July 3, 2012

Mak: Stab Me

I’ve been listening to the self-titled new album, by Montreal based rock band, Mak since last week, which I wanna share with you folks today.

Mak has stirred their Jazz infused sound seamlessly into other genres, such as electro pop, spawning such a hybrid of ambiant melodies. 

It is a piece of cake to grasp their Jazz influence in their sounds, including the initial song, If She's Got a Habit, which the minimal whisper of the lead vocal, Jesse Mac Cormack, navigates through the diving guitar riff and rhythmical beats. The intro guitar riff of Cause to Effect is definitely my favorite sound in the album, which lingers in my ears and leads it to a quiet, yet progressing melody. This song is a reminiscent of Radiohead. I also enjoy the quailing sound of sliding acoustic guitar in Stone. The first single off of the album, Stab Me, completely changes the tone of the album.  Out-shined in the striking synth beats, Mak showcases their broad music capability in this song. You can listen to the full album from their Bandcamp page.

Stab Me
Two sides to the living proof
two sides to the living truth
wish I could burn your skin
waiting for you stab me
waiting to act
your skin
take it in
It can’t be left away
but my sins have never seen a better day
waiting for you to stab me

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