November 19, 2010

INTERVIEW - New Guitarist for the Artful Vandelays!

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I actually knew of this since our beloved co-writer - Bryen Shi – auditioned for the band. I knew he would be the great fit for the Toronto-based progressive indie rock band, The Artful Vandelays.  It is my pleasure to introduce Bryen Shi as the new guitarist for the Artful Vandelays!

Here is my interview with Bryen! 

Kanae: How do you feel about being a part of the Artful Vandelays? I’ve known you for a long time and the type of music that you have played in the past with Jagged Black Desire and your other musical projects has a completely different feel. 

Bryen: It feels great! It’s definitely different than what I’ve grown accustomed to in my other projects and bands. This is the first time I’ve been in a band with another guitarist – so rather than hold down a solid rhythm I get to add depth and texture to my parts; which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Anton is a strong guitarist so he does a great job of holding down the fort where he needs to and he is great at working on expansive textures when we are trying something different. . I’ve also never played with a drum and bass combo like Braeden and Kevin. They really lock in with each other and add something unique to each song.

Kanae: What do you feel your playing brings to the band?

Bryen: I have a very different style of playing than their previous guitarist Jon. I do my best to stay true to his parts for the material written before I joined – but I’ve changed it enough so it does sound like something I would play. What can I add? Knowing what the band’s sound is; I can write according to that style but still bring a different dynamic to the sound of the band.

Kanae: Any funny stories yet?

Bryen: Well one time Braeden decided to play with a fire extinguisher in what was essentially a closed space. This was really funny to watch until we realized how hard it is to breathe with that stuff in the air! Anton has a video of that. Maybe one day we’ll share that with you all!

Also - Braeden also likes to climb things. Even if those things are covered in insulation that falls off when touched and gets on all the bands equipment.

Kanae: Any words for the Music Psychos fans or the Artful Vandelays fans?

Bryen: For our Music Psychos – I hope to see you all at our next show (more info to come on that soon). For the Vandelays fans; we’ll see you soon – and it’ll be awesome.