June 17, 2011

Q&A with the Driftwood Singers

I am very thrilled to share another interview with you folks! Here is a Q&A with The driftwood Singers!!!

Kanae (K) :What can we expect from the NXNE performance?

The Driftwood Singers (D) :We're going to be playing a bunch of brand new songs that only a select crowd in Los Angeles has heard that we're really excited to bring out at the Central. Also, Pearl's been fiddling around with the guitar and putting down the Autoharp recently so she'll be playing guitar at our NXNE show. 

K :What excites you the most about performing at this year's NXNE?

D: We love Canada! We had an awesome time here last year in Ottawa playing a small festival called the O-Town Hoedown and we're really happy to be back in the country.

K:According to the media, the driftwood Singers tunes will bring the listener back to the good old days (Something I strongly agree with.) If you would go back anytime in the past, when, and why?
D:People might think that the most obvious time travel destination for us would be the 20's or 30's and while we do love and are strongly influenced by those times, we think the time is now. Because we live in this era, we have had the luxury of being able to choose this music and we don't have to live in the Dust Bowl.

K: Since February of this year, with the release of the latest album "Look!", you guys have been touring North America.Do you guys have any stories or experiences to share from the road?

D:We tour a lot but I think one of our favorite experiences from the last couple months happened at home in Los Angeles. We got to be a part of this amazing tribute to the Louvin Brothers (one of our biggest influences) that included John C. Reilly and Sean Watkins from Nickelcreek. We were really thrilled and flattered to be included in such a great event with those amazing performers.

K: Lastly, any particular message for your Toronto Fans?

D:We love you all!  We can't wait to see you June 17th at the Central at 9pm, and hopefully we can come back to Toronto and play for you guys again soon!

Thank you, the Driftwood Singers, for taking the time to answer my questions! They will be performing on June 17th, Saturday at the Central (9p.m) Don't forget to pencil it in your calender.

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