October 25, 2012

Show Gopher

Have you heard of this concert listing website, Show Gopher? I've known about it for the last few months from various twitter feeds, but I didn't know exactly what it was for until I picked up a card at Horseshoe Tavern last week and it is evolutionary for all the show-goers. 

What Show Gopher does is to precisely inform the show times and price of a show at each venue each day. On the top of that, what differentiates Show Gopher from other website is that users can just click the band name and they can listen to the sample of their music. This website is a-dream-come-true product for those who love going to shows and determine which one to go, including all the festivals such as NXNE and CMW. They are also very band friendly as well. If a band wants them to post a specific song from their set list or to remove the song from the site, all the band has to do is to simply email them to inform. This is a win-win website for everyone. 

If you haven't used it in the past, you are missing out! 

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