April 22, 2014

Liveshow Review: The National at Massey Hall on April 11th, 2014

I was very fortunate to get a ticket to see the last night of a three-night residency of Brooklyn based rock band, the National, at the legendary Massey Hall on Friday April 11th, 2014. One of my friends scored me and fellow the National lovers some seats front and centre and I knew it was going to be hell of a show, a show that I would remember for the rest of my life.

The concert was beautifully opened by British indie rock trio, Daughter. Depsite the technical difficulties that the guitarist Igor Haefeli was having, (His guitar pedals broke down and guitar strings also snapped during their set. Haefeli wasn't clearly having the best day and I could see his frustration on his face and through sound. (Yes, I was THAT close to the stage.)) Their aesthetic melodies and most noticeably, the graceful voice of Elena Tonra struck me hard from the first listen, and I could hear from the audience that it wasn't only my heart that Daughter won over that night.

Patiently waiting by the stage, the show was lit on fire by the fans the moment that members of the National walked on the stage and they commenced their show with  Sea of Love, the uplifting tune from the latest album, Trouble Will Find Me.  Followed by the National's signature mellow delight, I Shall Live In Salt and my favourite song from the previous album, High Violet, Anyone's Ghost, their shows were filled with the sing-slong session one after another. 

The lead singer, Matt Berninger, paced back and forth on the stage, while leaving the audience in awe with his notable baritone voice. He closed his eyes while planting his profound vocal on the lyrical notes. When songs like Afraid of Everyone, Mistaken for Strangers and Graceless arose their climaxBernnger shouted his heart out as he shook the entire venue like a tsunami wave. Berninger also smashed his beer glass on the stage as he burst with energy on stage. 

It was such a treat to be standing right in front of the rhythm guitarist, Aaron Dessner as I enjoyed every single dulcet guitar riff he crafted from his guitar.  The set list was composed with fan favourites from their break-through album, Boxer, High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me. My highlight of the night was when they played Green Gloves and Pink Rabbits back to back, the sorrow ballads that took my breath away and brought tears to my heart. 

For their encore, the quintet started off with peaceful melodic jam, Lean and shifted the atmosphere rapidly with the vigorous verse of Mr. November, where Berninger jumped off from the stage and walked through the crowd ferociously. Then they invited our beloved Toronto based singer songwriter, Hayden on the stage and completed their send off with Terrible Love and an unplugged session of Vanderlyle Crybaby Greek. I engraved every moments of the show on my heart. A band like the National keeps the quality of live music so high. Oh man, I love them so much. 

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