May 6, 2010

Switchfoot: Only hope

Happy Thursday everyone! two more days to go guys!!

This week has been very interested for sure.. lots of good and bad things.. The remedy for this weird feeling is for sure, friends to carefully listen to you no matter what it is about, a movie which makes me extra happy, and a nice long walk. But my best remedy is for sure, music.

Anyhow, the Mother's days is getting closer. It is on this Sunday. As I cannot celebrate the day with my mommy, who I admire the most with her, ( I live in Toronto, while she lives in Japan) I always send her a gift. This year, I decided to send her a movie " A Walk to Remember" It is indeed a cheesy movie, but I am sure that she likes it

There is a song which was used in the movie, "Only Hope" It is originally sung by Mandy Moore, but I like this version of the song, played by a band called " Switchfoot"


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