June 27, 2012

Here Below: Easily Scared

Toronto rock band, Here Below, are taking slow, but firm steps toward their return with a new album. The album is most likely to be released in the Fall 2012. Furthermore, they are planning to have a reunion show in August. I dare to make it to the show. (Crossing my fingers that it is not at the beginning of August, when I won't be in town.)

Here Below also unleashed a new track off the album, Easily Scared. Jazz infused drumbeats linger in my ear and it triggers intricate guitar riffs smoothly breaking the intro of the tune. The song quietly proceeds, just like a silence before a storm. Yet, as it magnifies the volume and release the emotive scream toward toe climax. This song only makes me more excited about their return. You can give it a listen from the below link. 

Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/images/cleardot.gif

I come home with the lights on the shore,
I bring you back with a little whore,
'Cause since you died, it all stayed the same,
You're on my mind in a bed of shame,
Easily scared, easily scared,
Somewhere up there you're falling for mutes,
The dead don't lie they tell only truth,
Over again with my old self-abuse,
A daughter and a pill to forget you,
Easily scared, easily scared,
I think back...
"Everything is fine," you're one to talk,
Someone brings you up while I'm still trying to wash you off,
Reruns on and on while I'm still trying to give it up,
"Everything is fine," you're one to talk,
And I'm stuck trying to fix things up,
God has shut you up,
How could you leave me?
Woman's such a liar,
How could you leave me?
Something's in your mind's eye,
'Cause you wanted it, I blame it on the drugs sometimes,
We saw right through it all,
'Cause you wanted this, holding onto your sense of "right",
'Cause I wanted it, blame it on myself sometimes,
You said you'd make it stop,
'Cause I wanted it, holding everything inside,
How could you leave me?
Woman's such a liar,
How could you leave me?
God, I spit in your eye.

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