April 5, 2010


Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone has a great time with friends and family on the Easter weekend.
Well I did have a blast with my friends ! the first picnic in a park in this year. It is great to have friends like them to share the special time.

Anyhow, after 3 days of awesomeness, it is so hard to go back to the “routine” I have having such a busy day, work and school. busy busy..

But my philosophy is “always go to the bed with a happy note” no matter how bad the day was, I never go to the bed with anger or sadness because I believe that tomorrow is still a continuation of today, but I’d rather start a day with a fresh and happy feeling.
So today’s song is a song which makes me always happy no matter how mad/sad I am.  It is a song called “JOY” by YUKI. I’ve been in love with YUKI since I was 8 years old when she was with a band called “ JUDY AND MARY” Their song was used as the very first “Kenshin” opening song. I loved the manga and watched the show with my little brother. Since then I love the band and I remember going to their final live in Hiroshima with my friend. She is tinier than I am. (I think she is like 5ft) but her voice is so powerful and she got the attitude lol. Since the band got disbanded, she has been doing her solo and I still love her style and… everything :)
Now she is a mom of 2 babies and with an awesome husband, but still pursuing her music career. I’ve always wanted to be like her. A strong and independent lady with a big dream!! well, enjoy!!!

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