June 27, 2012

Atherton: No Threat

Having various influences in his tunes, Ottawa based hip hop singer songwriter, Atherton, cannot be confined to only the hip hop genre. You may have already discovered that I am not a huge fan of hip hop after reading my blog in the past. However, with his latest effort, No Threat, I have become interested in his super duper clever rhyming and lyrics. His sense of humor and creativity also reflects not only in the compilation of 10 songs but also in the album title, which is an anagram of his name. (Did you just go, wow? You must have because I did!)

He also welcomed his friends in on the album. Dean from Toronto rock band, Wildlife joined in on the vocal of the initial song, Kid On the Corner, which is a reminiscent of 90's old school hip hop. Between songs, there are an old man’s narratives (Apparently, it's his uncle's voice), which give guidance, wise messages and sometimes wild swearing. I am totally fond of them! 

Listen to the mustn't child
Listen to the don't
Listen to the shouldn't, impossible, the won't 
Listen to the never haves
and listen close to me
Anything can happen child. Anything can be.

Other songs that stood up from the album were No Threat. The synth enhanced intro brings the listener with the instant ear-catcher. The last song, Paul Simmons Songs gives a distinctive feel to the song, with the stellar Spanish guitar jam. Last, but not the least, Light Out. LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS- the chorus is genuinely crafted with such an alluring hook. You can give it a listen from the music video.

Atherton may not be a superhero type. However, he is definitely a everyday kinda guy, who gives you a straight and honest words in his songs. You can listen to his songs via Bandcamp

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