August 22, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'

I'm With YouAfter a long hiatus and the departure of a key member, John Frusciante, Red Hot Chili Peppers are now back on the field with the up coming album, ' I'm With You.' This new record is set to be released on august 30th via Warner Bros after a 5 year wait since the last album. ' Stadium Arcadium' in 2006.

Have you listened to any of the sneak-peaks from the album yet?- I did last night and it took me by surprise how differently the quartet sounds with the new release. Here is a first single from the album, "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'

If you don't like the ad at the beginning or would like to check out the lyrics, here is another video of the song. 

It definitely contains less melodic hooks that I used to grab from any Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs. However, the badass bass slapping by Flea and fun percussion spice up the song with good funk hip feel.

As I have discussed with fellow music lovers, Frusciante was definitely a strong influence in song writings in the past. This new record is in fact the first album in 15 years without him. You might find less 'Peppers' in the new album. Yet the band has progressed in a new chapter without Frusciante. I'm confident to say that you can highly anticipate from the new release. It's as if when cooking your best meal without a key ingredient, replacing it by adding other key spices.I'm sure that you will enjoy the new taste of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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