October 10, 2012

Jon Bryant:What Takes You

After endeavoring the 13 months-long quest to accomplish his sophomore album, What Takes You, earlier this year, Halifax native, Jon Bryant, has been keeping himself busy with endless tours across Canada. This long process enabled him to craft personal folk tunes, which can easily be interpreted  by listeners in their own way. The beautiful folk melody breathes along with Bryant's soft and heartwarming voice cohesively and leaves a deep sentimental feeling. His music reminds me of the reason that I love listening to music through headphones in a quiet room to enjoy every bit of the sound as it comes. Each piece possesses a meaning to it and I don't want to miss anything including the sounds of the guitar slide and the deep inhale. 

Jon Bryant performs at 3030 Dundas West on Sunday October 14th. It's an early 7p.m show! 

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