October 11, 2011

Next Music From Tokyo Volume #3

'If you won a million dollars what would you use it for?'- A common question that always pops up. Buy a new house, a car, going for a trip etc. The massive amount of money could easily make lots of dreams come true. My answer to the question would be 1. Buy my parents a trip to Canada, 2. Invest the money and my time to write more for my blog, while working part-time.  Then perhaps saving the rest for my future,  I will bring a couple of bands from Toronto on a tour to where I come from... Japan. It sounds very dream like, right?

'If you could bring four bands from Toronto to perform in Japan, who would you choose'- It was one of the questions that Steven, from Next Music From Tokyo asked me. (Click here to read the interview from his website) You might think it's insane that someone would actually spend money to bring bands for her/his own passion. However, it is true that he has donated a large amount of money to bring Japanese indie bands to Canada, touring across the nation, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Collaborating with Indie Week, Next Music From Tokyo was able to schedule two shows in Toronto with four Japanese indie bands, including Chiina, Akai Ko-en, Hyacca, and Merpeople. After exchanging a couple of emails, I can easily grasp his passion for the Japanese indie scene and it is worth giving it a shot and listening to music from a different continent.

So I am inviting you all to join me for their shows on October 15th or October 16th. I will be there for a review on Oct 15th to catch powerful performances from Tokyo.

October 15th
Door at 7.00p.m
Ticket $8 advance, and $10 at door

October 16th
Velvet Underground
Door at 6:00p.m
Ticket $8 advance, and $10 at door

You can also check out the details here

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