February 16, 2010

Johnny Alexander

Before I knew it, the month of February is half way done. Where did the month go, seriously?
Things have been settled down for a bit compared to the last month when I just got back from Japan and started my new semester. I am in the middle of reading week although I just had an exam, which is completely weird. Tomorrow is only my day off, thinking of what I am gonna do, yet, i forgot my phone at work. how sucky it is..

Well, I had an opportunity to see this awesome band twice recently. The band is called, Johnny Alexander. They are from Toronto, and once you hear their music, you gotta dance!!

When I first saw them at the Toronto show with the nostalgic high school-tune, Wide Mouth Mason at the Rivoli, they completely brew my mind. Very catchy groovy sounds with amazing guitar soles. Solid rhythm with the Strong bass lines. More flavour is added by the sax and the back vocal. I was speechless when i saw them. Well, luckily enough, I found out that the band was playing again at the Mod Club. So i had decided to go there with a bunch of friends of mine. and you know, we LOVED them, My friend Bryan had a chance to talk with Johnny, the main singer, and he was super nice.

well, I have posted their My space site and their video of ">

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