November 2, 2011

Live Show Review: Charlotte Cornfiled on October 28th, @Dakota Tavern

At the intimate Dakota Tavern, Toronto born folk pop singer songwriter, Charlotte Cornfield, hit the milestone with her friends, family and her mentor on October 28th to celebrate the release of her debut album ,Two Horses, which was released on October 25th.

She started off with the initial track from the album, 'Construction on the Street' to rise the momentum. Supported by her friends and Ryan Graville Martin as her backing band, Cornfield showcased her husky voice with melodic tunes. An uptempo tune with the full band consisting of her friends, 'All the Pretty Mistakes' was the highlight of the night. It was the moment to just forget everything and have fun with the alluring melody. On the other hand, when the slow ballad, 'Arc Blues', was performed only with an acoustic guitar and contrabass, Cornfield stole everyone's attention, who tried to listen to every single note produced from two string instrument. 

"I wanted to learn how to play the Tea Party songs... And this guy told me that they weren't cool. I should listen to Led Zeppelin instead..." pointing at her producer, also her life time music guru, Martin behind the drum set, Cornfield confessed how she started her musical path and enjoyed the night performing songs from the new record with fellows who significantly mean lots to her.

It was such a heartwarming show as I could feel the excitement and love all around her, which made me happy to be the part of it. The LP release was just a beginning of a new chapter for her musical path. 

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