October 14, 2011

Lights, "Toes"

When When I witnessed Toronto pop electro singer, Lights, on Much Music for the first time with her music video "February Air",  I remember instantly rejecting her music as I sensed the wanna-be pop star backed up by mainstream major labels such as Rihannas and Katy Perrys. ( Don't get me wrong by what I said. I don't dislike their music. It is not just my cup of tea..I just don't like that their music is so associated with money making. Then I gave up judging her and her music and just gave it a shot

Despite the huge success of her debut album "Lights" with her major labels in North America, I kept spotting her in lineups for indie music festivals, such as Lollapalooza and Oshega. She wasn't listed on a lavish main stage. Instead, she was always on the substage earlier on the day. I kept wondering why the electro pop singer was making her appearance to a different demographics.

It was this years' Oshega that I finally witnessed her performance and made me rethink how I've mistakenly mislabeled her as 'Major'. Coincidentally, her US record label had dropped out from partaking in her project, which also had an impact on how I perceive her music.

 Now she released her second album, "Siberia", which has a completely different feel to it, widly expressing herself by means of music. Working with Toronto electro due, Holy F**k, she has successfully depicted her immense musical talent with alluring synth beats and high-pitched strong voice. The collaboration with Toronto rapper, Shad in a song called " Flux and Flow and emotional trigger, "Cactus in the Valley" are the highlights of the album aside from her first single from the album, "Toes."

There is still so much that we can expect from Lights, there's room for her to shine in her new musical direction

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