May 18, 2011

A Primitive Evolution with Crooked Valentine and Never Less Than More at the Hideout on May 12th, 2011

I knew the night was going to be awesome from the moment I got to The Hideout - one of Toronto's coolest venues. The vibe was dark, sexy, dangerous - everything you could want in a rock show. Since seeing A Primitive Evolution at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Winter, I'd fallen in love with them and eagerly awaited another chance to see them again. When I heard the other bands that would join them that night, I knew this would be a night to remember.

The first band, Crooked Valentine, blew my mind from their very first verse.The first thing I could manage to say was "Holy shit!"; swearing at my co-writer Bryen, who had recommended  the band to me previously.  My eyes and ears were pleasantly surprised and widely opened to witness their raging performance. It was hard to take my eyes off  the front woman, Lindsey Valentine. Her killer look and energetic performance was irresistible. She screamed from the bottom of her lungs, spit her drinks all over the place, makeup ran everywhere - she was so hot to watch; she sure knows how to rock a crowd. Step by step the audience was drawn in closer and closer to the stage. 

They had a nice surprise for all of us that got to the Hideout early enough too - Brett Carruthers from A Primitive Evolution joined in on the screaming for a song! They were done far too soon - I wanted more! Be sure to keep an eye on these kids - see them if you haven't!

Within moments the second band, Quebec City's Never More Than Less were already on stage. The crowd didn't even have a chance to calm down - which was awesome! They had the audience head banging from their first bone crushing note. Never More Than Less are HEAVY and what I liked about this band is that they still knew how to cook in a different kitchen. Unlike Crooked Valentine and A Primitive Evolution - who are both from Toronto and were playing to a hometown crowd - NMTL had to work to gain the crowd's respect and attention. And work they did, the band powered through their set - daring Toronto to get closer. Some brave souls - us included - did as we were told. 

When one of Toronto's most buzzed bands, A Primitive Evolution, hit the stage, the crowd was well primed and ready to rock. The fans were eager with anticipation (let's not forget to mention that Billy Talent's Ian D'Sa was in the crowd that night) - and A.P.E. knew they would have to deliver. So when they hit the stage, the band got right into their first song. Te reaction from the crowd was akin to pouring gasoline on fire - the quartet blew up the venue with their beloved tracks, including "War B",  "Show me" and " Beyond True". 

What makes A Primitive Evolution distinct from other bands that I've seen  is their ability to create a new form of entertainment - the excitement isn't always right on stage. They are all about creating a different experience and atmosphere in the entire venue: they've got amazing songs, strong engagement with the audience, having sexy "Love Death girls' dancing on the poll and very unique and skillful performance by each member. Reveling in the atmosphere, I found it very addictive that seeing them once is not even enough.  

Thrilled fans got another treat that night - they were lucky to witness A.P.E.'s very first encore ever! The band came back on the stage with a bottle of Jagermeister and delivered a wild encore to end the night. A few hours of sleep lost and my ears being busted for the next few days were the only prices that I paid and it was well worth it!

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