June 19, 2011

Sunns @ the Garrison June 15th (NXNE)

The words, 'Special Guest' is such a sexy term during NXNE. It just raises a person's hopes of catching a great performance by some big acts. 

When a mysterious band started setting up, I was trying my best to figure out who it was. The keyboard/bass player looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn't quite tell who it was. From the tweet message from the official NXNE Twitter feed saying, "It's such a suuuuny day at the Garrison", I should have noticed... that it was Suuns-Montreal, an experimental/ ambient rock band. I finally realized this when they performed a song called "Arena."

The intensity and insanity of their performance collided square in the middle as they produced each verse and generated melodic sparks. It took the audience to a different world, to somewhere surreal. As each song was diligently performed by the quartet, I felt that my pulse rapidly rose with more and more excitement. I even felt that their performance was so intense, it was actually hard to digest if you were not into their style of music. 

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