GO! They played at the Mod Club in Toronto with Earl Greyhound, who did such a great job and surprised me with the humongous drum set that they had. I have never seen drums as big as that ones.

Anyhow, I love OK GO! for sure. their creativity is chin-dropping for sure. I have videotaped a couple of songs. One of them is called " Oh lately its so quiet" it is one of my favorite songs from this band and I was video taping the show. I managed to stay in very front at the gig and during the song, Damian, the lead singer/guitarist, grabbed my camera and recorded the audience for a bit. isn't it super cool?

I think bands like OK GO still make music alive. these bands are so talented and don't disappointed. I was not able to post the videos that I taped. so here is a YouTube link to the band's live show! enjoy!

... and this is what i mean by "creative" hahaha

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