May 1, 2010

The White Rabbits are the awesome rabbits

Hi guys, happy Saturday!! hope all of you are enjoying the weekend. the weather is kinda strange over this weekend. It is not the best weekend to go for a picnic for sure... which I would LOVE to do.

Anyhow, I am staying in tonight as my cough is really getting me... I just watched a Japanese movie called " Tokyo Tower" It made me cry like a baby lol. So i look like a rabbit, having red eyes..

Well, this week, I got to go to two shows. OK Go and the White Rabbits. So I decided to share the experience with the latter band, The White Rabbits.

I've known this band not for a quite long time. I have been listening to music at work using Last.Fm, which you can subscribe a number of music. You can build up your library with your favorite bands. and the radio station can be created with these favorite bands, plus similar artists. It is a great site to discover new bands.

So I was playing my station and this band, the White Rabbits has been added to my library for quite lots recently. As they were just gonna be in Toronto, I decided to check them out.

This band is from Brooklyn and funny enough, all the band members live together ( they have 6 twin beds lying on the same room) What special about this band is the percussion. When I saw the performance, it was louder than other bands as there is a percussion player and drummer player at the same time, which adds more flavour to songs. I actually really like that.

I was not really impressed with the bassist, as he wasn't "loud enough" for the band; however, except the part, the band consists with very talented musician for sure, especially the piano player. I love his voice when he screams. something about the voice.

Anyhow, I have decided to post one of their new songs from the new album, "Percussion Gun" Enjoy!

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