January 21, 2013

Formalists: Congratulations To Those Who Move Onwards And Excel!

It must have been very exciting for Thornhill experimental folk band, Formalists to finally release their debut albums. Yes, it is a double release:  Congratulations To Those Who Move Onwards and Excel! and  In Support Of Healthy Structure' at the Annex Live. Since the formation of the band in 2010, they've evolved its structure several times and arrived where they are today. These two EPs are the representation of all the hard works that the band has put together and accomplished. It can not get more exciting than that, right?  

As all the members are classically trained throughout their undergraduate study, you can enjoy the well-structured tunes, filled with classic folk melodies with a tickle of intriguing electro guitar riffs. My favorite song of the EP is Thomas Edison: the Great Intender.  The song is crafted with aesthetic folk verses, indulged with airy guitar jams with the delightful visit of banjo coated with sugar sweet vocal. If you are fond of folk music, you will be missing out not to check them out. 

Formalists is performing at the Annex Live on February 9th and at Clinton`s Tavern on February 27th. 

On the way to East Québec 
The ghost of my father said 
Here’s the keys son, take the sled 
That’s okay pop I’ll walk instead 
I fell in love once a week 
From Laval to Chicoutimi 
I tattooed each name on my sleeve 
To prove I loved them equally 

I left before they got to speak 
And ask me why I’ve got to leave 
Well love don’t last indefinitely 
I did it for the memories 
And I’d hate to see you ever weep 
And a little time will make this sweet 
For ghosts don’t die, they never leave 
They sleep in answering machines 

And you should open, just an inch 
And let some of that outside in 
Hold that love before it drifts 
Cuz human bodies never win 
Now I’m coming back from East Québec 
And the ghost of my father said 
I’m not in son, call again 
That’s okay pop, I understan

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