June 19, 2011

A Primitive Evolution: PlegeMusic for their upcoming acoustic album

If you've been following Music Psychos lately, you are aware of my adoration for Toronto's A Primitive Evolution. My heart races every time I see them live. As I've previously exclaimed, A Primitive Evolution is consistently able to create a new form of entertainment which is distinctly their own, and separates them from other bands. While they are the centre of attention on stage, the excitement isn't always right on stage - they are also about creating a unique experience and different atmosphere for the entire venue. A.P.E. has strong engagement with the audience, complimented by the sexy 'Love Death Girls' dancing on the poles, and, of course, amazing songs brought to life by very skilled members who each give a unique and captivating performance. Reveling in the atmosphere, I found it very addictive and seeing them once, is not enough. 

Enough said: if you listen to one of their songs, you know what I mean. The music speaks for itself.

The last time I saw them for Hard Rock Cafe's 40th Anniversary Bash party I captured a video of their awesome song, "Show Me."

This grungy song, fueled by thunderous screaming and distorted guitars, turns into this:

Here's a sneak-peak of a funky acoustic version that the quartet has been working on.

They've launched a PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds for their upcoming acoustic album, and, to collect donations for the Japanese tsunami relief via Shelter Box  (20% of the proceeds will be distributed.)

The minimum pledge, which is only $10, immediately guarantees you any updates on the album and the download of the new album. 

There are also different exclusive packages. Some of the wicked ones are:

$75Come to an A Primitive Evolution Rehearsal! 
$100-  A.P.E. will give you a Voice, Guitar, Pro Tools or Band Operation Lesson
$750- you can Record a Song with Brett  

Make sure to check out the details from their PledgeMusic  website - the deadline is getting closer: July 3rd.
Don't miss this amazing opportunity to be the part of this awesome acoustic album!

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