October 28, 2011

Q&A with The Balconies

I am very stoked to share this with you folks as this band is one of my favourite bands. Toronto pop rock trio, the Balconies, kindly answered questions for Music Psychos. They just came back from Halifax Pop Explosion and they are ready to rock out at Horseshoe Tavern on October 29th with Birthday Boys. Enjoy!!!

The upcoming sophomore album is to be released in early 2012. How's the recording process going with producer, Jon Drew?

The record is almost complete! Working with Jon Drew since February has been really awesome and we're looking forward to the release. 

2. How has it been different from self-producing the debut album to having a producer with the new record? Which would you prefer?

The first record we self produced out of necessity - Having very little funds to support it. We felt the songs on the first record didn't achieve the level of intensity that we desired. This motivated us to begin our project with Jon Drew with a revisiting of three old songs from our debut record. This acted as a nice segue into working with him on our new record. Jon really helped to capture that loud, raw energy that we strive for. 

3.  Having all members classically trained, what would you say are the pros and cons?

Pro: studying classical performance requires a great deal of dedication and focus. It has influenced us into having a hard work ethic.

Con: sometimes we imagine the sonic possibilities of having a full orchestra backing us up in our performance...it would be really hard to tour, feed and pay all these musicians in tow.

4. The recent attendance to a number of festivals including Pop Montreal and Halifax Explosion, any stories that you could share with us from the road?

We did a long haul to Halifax with no other gigs along the way. When we finally arrived, we had worked up quite the appetite for some east coast seafood. Having a musician’s budget, fish and chips was our best bet. Prior to our performance at the Seahorse in Halifax,  we hustled to a nearby restaurant. After receiving our drinks, we placed our food order, salivating. Minutes later our server returned bearing the unfortunate news that the one thing they were out of in the kitchen was their fish and chips. We were still able to eat a delicious seafood dinner but far exceeded our budget...oopps.

5. It's been already two years since you moved to Toronto. What was the biggest change for you that you had to accommodate?

Being away from our family and friends back home. But, Liam was able to reconnect with his...so it balances out!

6. If you could tour with anyone from Toronto, who would you go on the road with and why?

Zeus. We recorded our debut album at their studio and got to know them as friends. We've seen them perform many times but have yet to share a stage with them. We hope to in the future!

7. What can we expect from the Horseshoe Tavern show on October 29th?

A sweaty, scary, sexy haunted Halloween dance party!

8. Anything planned for the rest of the year and 2012 aside from the CD release?

We just completed a video for our single 'Kill Count'. We're really excited for people to see it! We will also be touring for the better part of the upcoming year.

Thank you so much Jacquie!!!

You can enjoy their single, 'Kill Count' from their website and don't forget to check out their Halloween Party at Horseshoe Tavern on October 29th. 

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