November 1, 2011

Live Show Review-Death From Above 1979

"Rock like it is the first show you have ever seen and the last show you will ever see"- Exclaimed the vocal/drummer, Sebastien Grainger to Toronto's psyched fans who'd waited for over five years for this moment. The noise punk rock duo, Death From Above 1979, cast a hurricane during their hometown show on October 29th at Sound Academy. As they had reunited early this year, attending major music festivals around the world, Toronto fans had been patiently waiting for them to return for their hometown show.

"DFA, DFA, DFA, DFA" a number of fans cried at the start, longing them to be on the stage. It was so easy to feel the uneasiness among the crowd after the two opening acts, which I don't recall as worth mentioning here...People elbowed each other to get the good positions to witness the miracle. The moment Sebastien Grainger and Jesse Keeler appeared on the stage the anxiety from the long waiting fans was unleashed and it stirred the crowd into pieces of moshpit riotously. I was with a whole bunch of friends, however, I lost them from my sight instantly and we ended up scattered around.

Grainger , who is blond haired and dressed all in white, cracked a jokes with the audience the entire show,whereas Keeler,  in contrast, dressed all in black,  stayed very quiet and only once opened his mouth. They blasted their gravitating hit tunes from " You're a woman, I'm a Machine", which was released in 2004. It was very interesting to see how only one album could keep the audience from different generations madly in love with their music. 

I don't think I would overstate myself by saying this, it was the most intense show that I have ever been to. It was one mosh pit after another, which people at the front attempted crowd surfing numerous time, drenched in sweat. (By the way, high give to the Asian guy who crowd-surfed like 15 times and at last jumped onto the stage and was kicked out by angry security guys. You were awesome!!!) 

When the duo performed 'Romantic Rights', they definitely possessed  three thousand people's hearts in the venue with the inevitable bass riffs and screams.

Now that I have the taste of DFA1979, I can't get enough with only the old materials. I cannot wait for the day that there might be new material.

P.S if your name is Nicky and was at the show, someone is looking for you... 

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