October 15, 2012

Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers: Conduit

Between his hectic schedule of non-stop tours across the continents including his recent tour in Europe, Halifax singer songwriter, Ben Caplan somehow manage to find time to release a new music video, Conduit. While his raspy voice echoes, the train circles from a little town into a scary tunnel. I am not gonna lie, when I first found Caplan on the mountain wall, I was very very scared! 

Caplan is having a little fun scavenger hunt with the video. If you find items below and take a screen shot of them and send them to hey@audioblood.com, you can win one of these prizes! 

Find the below items:
a) White Guitar
b) Sneaker
c) Yellow Car
d) Caterpillar
e) VHS Tape
f) Bongo Drums
g) Glowing Sneaky Dee’s Logo
h) Black Panther
i) Ben Caplan
j) Man wearing red shirt

You can win one of the following items:
- Digital copy of the album
- Free Kings Crown Nachos from Sneaky Dees
- Limited Edition Conduit T-shirt

It's easy-peasy! Give it a shout! 

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