April 2, 2010

Friday's Stuck Tune syndrome: MUSE- Hysteria

Hi everyone! happy Friday! and happy Good Friday! I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the wonderful weather, well, at least here in Toronto. I am sitting on my patio of the apartment, studying tax.. hahaha, not so bad though. 2 more weeks of school and I am done done!

Anyways this week's Stuck Tune Syndrome is. (drums roll lol)........ MUSE Hysteria!!!! This song just makes me get going. I like Muse alots. I've been telling lots of people that Muse makes music soo sexy. My fav songs at this moment is Hysteria and Time is running out. I like Time is running out as well, especially the drums during the chorus. But I prefer hysteria coz of the lyrics :) " Coz I want you now, I want it now, give me your heat and your soul" awww, love this song. Anyhow, both songs are "must-have" songs during my jogging for sure. it gets me going!

Here is the video! Enjoy!

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