June 28, 2012

Five Alarm Funk: Rock The Sky

I know some of you girls are all psyched up about a new movie coming out this weekend, Magic Mike. But 10 men on the stage with various instruments, sweating out and playing funk music, is more sexier than the new male stripper movie. Don't you agree? Vancouver based orchestra funk rock band, Five Alarm Funk, are returning to Toronto with their latest album, Rock The Sky.They don't know a word of 'rest' or 'stop.'

As they acclaimed themselves as champions of the party, they sure know how to have a good time. This album with a compilation of 8 songs epitomizes it explicitly. The album kicks off with a good old vivacious funk tune, Wash Your Face with a hoisting trumpet solo. Pyramid changes the tone of the album with its instrumental distinctive Western dancing tune. My favorite song off the album is Monolith, by far. Their 80's metal infused hauling guitar solos meet vigorous horn sessions, which emphasizes thier classic rock influence. 

I think you can enjoy Five Alarm Funk's music at their live show. Be sure to be at the Rivoli on Thursday, July 5th

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