May 20, 2010

Here comes the summer!!! What's your favorite summer song?

SOOOOOOOOOO HOT! (...sorry, it's me lol I'm just joking)

Finally, the summer has arrived here in Toronto. Today was my first day wearing a summer dress. you know, when a girl dresses up a bit more than usual, do you know how much it can make her happy and exciting? ( Maybe its the same for guys as well. Don't you feel sexier when you are in a suite with a tie??) I'm feeling special today :) extra happy!! Being confident is a good start!

Awww, I can't wait for an amazing and awesome summer with my "regal-as-fuck" friends! Picnic, camping,spontaneous get-away plans ice cream BBQ,, etc. hahahaha, its making me hungry now!

So I was thinking of great songs to start this summer, songs that make me extremely happy and makes me smile no matter where I am and what I do :) I've been listening to OK GO and The dead weather whenever I go and do in this week, so I thought I would listen to something else today. ( but Ok Go's songs make me happy for sure though ;))

Well, a summer song that came up to my mind is,,, well very cheesy, but.... " I'm yours" by Jason mraz. I guess it's coz of his very -laid-back-catchy song" and his hat lol

The second song is kinda old, but this song is very special. I used to listen to it with my ex when I was in high ummm, almost 10 years ago... oh shut up!! seriously!? this song is very catchy song! and i like the rap part! yes, I can rap in Japanese lol hey hey check it out yo yo lol

The last, but not least. this song is probably my favorite song of a summer. " Aa seishun" by Go!Go!7188. I found a video with English sub too! yay. I love the tune of this song! well, whatever Go!Go!7188 does is soo cool!! this is also kinda old song! I was playing this song in a cover band when I was in high school.

Any suggestions? What is your favorite summer song!? Drop me a line with your favorite summer song!?

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